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Founder’s Farewell

Wow! Where do we start?

My dear friends, family and fans, it is with tears of tea and a faint smile that I write to you today, to share this BIG, SAD, yet CELEBRATORY ANNOUNCEMENT;

T By Daniel Inc. will be closing our operations permanently.

My wife and business partner Renata and I have had very deep, and thoughtful conversations over the past little while about our business, our family, our goals, our customers and the current economic situation as a result of COVID 19. Through these conversations we have come to a decision that we feel is best for our future and this unfortunately means that T By Daniel will be saying it’s final goodbye.

To Our Dear Customers,

To be honest, we’ve never seen you as customers, we’ve always viewed you as friends and family who just so happen to give us some money in exchange for some good quality tea and magical experience ‘lol’ Its a pretty sweet relationship, I won’t lie. Closing our tea shop back in 2019 was one of the saddest moments of my life as it was always a dream of mine to have a store where beautiful people LIKE YOU come in everyday, smile, share impactful stories and enjoy each others company.

Losing the store was necessary, but it hurt so badly.

After the store was closed, Renata and I got straight to work on designing the future of T By Daniel online experience. we spent a year building the brand, sourcing new products and trying different strategies to recapture the ‘T By Daniel’ experience virtually, and to our surprise, we did. Our business grew, our brand evolved and we continued to share so many awesome experiences with YOU.

Suddenly, months later COVID19 arrived and changed everything.

The world was separated over a matter of weeks, business were shutdown, lives affected, schools at a stand still and family torn apart physically and mentally. Times got a lot harder.

At T By Daniel, we certainly felt the impact of this virus from a commercial standpoint as we were now scrambling to stay a float and to innovate ways of executing all the wonderful plans we had for our business. It was tough, but we managed to stay a float and in many cases continue to thrive. Again, that is all thanks to YOU!

However, during these times of uncertainty, we were also able to STOP, THINK, OBSERVE, LEARN, DEFINE, REFLECT & PIVOT … and those key moments in life are the main ingredients of CHANGE.

We are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish with our business over the last 10 years… things beyond our wildest dreams. But one of the most important skills an entrepreneur must poses is discernment & instincts. When you feel deep down in your heart that it’s time, or that this is the right move… You follow your heart. That was the basis in which T By Daniel was created. It was those very same instincts, that brought you your morning cup of tea, or made you smile at the Farmer’s Market, or TEA-SED your tastebuds with the FAMOUS LION CHAI, or invited you to our CORNY, SUPER-CHEESY ChRISTMAS PARTIES, Or had you dress to the nine’s at the annual Tea Ball and many of the other initiatives we have introduced.

We are simply trusting our instincts and following our heart once again.

Thank you for 10+ wonderful years and life changing memories. We will forever cherish you and your families in our hearts.




What Now?

Now that we’re all here bawling our eyes out… Let’s talk about the next steps. Your favourites teas, and your beloved Tea experts!


Will I still be able to order my favourite teas?

All the teas you will currently find on our website have been updated with the final inventory. Unfortunately we will no longer be restocking any products. Once it’s sold out, it’s gone. :( Not to sound sales-y or anything, but technically it would be a great idea to really stock up on the teas you love.

What date will T By Daniel be closing?

We will officially close once our inventory is completely sold out. However, let’s just say you’re like " Muahahahaha! I’ve got an idea! Let’s NOT buy their tea, so they won’t close. Muahahahah!" That’s fair (and pretty smart to be honest.) At that point, we will simply have to count our loses and select a date that aligns with our future goals. (Which will be in the every near future.)

What will you be doing next?

Well, Renata will be pursuing her dreams of changing the world and continuing to be a fabulous mother, wife and community advocate. (I leave it to her to share her plans via social media if she so chooses.) As for me… I’ll be heading back to modelling for GQ Magazine….

Ok, it’s a joke I’ve tried for years, so I figured why not.

I’ve got an exciting new venture that I’ll be starting and I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s far too much to explain here as, my letter is officially a Harry Potter Book at this point. But if you’re interested in following my next adventure, stay glued to our Instagram page…

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Leafhopper said

It’s sad to see another Canadian tea shop close.

It’s always sad to see any tea shop closing! I wish them a good luck in other fields they decided to be in!

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EstrafaDC said

Sad to see.
FYI, everything seems to be gone except for:
Cocoa Mint Mirage Rooibos Tea
Organic Emerald City Matcha
Organic Green Silk Gyokuro.

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ashmanra said

So sorry to hear this. I hope the future unfolds bright and beautiful things for them!

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