Dustin said

2019 Advent Calendars

It’s that time of year! Advent calendars are starting to show up online! TheOdor just released theirs a few days ago. It’s one of the pricier ones out there, but is one I haven’t tried. David’s Tea and Dammann Freres usually do them too.


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Izzy said

Glad it’s not just me thinking about Christmas this early on! I’m trying to decide between Whittard’s tea lovers advent calendar https://www.whittard.co.uk/gifts/gift-collections/christmas-emporium/the-tea-lovers-advent-calendar-343533.html?cgid=christmas-gifts#start=3

and TeaRevv’s loose leaf calendar https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/559499371/2019-tea-advent-calendar-24-seasonal-tea

I’m on a budget this year,Theodor is waaaaaay beyond it haha

Dustin said

The TeaRevv one looks interesting too! Tempting! Last year the TheOdor advent sold out kind of quickly and David’s has in some years so I’ve learned it is best to get a head start on these items!

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Yes!! I spent all weekend trying to plan out my tea calendar plans this year; I didn’t do one last year because I was so preoccupied with moving from SK to QC and I didn’t want to add anything on top of that transition, but I missed the feeling/experience so I want to go all out this year!!

I’ve already ordered ones from Tea Revv and Bird & Blend (I did their BYO option) as well as 52Tea’s 12 Days of Tea. I’m hoping to do 2-3 more on top of that this year, which is a lot but I’m very excited!!

I’m really intrigued by Fortnum & Mason’s calendar this year, but the shipping price is putting me off – we’ll see if I go for it:


I might to Dammann Freres as an alternative – I’ve done that one in the past and really enjoyed the experience. Palais des Thes would be another option for something else with the European vibe/style. Anyone know if Mariage Freres puts one out?

I also saw that Teabox did one last year, and that’s a company I’ve been looking to explore so I might jump on that one – but as of right now they’ve not launched anything for the year.

Also waiting for T2’s advent announcement this year – that’s a contender for me too…

Dustin said

Wow, 5-6 calendars! That’s awesome! You are making up for last year for sure!

Last year I got the Fortnum and Mason calendar through Williams Sonoma. It was $62.22 with tax and there wasn’t a shipping charge, but I’m in the states. Not sure if it would be a better option for you to go through them. I was a little disappointed in the calendar because it had a lot of doubles. Looks like they have less of that going on in this year’s version.

I haven’t seen one by Mariage Freres, but they should get on this trend! I wish Lupicia did one. I’m loving that so many companies are catching on!

Edit: I looked on Mariage Freres IG feed under Press Day and they had a picture that looks like a calendar with the caption “ils sortent leur calendrier de noel sette annee” which google translates to “they release their Christmas calendar this year”. I don’t know that I can justify two calendars with overseas shipping fees, but I don’t want to miss this either!

Welp – Dammann Freres had theirs up today so I went with that one! It was slightly cheaper than a lot of the other European ones I was looking at (with cheaper shipping as well) and there were other teas on the site that I also wanted to order.

So now just have to see about/decide on if I want T2 and TeaBox if/when they release theirs this year…

Dustin said

Oooooo, I hope you enjoy it!
I messaged MF on IG and they said their calendar would be released in November, but didn’t say a date. I hope shipping isn’t too much.
If I do a second calendar it would be between MF, TeaGshfehiaohwfh (I can never remember the spelling) and TeaRevv.

yyz said

Last year fortnum and mason had their simple calender available at Holt Renfrew,. The price was fairly reasonable too definitely cheaper than 25£

My Dammann Freres calendar arrived today! It looks awesome – and has me feeling super pumped now! Even more so than before :)

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Dustin said

It looks like TeaGschwendner had one last year, but it didn’t come out until Nov 10th, which is poor planning!

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VariaTEA said

I get the 12 teas from 52 teas every year but usually late since I cheap out and send it to my Dad in LA and then have to wait for him to get them to me.

Last year I also did the Tea Revv calendar. It was cute and inexpensive. The teas were just ok though. I don’t think any tea really stands out.

This year I have gotten the 12 teas again and also the BYO calendar from Bird and Blend. Debating Dammann Freres but I have yet to commit there.

Dustin said

Good to know about TeaRevv. I haven’t tried any of their teas. I’ll pass if they are just okay and go for something a little more special. That narrows my choices down to two!

TreeGal said

I agree on TeaRevv. I got that one last year and it was very cute, but not very good. In fact, I had more dislikes there on average than I have with any other tea calendar I’ve done! And most of the ones that I was OK with were just…OK.

TreeGal – I just happen to be drinking a TeaRevv blend you sent me right now! haha. (Achoo – I like it.)

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Is anyone doing their own advent calendar? I was thinking of combining my favorites with sipdowns, and maybe Black Friday sale tea to set aside a different tea for every day in December.

I made one for a friend last year, sending 24 samples out of my collection. I have oodles of tea and it is a good way to get closer to sipdowns while sharing with a friend/gifting too!

I don’t make one for myself but for the last three or so years I’ve made one for my mother. She appreciates getting to try a wide range of teas, and because I’ve always tried everything I send to her it’s a good excuse for us to talk when she tries the teas.

Dustin said

Part of the fun for me is trying new teas (preferably from brands that are new to me), having it be a surprise and treating myself a little. I hate Xmas (Halloween is my holiday) and it gives me something to look forward to/get me through the December madness. That doesn’t really happen if I’m putting it together myself for me. I could see it being a fun project to do for a friend or even in a swap form like what we have done in here before!

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I just wanted to note that we (52Teas) are down to our last NINE 12 Teas of Christmas boxes for the year. We aren’t making extras this year as we have done in years past because we won’t have the time/space to do so as we are working on another tea project with another tea company this year. So after these 9 boxes sell, that’s going to be it. Also, there will be very limited “left over” pouches that we put up for sale on the 26th this year for the same reason. We just won’t have the room to house the additional inventory or the time to process it this year.

Dustin said

I’m curious to know what this other tea project is! Is there a projected release date that we can look forward to?

52Teas said

I can’t tell you yet – but the release date will be sometime in December. :)

Dustin said

I didn’t figure you’d be able to share much yet, but I’ll keep my eyes out for an update in December!

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I made a great tea calendar for this year. I love to try new tea flavors. Thanks for the advice.

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Arby said

I’m going to put together some samples and make my own. I’m also in Disneyland for the week before Christmas so I’ll get to post my reviews from the warmth of California!

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paprika said

I’m trying to decide between all of these amazing looking advent calendars. I really like how good the Whittard’s one looks (and I haven’t ordered theirs before). But I can’t decide between the one posted above or the luxury one. Has anyone tried the luxury one? https://www.whittard.co.uk/gifts/gift-collections/christmas-emporium/the-luxury-tea-advent-calendar-343491.html?cgid=christmas-gifts&utm_medium=Skimlinks&awc=3355_1570039614_02f374856eaa08f7e2393a004c865439&utm_source=Affiliate_Window

I got Dammann Freres last year and really liked it, so that’s another contender. Newby’s also looks so cool but I’m not sure how I could get it shipped to the US: https://www.newbyteas.co.uk/advent-calendar.html

A few others that I’ve found: https://www.bruutea.co.uk/products/bruu-christmas-advent-calendar
Westholme has three from last year up on their website, but none for 2019 (yet)

Bird and Blend has theirs up as well—I got their advent calendar as a gift for someone last year and they really liked it! https://birdandblendtea.com/us_en/christmas/collection/gifting-preview/tea-advent-calendar.html
There’s also a fully customizable option: https://birdandblendtea.com/us_en/christmas/collection/gifting-preview/build-your-own-tea-advent-calendar.html

Palais de The always has a good looking one: https://www.palaisdesthes.com/en/advent-calendar-2019.html

Izzy said

I haven’t tried the Whittard luxury calendar but I noticed that it doesn’t have any Christmas-themed teas in it besides the Christmas tea blend. The rest are all standard Whittard range teas you can buy at any time of year.

That’s why I was considering the tea lover calendar instead. It’s less tea and teabags rather than loose leaf, but some of the blends just felt more unusual/festive. Coconut Truffle and Vanilla Sundae drew my eye on that one. Plus it’s a lot cheaper so you have the option to buy a second calendar.

Hope that helps you narrow the list!

paprika said

That’s a great point! I am a little wary of some of the more festive ones though since I don’t like chocolate (I know) or toffee and a few were chocolate themed.

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paprika said

Another one that I’ve found (for anyone still questing) for Kusmi tea: https://int.kusmitea.com/kusmi-tea-advent-calendar-2019.html

Dustin said

I’m so happy to see Kusmi getting on the advent thing! I hope their US locations carry it so those of us in the states don’t have to pay big in shipping fees.

Ooh, very interesting! There’s a Kusmi location here in MTL – I’ll have to stop by and see if they have it so I can scope it out in person…

paprika said

It looks like Kusmi may be bringing it to their online US store at least—I see it on their website, although it’s listed as sold out. I think more likely that they haven’t yet gotten it in stock (but hopefully will).

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