WtFGoD said

Yunnan sourcing recommendations? Black Tea

Need some new teas and I’m between Teavivre and Yunnan sourcing. I am a fan of Yunnan and Fujian teas. Dian Hong, Dragon pearls, Golden monkey.

I have ordered from Teavivre in the past but Yunnan sourcing seems to be cheaper and has more variety in my area of interest so I’m looking for recommendations as there is so much variety that it’s a bit daunting to choose.

I like spicy, chocolatey, complex, full mouthfeel. Dislike vegitave flavor, heavy smokiness, heavy astringency, heavy floralness.

Please reasonably priced teas. Maybe like <$5/oz. I’m crazy but not insane.

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Arby said

Their Laoshan blacks are top notch. Their Golden eyebrows (Jin jun mei) are great too. Lots of honey sweetness. All of their golden needles have been good in my experience. Lightly sweet and dark/complex with some honey and dark cocoa notes.

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Leafhopper said

Also check out their unsmoked Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong if you like Fujian teas. I enjoy their Big Snow Mountain black, but it might be too floral for you. Their Bai Ye Varietal Black Dan Cong is a bit expensive (around $13 for 2 ounces), but it’s full of honey, sweet potato, and fruity notes and is a nice splurge.

cube said

Seconding the recommendation for YS’ Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong, it’s one of my favorites. You might also check out their “Golden Yunnan” sampler.

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Rich select said

All the Jin Jun Mei teas I’ve had from them are excellent. Their descriptions are spot on so you can trust that. Their golden monkey is very good. Laoshan black sounds right up your alley.

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Andrew said

I’ve really enjoyed the High Mountain “Tu Cha”. It’s got a thick smooth mouthfeel and has the notes your looking for I’d at least try a sample of it!

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scholl43 said

Any recommendations on their loose leaf hei cha options?

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Bluegreen said

They are very rarely have outright duds, so you can order anything at the bottom of their price range and still enjoy pretty much anything.

Their Yunnan reds are numerous and solid, and their Zheng Shan Xiao Zhongs are at least on par with Teavivre.

More specifically, their Yunnan Black Gold Bi Luo Chun is everybody’s favorite and their Premium Qimen Black Tea of Huangshan is always very fresh and flavorful.

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