Which new features do you want the most?

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m2193 said

Curious on other’s thoughts on this, but also for teas that are the same kind, but different years, maybe have one listing and then a menu where you can select for year? For example, when I was going through my samples from Verdant Tea, some of the teas had like 8 different pages for one tea that just had different production years. In theory, the tea should be similar enough, and potential shoppers like me wouldn’t have to open 8 different links to find reviews, and instead could have them aggregated in one spot. Like how the flavors and notes box works now but with years, so buyers could still make an informed decision.

(FWIW, one of the teas I tried based on the reviews from years back tasted nothing like the reviews mentioned, so production data is helpful to note)

Matt Smith said

This! Something similar to how wine review sites group by producer/varietal and then have subsections for each vintage would be immensely helpful.

The problem seems to me that some teas are repackaged and sold as a brand or blend with no reference to the source/variety or year. How does one classify Great Value black tea? Or Celestial Seasonings Minty Julip? Or the “oolong” from the bulk bin at an asian market or green grocer or local tea shoppe? It’s easy to snobbishly say they aren’t worth tracking, but in reality most tea consumed in the west comes from the big guys with recognizable names. Surely there is a place for them here? Should my Pu’erh be listed by date, manufacturer, storage history, vendor, or recipe? What about my recent review where I bought at a local teashop (in business over 30 years!) but with no real info on the specifics?

Matt Smith said

I think you could have it both ways — have a main page by default, and (if needed) child pages for specific seasonal releases.

Shae said

I would also love to see the option to have the harvest and year added within the main page of a tea. Not every tea would need this, but it would certainly be helpful for those that change from year to year.

I think it would be more useful if private messages were ordered by last response time, not by thread creation time. So those threads with new responses would be at the top of the list (like the discussion boards).

Shae said

Oh yes, I second this.

I think it would be nice on a Tea’s page if your tasting notes automatically showed up as the first one on your screen. This way you don’t have to thumb through pages and pages of tasting notes just to find your previous ones on a specific tea.

Shae said

Is there even any reasoning for the order of the tasting notes now? Wish there was a way to sort them or something.

Agreed! It feels very random.

Random said

Honestly I’ve seen cases where it wasn’t completely in chronological order either. It does feel rather random.

I second Lexie’s suggestion of always having our own at top.

zee said

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