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RIP English Breakfast tea by Disney Wonderland Teas, you were decent and bittered out much too soon for my taste.

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I honestly was expecting more vanilla after reveling in the amount of blueberry in the blueberry green tea. I just got a light black tea with a hint of it. Sadsies.

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Chalk me up for the deliciousness of the blueberry in this. Can’t really taste the tea, but oh well.

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Nothing too special. The teabag has a very enticing honey smell. When brewing it goes from a light yellow to a deep amber very quickly and it’s got an overwhelming lemon taste as well. I still have mixed feelings about it.

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Enjoyable bottled tea. No sweetener and the tea has a wonderfully fruity finish. The bottle I got was a little too tannic, but that might just have been a refrigeration problem.

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I picked up a bottle at whole foods, I was a little skeptical at first because I’ve always been terrible at picking out goods. Much to my surprise, it’s got a great oolong taste that’s full-brewed (Dru-speak for “more tannic than advisable”) but I really enjoyed it cold.

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The spice off of the tea bag would lead you to assume that it’s a very dark and powerful Chai. It was a little disappointing (like how at the zoo, you expect a lion in a lion’s den but are instead left with a kitten in a wig), but it’s got enough flavor and spice to be a mildly enjoyable black tea.

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Deliciously sly this one is. It parades itself like any other taiwanese tea, unassuming, docile. But don’t let it fool you.

This is one of the best teas that they carry in the store. A few leaves are all you really need to start since they are so full. The flavor profiling on these have got to be a cross somewhere between butter, pumpkin, spice, and a medium body oolong. It also has a bright gold brew that looks beautiful after a 5 minute steep. Additionally, the second brew is my favorite, because that’s where the leaves begin to open and really let out the pumpkin notes.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 30 sec

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Drinking this tea is akin to falling in love.
At first, you notice the young white and green tea leaves peppered with petals. You blush. Then you brew the tea. The tea leaves sink to the bottom and the petal fragments to the top. It’s cute, but so gently delicate as it swirls around the cup; it bathes your senses with ginger notes of apricot and honey, there is a faint passion fruit, but it isn’t tart with you.

The first sip is heaven in a cup. It’s like satin, gliding over your tongue, really letting the quality of the brew saturate you. The tea surprises you: It’s got a subtle butteriness to it, which is very unique. It’s not a shy tea, it’s just polite. The flavor reminds me of Snow Dragon White tea — a mild marriage of vegetal and herbaceous, but lightly sweet.

Definitely worthy of it’s name :)


Great description of this tea:)

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If Lychee Black tea were a woman, she’d be intelligent and highly opinionated, gorgeous with a heart of gold…. and she’d have an afro. Of this, I am quite certain.

If you’re the type to expect bland flavors and a lot of fragrance, this is not the tea for you. The label says “Lychee Black Tea”, but what Bird Pick really means is (now this is where you envision Ms. Foxy Brown from Austin Powers) “THIS IS LYCHEE…black tea” *snap snap.

It’s a self-righteous tea that screams sweet fresh lychee without a hint of artificial flavoring. It’s got a heavy body, and the lychee is definitely the most prominent flavo r–jumping out with its unexpected sweetness. It’s also wonderful with creme, since it doesn’t need any extra sweeteners.

This tea is so good… it makes me giggle.

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