100% FREE Matcha

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KellyxLee said

Just put my order in! Thanks for this generous offer!

Thank you for participating. This is the biggest promo we have ever done.

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Put in my order, I have been wanting to try new matcha.

It’s better than Trick or Treating.

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Courtney said

I placed my order this morning as well :) I already have Caramel matcha in my cupboard so I ordered the matchaccino. Yum!

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This will be great to try. I notice it is already sold out but hopefully you will be able to get more :) Thanks for this generous offer

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Damn I missed it. I knew I should’ve gotten it last night. I had the matcha in my cart and everything. /mopes/ Well, I guess there’s always next month.

I have a weakness for Steepster members. They have always been very kind and helpful. Please please the order and in notes mention that you are a Steepster member. I’ll make sure that you get your order :-)

Whoops. Wish I had seen this earlier. I already placed an order for the November hopeful order one….Along with 2 of the Review special Matchacinno. I added a note to my order that was in my account info, but I’m not sure if it’ll be seen before the order is shipped. At least, I think I added a note. Not entirely sure.

I had already placed the order for the November promotion before I saw to put a mention about Steepster in the notes area.

Yeah, same here.

Chizakura said

@RTL I already placed my November hopeful order as well before seeing this mention. But my registered name on your site is Chizakura as well, so… :D?

I placed mine too the first day… my order is under megan-noelle larkin probably mnoelle225 as well

Cavocorax said

I think if you guys already placed the order, you’ll be ok. Shadowfall hadn’t ordered yet, which is why she needed special treatment. :)

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Hello everyone :-)
I finally started shipping out the samples. Wow!! What a month!! I got so many requests that I was buried for quite a while. Unfortunately I will not be able to fulfill them all (only first few thousand will get it), but do not worry, ALL Steepster members will get it. If you do not get one by the end of next week let me know and I will make one just for you.
After learning from a few mistakes, you’d be happy to know that your most requested flavor – Eggnog will be the flavor of December and it’s already prepared so next month shipping will be MUCH smoother. This month was just full of errors, mistakes and learning how to make it better next time.
I do have a favor to ask. I need 4-6 volunteers to help me improve the program for December to avoid some of the pitfalls from this month and I need your opinion on new options. Please email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you a secret link for you to view. I’ll make it worth you while :-)

If I can, I’d be happy to help (emailed you already, too)!

I emailed you as well. SUPER excited about the eggnog!

I’ll volunteer! I’m sending you a message now…

got it. links send already.

dwmshunt said

Oooh, eggnog! Looking forward to it! I’ll help out however I can and will email you tonight.

Kaylee said

Intriguing. I emailed you :)

Kaylee said

Also, thanks for looking out for Steepster folks!

Emailing! You are awesome btw, this is such a cool promo.

Sil select said

Happy to help out as always if you still need people

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Since it takes 3 weeks to get the new flavor from my supplier I need to order one now. I would like your input on what the flavor of the month should be for January. If you missed it, Eggnog will be in December.
Let me know :-)

Lala said

Maybe champagne matcha for New Years?

I still say banana cream….

Champagne matcha sounds interesting. Appropriate for the New Year for sure. Lol.

Or wintergreen!

Champagne Matcha does seem fitting for the month. Personally I’d be interested in trying many of the fruit flavoured ones (Watermelon, Pineapple, Goji, Gooseberry). And, if you want to maybe give out something that’s really unusual/most people wouldn’t order for themselves maybe the Hemp matcha (reminded me a little of Frank’s question about Marijuana flavoured tea, too).

I vote for almond or another nut flavor for January :)

I’m ok with Champagne flavor, but the free samples will start beginning of January and you would get it in the middle of that month. Couple weeks AFTER New Year’s Eve.

Marijuana flavored tea? Hmmm….
As much as I think this would be a hit. I prefer not to have my doors kicked out by the police. If I were to go that route, I think green colored cocaine may bring better money, don’t you think? LOL

Kaylee said

How about something wintry, like the Chai or French Vanilla flavors?

French Vanilla sounds good. I’ll get this one. :-)

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Cavocorax said

Do we need to sign up again for each month, it are we locked in once we start?

(or maybe this is something you’re still figuring out…)

At this point you’d have to place an order each month to make it fair to old and new customers wanting to try sample.
But I’m a bit biased to Steepster members so I think a little head start will be available :-)

Cavocorax said

Thanks! You’re pretty awesome to us. :D

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So, eggnog for next month? Didn’t realize you’d gotten so many orders. I was originally wanting to use the matcha for a baking project.

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mars1 select said

sucks that I’m late for the matcha. But for my two cents, cocoa flavored matcha seems like something people should try, or at least a dark chocolate ratio of 70% cocoa to 30% sugar.

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