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this is two entries in one because I can

I call it: a story of hibiscus – or why do I keep drinking pink things even when no hibiscus is involved?: an autobiography

Teavana Very Berry White + Berry Kiwi Colada
so I went to Teavana just for this berry kiwi one, smelled it, loved it, and then the associate’s like “we have a sample on the floor” (THEY CHANGE THEM OUT?? what) and it was with very berry white, and it was amazingly good so I got 2 oz of both because I just found out I can get a 30% discount at Teavana.

then I came home and had some immediately, which I sweetened with some sugar I own for whatever reason. I probably used way too much because it was more berry than anything and I could taste the coconut prior to this. Instead I had hibiscus with some berry. That’s ok. This is a heavy mixture and it’s not going to take much to run out.

I also ended up just like room temp steeping the rest while I finished the first glass. That one worked a bit better.

Then yesterday I did Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate + Peachberry Jasmine Sutra which turned into an even worse hibiscusy mess but I couldn’t for the life of me remember which tea I liked mixing w/Raspberry Riot. OH WELL.

by the way if you like the tea/lemonade mixture at Starbucks I recommend sweetening it with raspberry, I am so addicted. I do the black tea but I was talking w/another barista who does it with passion tea. I also do half the pumps because otherwise it just tastes like raspberry and insulin resistance. And a cute guy gave me it for free today downtown FIST PUMP.

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