Visiting Charleston, any tea places to visit?

I am going to be spending a week visiting my grandparents who live outside of Charleston, and of course I want to visit some tea themed places while I am there.

I am definitely going to be going to the plantation, but that is only one thing so far! So, tell me what I just have to see while I am there!

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Nicole said

It’s about a 1.5 hrs away, but my mother went to the Beaufort Inn for tea and really enjoyed it.

I have not been yet, unfortunately. Driven through but never stopped.

I think we are planning to visit Beaufort to go to Hunting Island, so that could be the perfect stop. Thank you :)

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AllanK said

I don’t know the exact location, but I think it is near to Charleston, a place called The Charleston Tea Plantation by name if my memory serves me. They are the only commercial tea plantation in America, I think. I have never been there but I bought the tea. Their website is listed on the tea as

Cwyn said

I would second this suggestion. I have a couple of their teas and would love to visit and pick a few leaves for myself!

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carol who said

I know it’s probably to what you are looking for but there is a nice little series of books by Laura Childs called the Teashop Mysteries. The main character owns a tea shop and it seems all her friends and family and miscellaneous others get murdered and she solves the crimes. It’s a fun group of books and gives a good feel for the ambience of the city of Charleston. It’s sort on the line of the Murder She Wrote TV series and the Agatha Christie books.

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