Seems like someone’s published a free tea app for iOS and Android??

I was looking at Instagram stories and found out about MyTeaPal, and it looks like a good tool for keeping a personal tea journal and tracking all my teas.

At the same time I’m also confused about why the creator would make this app free with no ads, cuz it must need a lot of effort to make an app available on both iOS and Android. There’s also a list of features on their website, which kinda seem too good to be true…

Steepsters, what do you guys think of this app?

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Ubacat said

Sounds a lot like Steepster.

Imagine an app like this… connected to Steepster

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It’s published on app stores! ( I download it yesterday and was amazed by all the functionalities. This is pretty well-made, probably the best tea app I’ve used!

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Raritea said

I’m trying it out today. I’ve really liked how you can record so much information about each tea and every infusion. This is definitely the tea app that I’ve always been hoping for. I recommend giving it a try. I’ll be curious to see what everyone else thinks.

I agree. It’s a good tool particularly for those who want to experiment with different brewing methods and learn more about tea.

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It does seem to be a little too good to be true, doesn’t it?? For a brand new app, let alone a free app, it’s incredibly feature rich. I’d like to see it sync up to a website or offer some sort of export for backup purposes before investing too much into it, but really impressive.

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I guess to me, most of the point of Steepster is to read other people’s notes. So I’m not sure I would use something that’s just meant to be a personal tea journal, although I can see the appeal if you want to track your steeping habits over time.

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LuckyMe said

Just downloaded this app and wow, it looks really promising. I currently use a spreadsheet and OneNote to track teas and tasting notes. This app looks like it can do both and more elegantly.

If there was a way to link to Steepster to upload tasting notes it would be perfect.

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Wow, I haven’t checked the app for a while and just saw they upgraded to 2.0 a month ago.

The social network function seems pretty interesting for sharing tea tasting notes. It’s like Steepster but more private within your own tea circles.

Has anyone tried their new version? Would like to add you as TeaPals if you don’t mind sharing your ID.

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