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I ordered this for fun, and I have to say it is “fun”. A good little tea for cuddling up in the blankets and watching a late night movie. It is a bit sweeter than I like, and would probably not be a good iced tea. It is a good tea for guests and friends who are not big tea drinkers that do not want caffeine.

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I found this a little lacking in… what? I am not sure. I am just never very satisfied when I use it as a hot tea. Mixing it with other teas has been decent, and mixing it with Chamomile can make a lovely ice tea. As a hot tea, however, I find it empty. I do not reckon I will purchase it again.

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I have to agree with the other review, this is better than I thought it would be. I do not really think it has an acai flavour, which I would have liked, but it is still better than I thought it would be. I picked it up on clearance. I am a decent fan of the brand, and managed a tin for a dollar. Not a badly spent dollar!
Not a great “meal” tea, but certainly a decent bed time tea. I did, however, find it makes a decent ice tea. Brew it with a bit more water than you think you should, and you get a light hint of flavour that can make a hot afternoon a bit nicer.

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drank Sokenbicha by Coca-Cola
18 tasting notes

Amazingly, this stuff isn’t bad. I drink a lot of tea and a good bit of it on the go. This is a decent tea available in most marts and vending machines here in Japan. While I won’t rave about it being great, I will say that, as far as prepackaged teas go, this is not a bad choice. It has a decently earthy flavour, and is not sweetened. If you need some tea on the run, this is a good choice. It is typically available cold, and honestly tastes a bit nicer that way.

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I got hooked on this while studying tea ceremony. Matcha is one of those products that is good no matter how cheap you buy it, and yet you KNOW when you have a pricey cup in your hand. This is a moderately priced one, a tin of 30g is about 30 to 40 dollars American. (Well, if you buy it in Japan. I do not know about getting it in other countries)
It has a really lovely smell and a lighter color. If you make it using a chasen (whisk), you can get a really nice, fluffy froth on top. Not too bitter but still has a true matcha bite to it.

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Personally, I find this stuff to be a crime against matcha. The one you can get in Japan is a bit better than the US one, as it is less sweet. However, all the cream and such just is not necessary. The one I got in the US actually made me feel sick.
Unless you have a serious sweet tooth, I would suggest you avoid this. If you want a matcha dessert, add the powder to some fairly plain ice cream or yogurt instead. You can even buy some decent matcha ice creams that maintain the bitter but tasty matcha flavor.


AMEN! I’d give it a 1.


Haha, I love this one! I like the strawberry blended creme a lot better though. If you are looking for matcha, this definitely isn’t the drink to go for. I usually only drink this during the summers.


Have you tried the Starbucks Matcha latte instead of the blended creme? It’s less creamy and has a lot fewer calories that a blended creme does. I’m not sure if they taste good, though, as I’ve never tastes one before.

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drank Ginger by Yogi Tea
18 tasting notes

A lot of people enjoy this tea for digestive purposes. I would like to add that not only is it great for soothing an upset tummy, but it is also wonderful on an upset throat! A nice hot cup of this can work wonders on a sore throat. It is quite strong, but great for sipping.


I wonder if this is similar to the loose “Throat Soother” I have… mine is sweet and looks like hay. Thank GOD it doesn’t taste like the licorice candy. Not real keen on the taste, but it works like a charm (my mother and I were both very sick w/ horrilbe colds over Christmas) and my aunt got me 1oz for Christmas.


Possibly. I confess to having the bag version. I prefer loose leaf, but will take any tea I can get my dirty little paws on. This one was a gift and I had a very sore throat at the time. I live in Japan, so western herb teas require some effort to get, and it was a big help. I would not call it tasty, and it ruined anything you tried to eat with it. It was very helpful to drink before bed though.

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This is personally one of my very favorite teas. The vanilla is strong when you open the tin and warm in your cup. I find Mariage Freres never lets me down. Sweet and with a lovely color, I find it is wonderful alone or even with a snack. I even made a very nice iced tea out of it. I do not suggest a hot cup for a heavy meal, but it can be a great dessert tea. The iced tea can actually make a nice friend for a sandwich or picnic on a sunny afternoon.

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26 year old American currently on her 5th year in Japan. Hobbies include tea, tea ceremony, samisen, painting, drawing, blogging, reading.

My “dream job” would be owning a funky little tea shop that makes enough to pay the bills while working with what I love. Selling tea by the cup and pot, little baked treats to compliment the flavors, and maybe some art from local artists on the wall. Sigh…

I am not above a bag tea, though I prefer loose teas. I’ve lived in Japan for quite a while and travel around asia when I can. I of course love finding and buying local teas where ever I go! I love living somewhere that stop and shops sell tea bottles and boxes rather than colas. My favorite over the counter tea is Teh Botol, a Jasmine tea I found in Indonesia. I also like Sokenbicha (爽健美茶) in Japan.

I love all teas, but have a stronger love for the greens and blacks. I require caffeine and tend to sip tea all day. Tea=love!


Hyogo, Japan



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