Old Swap Thread!

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Spot52 select said

I have 2 oz. of Earl Grey Royal.
I am always looking for Keemun, Unflavored Greens, and oolongs.

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Lisbet said
Message deleted by author.
Meghann M said

I’d love to have the Rishi Blueberry Rooibos could I try a sample of the combo you mixed? I have several bags of vanilla comoro Harney and sons and several 52teas blends (as well as some new ones on the way).

Lisbet said

Sure! I am totally game to swap for a sample of my blend and the blueberry (I’d say there’s about 1oz in there). If you can see my shopping list, that’s what I’m most eagerly looking for from 52Teas (which takes priority over the Harney, though that’d be fine too.)

Jillian said

I’d like to try the Ten Ren Eight Treasures Chrysanthemum Tea and some of the SpecialTeas Strawberry Cream Melange (8oz is too much – I’ll take maybe a third of that). I’ve got various 52Teas I could share with you.

Lisbet said

Great! Can you see my shopping list to see the 52Teas I am looking for right now? Message me and let me know if you have any :) (Even if you don’t I’d probably be game.)

4. A combo I created of SpecialTeas’ Sweet Hearts and TeaGshwendner’s Rooibush Panna Cotta Rhubarb Cream. So good together. (8oz)

I would love to try that combo!
I have Teas Etc Coconut Custard if you want to swap. I only have a couple of teaspoons of this, though.

Lisbet said

@QoT – ooh, that’d be great. I am game to try some of anything else interesting you might have, regardless of whether it’s on my list – if you’d like more of the combo tea. Message me?

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Ottawa Tea said

Looking to trade:

A set of Inuit tisanes from Northern Canada (in bags)

Ground Juniper x2
Labrador x 2
Cloudberry x 2
Arctic Blend x 2
Crowberry x1

More info on each can be found here: http://www.deliceboreal.com/en/herbal-teas/

Adding from Teopia (a Canadian company), about an ounce each of:


After lunch blend
Calming blend


Citrus Mate Buzz

I much prefer loose tea now, willing to try nice tea that is not sickly sweet. Prefer no artificial flavours.


kaybee said

If you’re willing to ship to the US, I’d like to try the tisanes.

Ottawa Tea said

Sure! Do you have anything interesting you could send up here?

kaybee said

Check my cupboard. I’m willing to trade just about everything in there.

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Hi! Got a few things if anybody is interested in a swap.

Strawberry-Blueberry RoT (bags) Green Tea (Almost a full container)
Morning Thunder- Celestial Seasonings (bags) TAKEN
White Grape-ESP Emporium (Loose-only a few tsps taken out) TAKEN
Ginger Ale-52 teas TAKEN

and a grab bag of various tea bags- Apple Cider- Bigelow, I Love Lemon- Bigelow, St Dalfour-Golden Peach, St Dalfour- Black Cherry, St Dalfour- Strawberry, Blueberry Harvest- Bigelow. .

Holler if anybody is interested! Thanks!

Jillian said

I’d love to try the Ginger Ale and the Morning Thunder

I am very interested in the Ginger Ale as well. Only if you have enough, if you are not splitting the package I understand.

Alana237 said

I’d love to try the White Grape if you don’t mind shipping to the UK. Have a look in my cupboard if you are interested.

I’ll PM everybody here in a moment. The Ginger Ale I’ll split between you two (it’s almost a full bag) and Alana237, I have no problem shipping to UK.

Thanks everyone!!

RachanaC – go ahead and follow me so I can get your addy. Take care! :)

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Michelle said

Hi! I have a few things, I’m a new member so I’m not sure if it’s all right if I post here? I don’t know if there’s a feedback system or anything?

Here goes:

9 bags of Yogi Bedtime Tea (I actually really like this tea but St. John’s Wort while on the bc pill is a no-no, didn’t realize it had that until halfway through the box)

10 bags of Two Leaves & a Bud acai berry white tea

almost an ounce (its net weight is .05 lbs, which google tells me is .8 ounce) of Allegro organic yerba mate in a plastic baggie

Looking for: anything on my shopping list OR anything that you think I might like from looking at the stuff on my shopping list. I’d love a replacement bedtime tea. I’m still trying out lots of new teas so I’m open to suggestions. :)

Jude said

Hi Michelle, and welcome! I’m following you now so you can PM me if you’re interested in some loose-leaf chamomile as a replacement for the Yogi.

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Crocuta said

Well, good news for people who like chocolate rooibos teas. I have:

-A can of Republic of Tea Strawberry Chocolate with seven bags left.
-A can of Republic of Tea Blood Orange Chocolate with 20 bags left.

I’d be interested in any loose leafs or other Republic of Teas. Just no more chocolate teas. Let me know if you’re interested!

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i Have a LOt of Mighty Leaf’s “Organic Spring Jasmine” in bags that i just don’t like! [they came out of the variety packs i purchase for the other flavs i enjoy!] But i would LOVE to swap them to have other flavours of Mighty Leaf teas! these are the flaves of Mighty Leaf i enjoy :

White Orchard
Orange Dulce
Mint Melange
Ginger Twist
Any Roiboos [Rainforest Mate/African Nectar]

+any flavours i haven’t mentioned i would love to try!

i also have two tea bags of Tazo Tea “Joy” from starbucks to swap for.

If you are intested please message me and we can arrange details! thanks!

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MTLCynthia said

I have 100g of Coco Chai Rooibos from David’s Tea, I’m a tea newbie and bought this to try and not in love with it, i’ve only made one cup from this tin, I would like to try different teas from different companies, i prefer loose leaf.

I’d love to try it! Check out my cupboard and see if there is anything that you’d be interested in. . . . .

MTLCynthia said

OMG JoeCool you have so many yummy looking teas in your cupboard!!! ok so any of the following:

-toasted marshmallow
-Almond biscotti
-watermelon Rasberry green tea
-strawberry zabaglione
-coconut cheesecake

let me know how much chai you want in return and feel free to check out my cupboard!

i’m game forsome coco Chai…feelfreetolookin my cupboard if anything suits your fancy…. or maybe we can deal for some access to Cherry Blossom if head office has ANY to spare…pm soon! thanks!

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MTLCynthia said

I Live and Work very close to the David’s tea head office, and am willing to buy for swaps.
If anyone is interested let me know

Oh I think you are my new best friend :) I’ll PM you! Thanks for the offer!

Uniquity said

Head office? Can you make them bring back Night Out? : )

MTLCynthia said

sorry unfortunately have no power lol but i can ask and see if they have any left..

Uniquity said

I still have some, but danke! I have a terrible tendency to not notice when teas are about to disappear forever, lol.

I would love to swap some Davids tea with you!
Please send a message my way!

ahauffe said

I am a huge Davids Tea fanatic! Any possibility you would still be interested in swapping still? I also live in Montreal. Shipping wouldn’t be a hassle. lol
Message me!

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LefTea said

I have some Todd and Holland Honeybush Chocolate Torte. I really wanted to like this tea but just haven’t connected with it for some reason. I think it was a 1.8 oz bag and I made 2-3 cups with it.

I’m interested in trying just about anything in loose leaf form but I lean toward flavored, dessert-sounding teas. I’m also interested in trying jasmine pearls.


I have some dessert teas, holler at me if you are interested in swapping :)

LefTea said

Howdy! I followed you but I have no idea how to actually message you.
Yup, total newb here.
I also can’t figure out the tea cabinet thing.

Ottawa Tea said

I have some lovely jasmine pearls oolong to share. I think you have to be followed by someone to message them, but I’m not sure!

LefTea said

Ottawa, thanks for the offer but I’ve already arranged a swap with JoeCool. I don’t really have the packaging to split it without giving someone crappy packaging. I do have some Rishi Tangerine Ginger to swap though, if you’re interested.

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