DAVIDsTEA Summer 2014

Hey tea lovers! I just got a DAVIDs order and it came with the Summer 2014 tea menu. The teas are as follows:

Just Peachy (herbal): This fruity blend is packed with juicy peach flavor. Try it over ice with a splash of champagne for a fresh, summery spritzer. It’s a real peach.

Mango Fruit Punch (herbal): With sweet pineapple, rich mango, tangy tangerine slices and pretty marigold blossoms, this blend has everything we look for in a summer drink.

Sangria (herbal): Nothing says summer like a big pitcher of sangria. And with hibiscus, strawberries and big slices of orange, this tisane is even better than the real thing.

Shooting Star Fruit (white): Star fruit is the coolest looking, juiciest fruit around. And combined with papaya, mango, and exotic jackfruit, it makes for one seriously tropical summer drink.

Watermelon Mint (herbal): Mingling apple, watermelon and honeydew with a refreshing burst of peppermint, this ultra-refreshing blend is as cool as it gets. A summer classic.

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mewakeling said

I was just going to post that I got a summer catalogue too! Anyone have an idea when the summer teas will be launching?

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Summer?? It’s not even that season until June.

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Disappointed that it looks like neither of my favourites from last year are back, but the Sangria and Shooting Star Fruit sound like they could be interesting…

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I’m a little disappointed that there aren’t any black teas, but I agree about Sangria and Shooting Star Fruit. I also can’t wait to see the new perfect mugs!

Megan said

I was just thinking the same thing. Yay new mugs!

Why is Summer so herbal?

Probably because of the possibility of iced/cold brewed teas. Tisanes just seem to lend them selves better to that method of making tea. I do think they should have made an effort to include more tea types, though.

Plunkybug said

Yeh, but they could have stuck an oolong or green in there too. I’m hoping they won’t all be hibiscus-y.

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mewakeling said

I was surprised to see Mango Fruit Punch back, it wasn’t my favourite, but I guess other people loved it. I am always the biggest sucker for peach teas, but I am also very intrigued by the Sangria and the Shooting Starfruit.

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It’s interesting, when I have had star fruit I never thought it tasted like much.

I’ve had starfruit tea before and wasn’t too impressed. I’m hoping DT does a good job with it.

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Jillian said

Aww it sucks they aren’t bringing the Luscious Watermelon one back – that one made the BEST iced tea.

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Kaylee said

Thanks for sharing!

The Watermelon Mint looks pretty tasty. I agree that it would be nice to have a little more variety in type of tea.

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TheKesser said

They sound amazing!! I want the watermelon mint!

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No black teas! =0

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