The puerh drinking from Terri HarpLady begins…I could try a new puerh every Saturday for almost half a year.

I moved everything back into my bedroom, which is in desperate need of being cleaned again, as is my entire apartment honestly, so I might get started on that while writing.

I did two rinses first.

First steep: I always love how puerh has that taste that you think is straw, but then you think hey this really seems more like flour. At least for me, that’s what I always get. It always tastes like all sorts of cake components, that eventually come together as cake.
This one tastes like that flour, plus just a hint of raisin.

Second steep: I notice mushrooms mentioned, and I hate them with a passion due to the texture, so honestly in tea I’m not gonna be able to tell a mushroom taste, probably, though maybe that’s more like without the weird sponginess the flavor is okay? I really haven’t ever thought about it, haha. This one has a good bit of earthiness along with the flour and raisin…maybe a hint of caramel.

Third steep: seems sweeter, more caramel then I suppose.

Fourth steep: seems even sweeter! still got that cake thing going on for sure, also making me feel really weird? Floaty.

Fifth steep: Took a break to eat lunch and get rid of the woozy. Rum cake for sure.

Sixth steep: Sebastian has taken interest again in the sound of water boiling. He perked up when I turned the kettle back on, cracks me up. This is the last one because I was getting tired of the person who lives above me (I guess his girlfriend was coming over or something so he vacuumed THEN blasted horrible music). It tastes like cake still but I was finally figuring out mushroom and I am not a fan.

This was really good, I wish I could spend more time with it but I was also getting kind of tired of drinking it especially with the floaty tea drunk feels.


eww…mushroom tea?

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eww…mushroom tea?

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I have no standards so I drink everything I can :)



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