Has anyone blended their own chocolate tea before using cacao nibs?

I’m going to attempt because I know what base tea I’d like to use… I’ve bought the cacao nibs and the madagascar vanilla….does anyone know how much of each to use as a starting point….say with 25g of tea? I feel like an alchemist! Scary anticipation!

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I have tried with cacao nibs, and unfortunately found that they didn’t impart any flavor in a tea infusion :-(

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That being said, if they did impart chocolate flavor, add 8g of cacao nibs to 25g of tea :)

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Thanks! I thought it might be a nice way to introduce certain teas to non-tea enthusiasts…. To give them a flavor they recognize. :) i’m planning on giving away little tins of it for Christmas. Is there something I should use instead of cocoa nibs? (My phone changed the word nibs to Nubes and I almost choked on my tea)

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Uniquity said

I also find nibs don’t add any flavour. I have blends that have them but I think they’re just a heavy waste of my time! For me, the best way to get chocolate flavour in tea without adding chocolate (which can be good but oily and weird) is to get a really good base tea with serious cocoa notes and then let your mind wander. You could go with adding some nibs and see what you get, but it’s lackluster for me. :(

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Of the two, I’d say any tea I’ve tried with cocoa shells has been a LOT more chocolate flavored than cocoa nibs.

Where the heck do you get cocoa shells?

Sil select said

I usually use something like this: http://tisano.com/shop/tea/cacao-tea-04oz/

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AllanK said

I have tried adding cacao nibs and did not get great results. I think better results might be obtained adding a really good dark chocolate or even milk chocolate.

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Phi said

I went on a whim today and added (a fancier version from TJ Maxx of) nutella to my Laoshan black after I finished steeping it. It took a bit of stirring, but it mixed in… I know there are darker versions of it out there that might have more chocolate content and be even better, and types of nuts other than Hazelnuts (I like the dark chocolate almond type too, and that is less pronounced on the nut)… but it is a nice treat and doesn’t add too much weirdness to the texture.

YMMV though, I am a fan of nut tastes in my tea.

I plan to experiment later this week with a fancy hot chocolate… there is one from guittard that is unsweetened I saw at my local health food store. I love chocolate and tea too… so would like to find some good treats with the two of them. But with beverages I’ve found it is so much easier to mix things intended for beverages than it is mixing things into my tea (unless its an herb or essential oil). The taste and texture tend to turn out better.

le me know how it goes! I’ve gotten the cacao nibs in the mail, have ordered the cacao shells and some cacao powder….now the hard part is figuring out where to start!

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