Skysamurai said

Tea Box ideas.

Looking for ideas for a new tea box. At first I was thinking of doing a Small Big TTB 2.0 but with how that one got de-railed it kinda seemed to sad to do so. I had a few ideas… but I wasn’t sure on them.

- Around the states tea box – 1 person from each state. Has to put in a tea that is specifically from their state

- Around the world tea box – Literally would go around the world. But would also probably have an easier time of getting lost then… also probably expensive depending on how many we get to sign up.

- Art tea box. Everyone draws something tea inspired on the box.

- Knowledge tea box – Along with the usual tea list and notes we would also have a document about tea info. (Thought this would be kinda interesting after I went to a tea class)

I’m having tea box withdrawal….

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I haven’t even been a part of a traveling tea box before and I’m having withdrawals just knowing it’s going to be a while before any of the current boxes start a new round.

I’d been thinking of starting one right before or after Black Friday called the Overboard TTB to help people pass along some teas to make room for all the Black Friday/Butiki closing purchases that people went a little overboard on (ya know…because I’m not the only one who does things like that, right?). What do you think?

I have one that will be coming back soon, and then going out for a new round.

Oooo really? Which one is it?

Pass the Stash. It’s on the second to last person.

Ok. I’d love to be considered for the next round :) I posted on that thread.

Sure thing!

Don’t forget me Marz!

Skysamurai said

Oooo count me in!

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carol who said

I like the idea of a post-Black Friday “Overboard” TTB! :-D

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Oh! Or what about like a Sweet + Savory TTB that includes both sweet and savory teas. And maybe everyone could post recipes (one sweet and one savory) that would either include one of the teas as an ingredient or would go well with teas they tried?

I’m just about as fanatical about recipes and cooking as I am about tea. So…yeah…that would pretty much be a dream box for me to be a part of lol Especially since there’d be that sentimentality factor of having a sort of Steepster recipe book made up of entries from tea friends here :) Oh please somebody start a box like that or I will have to myself!!

cookies said

I’m a huge cook as well, and a Steepster recipe book would be so much fun!

Sweet & Savory ttb sounds great, but there are only so many savory teas, right? Millies and Numi are the only ones I can think of.

I think a lot of greens count as savory when you start tasting things like asparagus, mushrooms, and seaweed. And smoked teas, bacon teas, that sort of thing?

cookies said

Oh, yes! That makes sense. Sounds like a really fun idea.

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cookies said

I really want to start an unflavored ttb, but I want to think of a fun idea too. Loved the idea for the tea and chocolate box, but I can’t think of anything as creative.

I’d be interested in the unflavored ttb…

cookies said

I’ll be doing one in the new year! There seem to be a few going around right now, so I thought I would wait a bit.

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Around the states would be a cool idea but might take forever and end up really excluding a lot of interested people. Perhaps call it a RoadTrip TTB and have people do a shop in their local area? Maybe limit it to no more than 2 people from the same state?

The Art Tea Box is great if people are artistically incline…perhaps some squares of thick cardstock paper can be included at the start and each recipient can decorate one in the tea theme using whatever medium they can work with…whether it be drawing, watercolor, scrapbooking, etc. I could totally pull off the scrapbooking thing, but if you ask me to draw….I’m screwed. Using separate squares would mean that when you get it back you could put them all together like a quilt and post a picture for everyone to see them :)

(Also, I’m super sorry I sorta hijacked your thread for a minute there, Skysamurai. I just got so excited because I’ve had the same thing on my mind the last few days. Forgive me?)

Many of us don’t have tea shops within several hours.

Skysamurai said

This is very true Marz. What about a cooking with tea ttb? Posting recipes with tea or teas that pair well with certain meals. If you start the overload ttb i will do the cooking one :) Hows that sound? Foe hijack i thonk it was pretty awesome

That sounds great! Let’s do it! So, I’ll start a thread for the Overboard TTB today or tomorrow to get signups. Then I can get the box out on the week following Black Friday. When do you think you’ll start the cooking one?

Skysamurai said

Would this week be too soon?

Certainly not!

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Inkling said

What fun and creative ideas you folks have! I’d be interested in joining any of these. :)

I was also thinking of a Variety Box…the rule being that there can’t be more than 3 teas from the same company in the box at one time.

That would be awesome for people who haven’t tried very many different companies!

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I had an idea for a russian roulette teabox with all teas being a mystery (but with a google spreadsheet somewhere so you can look up what you drank)

I plan on starting it up soon – I got all the bags and more than enough teas to roll with, but I’m really busy with NaNoWriMo, WoD, Blogging, and my Christmas rush season has started. Maybe early 2015.

That could be fun! All the bags could have numbers with just what category of tea it comes from (green, black, oolong, white, herbal, etc.) so they can avoid the ones with types of tea they know they don’t like. Then, they could start trying just based on appearance and smell of the teas inside each bag. That could definitely be fun! I’ll be looking for this in the forums in early 2015 then :)

Skysamurai said

That would be interesting! Maybe also keep in mind to put a D for dairy just in case people have dairy allergies… or N for nuts or something like that

Kayla select said

This is such a fun idea!

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Anlina said

I’m trying to get a TTB going, if anyone wants to sign up. Local teas and teas that haven’t received a lot of attention on Steepster:

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cookies said

Okay, so I went looking through past TTBs for inspiration, and it seems like most of them end up being mainly flavored black teas. So I was thinking about doing an unflavored TTB full of any/every kind of tea. Greens, Oolongs, blacks, pu-erh, etc. Anything you want. The goal would be to broaden your horizon and try some teas you perhaps wouldn’t otherwise. Maybe small sample sizes to encourage lots of tasting. Thoughts?

Love it! Especially since I’m not as experienced in straight teas yet. You could call it the Broader Horizons TTB then :)

Anlina said

If it’s open to Canada I would definitely sign up.

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Please, someone start a traveling teaware box. I don’t think that’s been done… It would be hard, but, oh so worth it!

I would do this one.

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