DavidsTea Spring Collection Preview

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I’m so heading to the mall on my lunch break tomorrow!!

Ellyn select said

I will be placing an online order!

I’m going after my class/meeting tomorrow! Probably going to get a new timolino :D

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Guys. I literally caught myself jumping up and down in joy today as I opened boxes and saw the new merch in person for the first time. It’s all so beautiful. I am actually buying one of each of the 6 new perfect mug designs.

What are theeeeey? Is there an elephant tea pot?

noooooooo. it’s the bggest tragedy. but there is the most beautiful peacock mug.

Is there just the paisley teapot they posted on their twitter this afternoon (white with purple pattern) or is there another one as well :) I heard there was a peacock mug, I will have to put it on my birthday list. I hope they don’t sell out before then….

Cavocorax said

Wow. One of each? Where are you going to keep them all? :P I’m worried that I will end up with more mugs than I will ever need, but… but… the elephant mug looked SO GREAT. And if the rest are even better I will be in trouble.

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there are two peacock mugs, a white mug with the blue design and the clear glass one with the same design. there’s only the one new teapot.

Alphakitty said

Peacock mug?! I am going on Saturday to pick up half an ounce of the new blends (well, MOST of the new blends) and I think a cup will be coming home with me too…

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Any idea when the new mugs and stuff will be available online?

Zoltar said

they are now

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Chizakura said

Hmm, I’m trying to pick only one mug, but I’m having a hard time deciding between white paisley and the elephant. Though really, I love them all.

By the way, has anyone tried one of Davids teapots? I’ve been itching to get my own pot. Are their pots a dripfest, or do they pour pretty cleanly?

I have their bubble pot, did a review on it http://oolongowl.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/oolong-owls-bubble-teapot-davidstea/

I tried their glass teapot yesterday and it poured like a dream!

Chizakura said

Wow, you review was so detailed about every aspect. :) Very helpful, thankyou very much!

I might have to grab one of these pots, hehe.

I have their glass teapot! It’s awesome, it pours very cleanly. Doesn’t come with an infuser though (not a big deal for me since I had several already). It retains heat better than I expected and looks pretty too!

my glass pot came with some weird wire coil by the spout as a strainer – it works decently with whole leaf teas. Totally not for rooibos tho.
But yeah, I found it retained heat better than I thought, and other glass pots I’ve owned in the past.

I think the glass pots that you have are the blooming teapots, which are designed for blooming teas. There’s also a glass one that has a strainer called the New leaf.
I have two (soon to be three, I need the new one) Bubble Pots and they pour LIKE A DREAM and keep my tea hot for as long as I need it to be.

Chizakura said

Ack, okay, that’s it. I was already feeling very encouraged, but those last two comments were the last straw. I NEED one of their pots. xD When I go in to grab the elephant mug, I’ll accidentally purchase a pot too.

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Katiek said

Just ordered an elephant perfect mug and some pom tango black tea (as well as some of the regular lemon tea which is a staple)

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Chizakura said

I know what you mean. I’m so excited. xD

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I am buying a purple timolino today, and then asking for the pot, peacock mug, and the accomanying cups for the pot for my BDay. PLEASE DON’T BUY ALL OF THEM BY THEN!

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Oh wow. The glass peacock one is gorgeous. I like the paisley teapot too.

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