Random said

How do I find my reviews for a specific tea

I know this seems odd, but I can’t seem to find a simple way to find all of my logs/reviews/tasting notes for a specific tea.

For example:
I first logged a tea 5, 6, or maybe 7 years ago. Over the years I have done additional logging, but can’t remember how many. I’d like to see all of my logs for that particular tea, but can’t seem to without scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.

If I go to Tealog under my profile, it just lists everything I’ve logged in chronological order. That’s a LOT of scrolling to find the specific tea I want.

I have a similar problem if I go to the specific tea’s page. If its popular, I have to scroll and scroll and scroll until I finally find mine.

Am I missing a better way to do this?

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AJRimmer said

Yep, we really need search bars (or something) for these things.

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mrmopar said

Have you tied the find a tea option in the upper right top? I know that should find it and I think it gives the order of the most recent reviews though I think.

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Unfortunately there is no way to easily see your notes for a certain tea. :(

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Leafhopper said

As others have said, there’s no easy way to do this. It would be nice if we could search in our own tasting logs.

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Random said

I was kind of hoping I was just missing something simple.

Another suggestion than searching would be while on the tea’s page, our own reviews would be right above the rest. Goodreads does similar on a book’s page if you have rated it.

Mhm pinning it to the top I would assume be easier to code.

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This is part of the reason why I write all my notes on an external file and then copy/paste them to the site. I can Ctrl+F on that external file to search my past tea reviews.

But seriously, this really does need to be an option. I have never found any pattern at all (longevity/activity on the site, date of review, etc.) to how the reviews actually are ordered/displayed on a tea page. Seems downright random.

I also use this you just do the computer keyboard shortcut to search for your username page by page until you find it!

Random said

Still very tedious when you may have 30+ pages to search through.

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