What's your number?

The team at Hugo Tea (Hugo including), are wondering what everyone’s tea number is. What’s a tea number? It’s something we made up—just now!


It’s a five part ratio that shows the world your tea propensities.
Like Hugo’s here—→ 55/35/5/0/5 (Black/Green/White/Herbal/Other).

Where(here comes some math)each number is the % of each type of tea that you drink.

So Hugo’s above shows that of all the tea he drinks, 55% is black tea, 35% is green tea, 5% is white, 0% is herbal, and 5% is other (pu’erh, oolong etc.).

We’re excited to see the results of this completely scientific study. We’ll share the average on Facebook and Twitter, then we’ll all be famous.


Hugo Tea Team


With abacus in hand, we’ve done the rigorous calculus and we have End-of-Week results to share with everyone.

The averages are:


Herbal and White teas feel left out. What’s holding people back from White teas? Price? Flavor?

We’re great fans of good Bai Mu Dan (http://www.hugotea.com/#organic-bai-mu-dan-white).

Let’s see if we can get another 30 responses!

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momo said

37/21/8/22/12 (herbal being rooibos/mate/herbal or fruit tisanes, and other being puerh and oolong)

thank you, handy tea spreadsheet for this and simultaneously terrifying me about how much tea I have.

Do you mean to say that you created a spreadsheet for this? Glorious.

momo said

I have it to keep track of what I have and what I haven’t tried yet, so it made it quite easy to find out these numbers!

Wait, like, in Excel? Really? Wow, now I need one of those. The idea has my geek parts all a’flutter!

momo said

Yep! A separate sheet for each kind of tea, with columns for the name, company, amount, where I’ve got it stored, if I’ve tried it yet, and when I got it.

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Babble said

Neat! This is just a rough guess but I’d say…

I’ve been in a green tea mood, so it probably should be higher, but I do cold brew blacks and I switch to herbals in the night time.

I classified matcha as green tea, by the way.

We’d agree that matcha is a green tea for this completely legitimate study.

What do you prefer in a green tea? Steamed, or Pan-Fired?

Babble said

Oooh thats a tough one. Probably pan fried but steamed is good too.

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80/2/3/0/15 (oolong being the other)

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ashmanra said

The way I actually drink now is coming out to about 35/28/2/0/35. That isn’t necessarily the percentages in my cupboard.

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Azzrian said

I would not even have any CLUE how to go about estimating this.

Babble said

Take which tea you drink the most, then take the tea you drink the least, and then work from there. It doesn’t have to be exact :)

Azzrian said

But but but I don’t KNOW what I drink the most – okay going to check my tea log :)

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This is just a rough estimate with other being oolongs and puerhs:


Yeah, I like green teas just a smidge. :)

Azzrian said

Yup other is a lot of mine as well :)

No blacks, Zim?

No, I haven’t developed a palate for them. Someday maybe.

Sorry, I didn’t see your response until so late. As for black teas, no, I haven’t developed the palate for them. Someday maybe I will though.

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Azzrian said

Okay ROUGHLY it looks like:

Other takes a HUGE Slot as Pu-erh and Oolong were not included. There is also Yellow Tea which I drink now and then but not as often as I would like as I don’t have as much of that as other teas. Then we have Guranse for example. Anyway Other is a lot for me.
Hello Hugo!?!? LOL Sorry just playin…
Matcha makes up for a huge portion of my green tea consumption but not in entirety.

Thanks for the effort Azzrian!

My name is Tyler—Hugo’s too busy riding tigers into the sunset to be message board-ing. And you are right…we underestimated the importance of Oolong and Pu’erh in the Steepster Tea diet.

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Uniquity said

Mine would be more like 90/1/1/4/4 with “other” being oolong. I drink black tea, yo! : )

Babble said

The “yo” was a nice touch, playa!

Uniquity said

I like to try to be cool. : )

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This is the number I try to achieve:


However, I sometimes fail with that, with higher numbers as the first two numbers, and lower numbers for the other three. But, this number is what I try for everyday.

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Black: 30%
Oolong: 25%
Green: 20%
White: 5%
Puerh: 10%
Herbal (mostly guayusa, some rooibos): 10%

So: 30/20/5/10/35

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