262 Tasting Notes

drank Snow Day by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

Again, another tea from the advent calendar.
I bought snow day last year and enjoyed it if I was careful with the leaf and steep parameters. Definitely can be very heavy on the peppermint to an obnoxious amount. There is a creaminess which helps mellow the peppermint a bit.
I find the longer you steep it the more harsh the peppermint is and a coy sweetness develops.


Lynn-ScottTeaMan here. :D Updated profile pic from August 2016! I plan on posting new reviews in a week or two. Lots of the standby reviewers have left Steepster or post infrequently. I hope to see more posts from you, I enjoy following you and your tea escapades! :D

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drank Jumpy Monkey by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

This is my first time having this tea and the only reason I’m trying it is due to the Advent Calendar.
I can definitely taste the mate which is nice, and the coffee carob flavour. It’s a bit sweet naturally, which helps this cuppa.
Overall it reminds me of a dirty coffee cup that has warm water in it. Not quite my brew.

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I’m having a cuppa this for breakfast.
This morning it tastes like hot chocolate. I forgot how delicious it is! It’s creamy cocoa!

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I picked this up from Capital Teas Ltd as I wanted some cocoa teas from companies based in Canada.
The dry leaf is dark and twisted. Long tendrils that smell like rich chocolate cookies – but no sweet. The 80-90% cocoa type.
Steeped, this tea has a beautiful sweet after taste that envelopes the entire tongue. It has prominent bitter-sweet chocolate flavours with buckwheat flour biscuit notes. Slight cherry roundness, but mostly the sweet is coming from the malty buckwheat flavour.

I like it a lot :)

Flavors: Cherry, Cocoa, Wheat


nice! sounds nommy


It sounds good. I’m glad you like it.

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drank Spiced Apple by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

Definitely apple cider.
I adore this tea but my husband doesn’t like it. He’s not a fan of what he calls cinnamon hearts. He found this tea was very much cinnamon heart off the drop, then mellows into apple.
To me it tastes like those packaged apple cider drinks, only 100x better. I like the spiciness of this tea too. It’s sweet and spicy, just like apple cider should be.

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drank Ginger Beer by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

So I went in to get some of my free tea with the steeper rewards.
I love ginger beer and this smells really deliciously ginger which means it was off to a great start.
I decided to go for 50 g of it and make some at home. I went back the next day to grab another 50 g as it tasted so good.
It’s spicy and yet malty-beerish at the same time. Really awesome.


I have yet to get some of this, but I will. I love love love ginger beer, and I often have digestive issues that ginger is helpful for, sooo…

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drank Black Cherry by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

I had some of this leftover and decided to use it all up as I was craving a black tea and didn’t have any but this on hand.

It’s gross.
I mean… If you dilute it and have it quite weak it’s not the absolute worst, but I steeped mine up quite strong in order to get the most out of the black tea. Big mistake. It tastes like cough syrup.

So glad I’m out of it!

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drank Cotton Candy by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

Definitely cotton candy. Even my boyfriend picked up on the flavour.
I put it in a tea bag and let it steep over the day as I was running around at work. Once I finished work I was finally able to drink it. It’s pretty sweet, but what are you to expect when it’s supposed to fashion candy floss?!

Really delightful as an iced tea too.

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drank Banana Split by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

Seriously delicious tea! I got one of the ice tea packets as they were out of this tea otherwise at my regular store. So glad I got to try it!

Banana is a prominent flavour here (obviously), with the chocolate cherry bringing up the rear. It does have an ice creamy flavour to it without milk even.

I’m loving it!

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drank Grilled Pineapple by DAVIDsTEA
262 tasting notes

Both my sister and I tried this as an iced tea when we went to pick up some tea refills. It smelled nice – like grilled pineapple to be exact! I was excited to try it as so was my sister.

Our first sips were hard to get down. It legitimately tasted like a grilled pineapple with the char marks and everything. It was slightly smokey almost.

I really appreciate the authenticity of this flavour, but I cannot drink this. It tastes more like it should be in a marinade…

Noticing our faces, they offered to give us different teas instead. We jumped at the opportunity and safe to say I’ll never try this tea again. Once is more than enough!

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I am very excited to delve into as many different types of tea as possible… so this should be interesting. I am really looking forwards to tasting all the wide array of flavours that can come from pure tea leaves.

Currently, I am having a love affair with oolongs. Mostly green, though I am stretching out into more oxidized oolongs. Black teas are also in my love fest as they can be so surprising sometimes (I used to drink bagged red rose x.x)
I would really love to get to know green tea a lot more and white tea.. all tea to be honest. I want to know them all.

Tea rating system:

0-50: Do people actually enjoy this?
50-60: Slight improvement, not recommendable.
60-70: Alright, though easily forgettable.
70-80: Good flavour, though not a ‘go to’ tea.
80-90: Great tea – complex and memorable.
90-100: Extremely delicious and complex teas that leave me craving more.

On top of tea, I have a love for music. Generally all music, though I am partial to indie rock/folk/pop/electronic. Follow me if you also enjoy indie music and would like to trade some artists!

I’m always open to new tea and music suggestions. Happy tea drinking to you all.



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