Autumn Teas

When do the new flavours come out? Anything you’re looking forward to?

I am rather fond of pumpkin and sweet potato teas. So I hope for some of those blends.

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Cavocorax said

I was just thinking about Autumn Teas!

It’s a bit muggy today and I was thinking about DavidsTea’s Pumpkin Chai. I hope they bring it back AND I hope I enjoy it as much as I did before.

I’d also like to stock up on Butiki’s Pumpkin Brulee, and I’ve only had the one sweet potato tea, but would love more. I guess I don’t need much more of summer. Early Fall is my favourite time of year. I think part of it is because my boyfriend goes back to university and it makes me think of new beginnings and I get motivated to do things!

When I went by a David’s, they told me it would be back.

Momof3 said

Davids Pumpkin Chai will be available the 28th from what I read n their FB page.

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gmathis said

I’ve been on an academic calendar for so long, I think of fall as “happy new year.” Caramelly, pumpkiny things are my favorite in the fall. And cranberry.

fall = “happy new year” Exactly how I feel!

New school year, new classes, cooler weather (better for tea time!). . .what isn’t new or happy about it?

All the best flavours are in this season too.

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Katiek said

I’d say I’m looking forward to caramel and vanilla teas, except I never stopped drinking them during the summer.

Where do you get your favorites? I’m always on the lookout for a good caramel or vanilla tea.

Katiek said

My favorite vanilla is actually Moon Over Madagascar by Tea Source, but I like Harney’s vanilla as well. Della Terra has a number of caramel flavored teas I like, some which include chocolate as well. Kusmi’s caramel is another fave.

Nina’s Je T’aime is a bit more expensive, but a wonderful blend of vanilla and caramel and a real treat.

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krisTEAna said

Adagio’s pumpkin spice tea is available year-round. I keep this little piece of fall in my cup while I wait for my seasonal favorites. I’ve never tried DavidsTea’s pumpkin chai, but that sounds almost too good to be true. I can’t wait!

Andie select said

The Adagio pumpkin spice used to be my go to pumpkin tea, but then I tried DavidTea’s pumpkin chai… Definitely give it a try!!

Della Terra has Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, which is fabulousss.

Andie select said

Oh yes, that’s a good one too!!

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chadao said

There are often notes of pumpkin in a good Silver Needle

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Lynxiebrat said

Well the day after Halloween/All Hallows Eve is the start of the Celtic New Year, so it counts.

Alas, Pumpkin teas have not really inspired me, I mean some I liked ok. Cranberry…Have not had a cranberry one that I’ve liked, but then cranberry is kind of a picky fruit for me at the best of times.
I’d really love to find a pomegranate tea that is yummy. I love eating the seeds in the fall, also the time of year to read certain Greek myths about Persephone, when Hades seduced her to be his wife. (Pomegranate seeds tie into that;))
A lovely grape white tea would also be terrific to find, I love fruity white teas and think grape would be a good addition.
Raspberry, but it has to be real raspberry, as imitation tends to be to nauseatingly sweet. Hmm combined with mint might be interesting, though only if it’s balanced out.

Davids Tea- My mind is still stuck on the fruit teas that I’ve gotten from there, guess I’d better hop to it if I want to order any before they change the seasonal stuff out.

Uniquity said

For winter a few years back Davids had a white grape blend called Through The Grapevine. I loved that tea. Was totally bummed that it didn’t come back.

Dexter said

The Summer collection is 40% off right now. It’s 25g samples of the 5 summer teas for $ 15.30.

Lynxiebrat said

Hmm. I only really loved the Pink Passionfruit. The Tropicalia and Coconut Grove I liked and have considered getting more, but I could do without them if I had too. I wonder if I could get the discount if I only bought individual packs??

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I’m excited for fall teas to arrive! Pumpkin/pumpkin pie blends are my favorite. I’ve always found them to be unfortunately very heavy on the spice and light on the pumpkin/creamy pie flavor. Hope that there is a tasty pumpkin blend out this fall!

Andie select said

I feel the same way. Too much ‘spice’ can be a deal breaker for pumpkin flavored teas. But surprisingly my favorite pumpkin tea is the pumpkin chai from David’s Tea. Which tea have you found has the best pumpkin taste?

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I love Autumn

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Lynxiebrat said

I’d love autumn even more if it didn’t have winter after it.

That’s why we need to hoard the Autumn teas now.

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Helen11 said

MMMM so excited for the autumn teas! I love DavidsTea Pumpkin chai so I can’t wait for that one, as well as hoping for a nice apple pie flavour (not the sickly sweet, candy-ish apple teas they stock year round). And maybe something sweetly cinnamon-y? I love all autumnal flavours.

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