Cleaning Glass Teapots -- Solved, Cream of Tartar = magic.

I’ve scoured the discussion board and didn’t find anything specific to glass. Does anyone have any secret tricks to get rid of built up tea stains on glass tea ware? I’ve tried denture tablets, lemon juice, baking soda, and just plain scrubbing, but the glass tea cup I use for black tea is looking pretty grimy these days. I love the look of steeping my teas in glass so I’d like to get them all sparkly clean again.


ETA Dinosara suggested Cream of Tartar and I tried it and my super stained, somewhat disgusting looking glassware looks sparkly brand new again. Thanks!!!

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Dexter said

This stuff is amazing. Takes the stains off my white counter top too.
I bought this because I couldn’t get the baking soda, lemon juice, etc tricks to work for me. This stuff even works on plastic.

Perfect!!! Thanks!!!

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alice said

Lemon and hot water works well but you need to soak it, sometimes multiple times. Vinegar also works well but it can take longer to get the lingering taste out.

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Try applying during half an hour a paste by mixing vinegar and salt over the stain. Then clean with warm water and soap.

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Dinosara said

My secret for tea stains on anything (that I learned here on Steepster) is cream of tartar, believe it or not! It works wonders. I don’t know that I’ve specifically used it on glass but I use it on ceramic and my white composite countertops. I just wet whatever I want to clean, sprinkle a good layer of the cream of tartar into/onto the item, then rub the paste that results all over and rinse.

Okay, so this is the winner. It’s like magic!!! I didn’t even let it sit. Just rinsed it out after I scrubbed with my fingers. Sparkling clean. And they were pretty coated. Wow. I’m gonna try cream of tartar on everything! THanks!!!

caile said

Cream of tartar worked great for me as well!

Dinosara said

Yay, glad it worked for you!

Dexter said

I’m going to have to try this.

That is such a great idea, I’ll have to try it. My Libbey drinking glasses are getting stained from a summer of heavy use.

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Uniquity said

It’s probably a bad idea, but I used a sponge at work for my glass teacup that had some sort of cleanser built into it (I didn’t know at the time). My cup has never been cleaner! The sponge was green, the cleaner was blue. No idea what it was but it was better than a magic eraser, I swear.

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Craig Cook said


I’m an avid tea drinker, but my roommates love brewing beer. So, when I discussed how I could clean out my glass teapot, they suggested a chemical they use for cleaning their home brewing equipment — something called ‘PBW’. They let me try a little, and it really works well. My whole pot, infuser and lid is made of glass. The infuser has 4 sets of 3 slots drilled in it near the bottom. The leaves get stuck in those, and they also get discolored. Even using a cleaning brush I could not get everything out. But a soak of a few hours in a PBW (Powdered Brew Wash). My infuser is now nearly clean as new! My 41oz. (1.2 liter) tea pot only needs 1 TBsp. (c. 30ml) of the stuff.

Instead of PBW we use StarSan for our brewing clean up, but I never thought to try it on my teaware. That’s such a great idea, i’ll have to try it out.

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ashmanra said

OxyClean has been pure magic for me!

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MzPriss said

Smart Soak from Mandala. Miraculous.

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