My tea journey started here so we are recreating 'Steepster' on Discord!

I’ve got a team of mods who are implementing the new ‘forum’ on Discord!
Right now we are still playing around but pretty soon we are creating an area that will include reviews only listed tagged by type of tea and vendor name so you can search for people discussing a specific tea. What’s really nifty if that we can throw in pictures, videos, search function, tagging, and much more!

Lots to come with many more improvements. Right now we have a channel to directly speak to Crimson Lotus Tea, Essence of Tea, and Liquid Proust.
Hoping to add more vendor channels, improved ease of usage, and more video/voice chats.

Feel free to stop in and say hi!

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AJ said

(Seeing as I’ve already been lurking in the discord for quite a long time.)

I like the idea that dancong drinkers need a safe haven, to protect us from the other tea drinkers.

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ashmanra said

This is great news, Liquid Proust!

Having said that, I have no idea what a discord is, but it sounds exciting anyway! I suspect I am the second oldest person on steepster and doubt if I am the most tech savvy!

mrmopar said

Its pretty easy but way more going on over there.

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