Kinds of tea that make you sick?

For some reason whenever i drink sencha, without fail I get sick. Then again I’m generally turned off by grassy teas but sencha takes the cake for making my stomach sad :(
Same thing happens if i drink too much chamomile.

Any teas that give anyone else upset stomachs?

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Nicole said

If I drink too much yunnan or the heavier teas on an empty stomach I get a bit unsettled.

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Zeks said

Hmmm, nope. Never had my stomach disturbed after tea. Didn’t even think it possible.

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Uniquity said

Green tea, white tea and green oolongs have all turned my stomache. I try to avoid them for this reason though for some reason it happens less frequently with flavoured greens etc.

Same here! I drink mostly black teas because they never ever make my stomach hurt. Maybe theflavorings in flavored greens distract from the actual tea?

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Chizakura said

I find I feel funny after drinking rooibos. I don’t like the taste either, so we’re not friends, heh.

But I guess if we’re being really technical, it’s not tea. So I guess so far I haven’t encountered one if we don’t count rooibos.

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K S said

Assams can hurt me if I over do the steep time. I am pretty much fine with everything else.

ashmanra said

Ditto, here. Assams have to be just so.

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mrmopar said

Green or sheng pu er if I drink on an empty stomach. Other wise a few minutes before a meal or right after I am fine.

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Fjellrev said

Mate and pu-erh make me feel a little ill when I drink them on an empty stomach.

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graceatblb said

Rooibos. It tends to give me epic migraines. But only some blends. The only one that seems to be migraineless for me is Oh Canada. Everything else is pretty much in bed, pillow over head migraine.

cteresa said

Oh Canada if I remember correctly is green rooibos not the usual “red” oxidized rooibos. Might be the difference.

Though to be sure, try some organic plain rooibos to make sure it is the rooibos and not something else.
graceatblb said

I think it’s a mix between red and green which probably helps. The red rooibos is definitely the problem. I tried a plain red rooibos last night and had to mainline mint tea to get rid of the headache.

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Oh, and I forgot to answer the real question! I can’t think of a tea that makes me sick, sorry :-) Matcha gives me a funny tummy feeling sometimes, but I wouldn’t qualify that as feeling sick, plus I’m not a fan of Matcha anyways, lucky for me.

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Sixie said

Sencha on an empty stomach is a sure way to a gut ache for me. I love sencha and it is a daily drinker for me BUT I always make sure to have food in my belly before I drink any. I believe this is actually common folk knowledge in japan and possibly china — tea on an empty stomach is not recommended, particularly strong green teas. I have found that even a little bit of food makes the problem go away.

I have gotten really really ill twice from a teavana java flavored mate blend and once from a strong cup of teavana keemun. Both affected my head as well and felt more like acute toxin exposure than anything else. I would be willing to bet those teas were loaded with pesticides. ugh. I threw both out and that has been the final straw with teavana for me. No more.

Oh my gosh i know! I had that java mate and it gave me such a bad headache even when i smelled it :(

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