So I took out the package of this to try some earlier. Ate some soup, and then looked all over for the package. I could not find it anywhere, I circled my apartment a dozen times and even went so far as to check the freezer even though I didn’t even go in there today. Finally, I decided to check the box with the rest of the samples. Lo and behold, there it is. I spent 10 minutes making myself crazy, mumbling curses to the thieving gremlins under my breathe, and it was properly put away the whole time.

I sweetened it, like I do almost all of my black teas, and yum. This is malty and fruity. Deep dark dried cherries, craisins, and prunes. Thick sweet seductive and sinful. The flavor coats your mouth and lingers a while, awakening your taste buds and leaving them pleased. There’s a sort of dark brown sugar like taste here, like a thinned out molasses. Yum! I’m not getting much floral from this, which is fine by me. I think the sweetening helped bring out the fruity and dim the floral. And just like that, POOF, the cup is gone.

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