Know of tea companies that are with a charity?

I’m interested in chatting with someone who has a tea company that sponsors a specific charity of some sort. Not sure how to put it exactly, but basically something like “a certain amount of each purchases go to So-and-So charity.”

I’d like to talk to them about it as I’m interested in hearing how it came together, etc. Venturing off into my own ideas…

If you know of one, or are one that does this please let me know so I can be in contact. Thank you :)

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Azzrian said

Mahamosa check this out …
Also The Persimmon Tree

Awesome!! Thanks Azzrian :)

Mahamosa has a very interesting business plan, they are “for-non-profit” and trying to prove that a business can prosper while still making a significant contribution to the world. I believe, they donate somewhere around 50%. Fascinating to me, but I don’t have the $$ for their tea (its a tad bit pricey) at the moment. :(

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Compass Teas does

thanks I will check them out! :)

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Uniquity said

I believe Verdant is donating a portion of their sales to a charity for tea culture/study/growing in China – I may have WAY mis-remembered that though.

Hey Uniquity, thanks for the mention here. It is true- I am going back to China in April to help speed up the opening of my good friend Weiwei’s center for tea and literacy, basically a reading room, teahouse and community center in her rural hometown near Laoshan. Here is a link to the project:

If I can be of any help Lu Ann, please do get in touch. We are always looking at new projects, including a community center here in Minneapolis were we are based, and like to collaborate with arts groups, food shelves etc.

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You might want to check out Learning Tea

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Harney and Sons Tea contributes a portion of their profits to a wide range of charities directed at climate, organic farming and preservation and international development. Recently they extended their efforts to indigenous tea growers. Their efforts are briefly described in their tea catalogues. Not long ago I e-mailed a question about it to the general customer inquiry address on their website and was shocked when I was soon contacted by Michael Harney, who was not only very responsive but followed up. I was very impressed with his commitment and efforts.

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david said

We donate a portion of all of our teas to City Year, a very interesting non-profit that focuses on education.

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Juniper ridge donates a portion of profits in support of wilderness preservation

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all proceeds from DAVIDs Tea’s KANPE herbal blend go to the KANPE foundation to help end poverty in Haiti. all of the flavours are typical of what would be in a normal Haitian diet which I think makes it extra neat (and as a side note, yes it contains hibiscus and stevia, but neither ingredient is overbearing. I find the hibiscus cuts the sweetness of the fruit just enough to tie together the sweet and spice giving it a much more rounded flavour overall)

I am in love with Kanpe right now!!!!

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Mellow Monk is connected to Kiva

Azzrian said

Oh very cool! Kiva is a good organization!

ashmanra said

Wow, Azzrian! I had never heard of Kiva so hubby and I looked it up on What a great idea!

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Wow! Thanks everyone. I didn’t expect this many results :) You’re all awesome. I’m going to look into each one.

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