126 Tasting Notes

drank Pomegranate by Bentley's
126 tasting notes

First one I tried out of a big sampler pack I got for Christmas.
It doesn’t taste like pomegranate, it tastes more like hibiscus. Not bad, may be good cold.

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It’s not really in my cup, I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! :-)
But this tea sounds yummy, and now I want some….

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drank Green Tea by Ceylon Teas
126 tasting notes

I bought this because I was too lazy to go to the fancy grocery store, and I was out of green tea.
It’s not great. Grassy taste yes, but not distinctive in any way, and it only lasts the one steeping. I was kinda disappointed. I remember when I first got the box, I thought it was good, but maybe now my tastebuds are spoiled now from actually good green tea.

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drank Tazo Chai by Tazo
126 tasting notes

I was reminded by Cofftea that I had a bag or two of this still in that neverending sampler pack I have. I am used to the Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks, so this was different for me to have it “plain” (no milk). It was such a perfect blend of spices for this clear wintery day and perked me up for the last half of my shift. I didn’t miss the milk at all! And the flavor was consistent through two steepings. Spicy, like a peppery flavor, and well, there’s just something about chai that is delicious. But to be fair, I was having a lot of pepper with my lunch and snacked on a few (ahem) gingersnap cookies today, so maybe I was in a chai kind of mood. I thought it maybe could have used a little sugar, but never got away to get some. But I enjoyed it just the same!


Sometimes I order a chai tea (dirty or clean) instead of a latte w/ different syrups. I like egg nog, mocha, gingerbread, and caramel brulee. But you have to be very careful and emphatically stress “I’d like a chai tea not a latte.” Sometimes I add “no milk, just steeped in hot water”, because they still look at me weird. Steeped in steamed apple juice is also VERY yummy. I make that at home during the holidays.


Could this be the same tea I reviewed? My review is listed under Tazo Organic Chai.

Peggie Bennett

I think it’s the same except for the Organic. This was a couple of years back, before Tazo came out with loose leafs and perhaps before they came out with organics.

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One of my new favorites, lapsang souchong. Loose leaf this time, although at one point I did have bagged from Lupicia also so I could take it to work, which made all my coworkers walk around asking if anyone else smelled smoke. That made me giggle all day!
Anyway, a beautiful black tea with that wonderful smoky scent. You can taste the smoke but there’s a note of sweetness there also. I have had this tea with a little sugar before and that tones down the smokiness. Clean tasting, I think mild for a black tea, and I love this for a winter day.

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My son and I were daring, decided to buy this while out Christmas shopping.
Great coconut aroma, and then great mango flavor with a hint of coconut aftertaste that doesn’t stay too long on the tongue. The box said it had orange peel in it, but no orange detected at all. I think this would be great iced, might try that this summer if the box lasts that long.

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I oversteeped and the beautiful little red flowers lost their color! :-( And the tea has a little bit of that astringent taste to it. But jasmine green tea is a standard for me, so I know it normally tastes lovely! Still, a very nice jasmine aroma, and light on taste, not so much green flavored, more jasmine flavored. My younger son said it smelled like candy, but not great candy. :-)

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drank Ginger by Yogi Tea
126 tasting notes

I actually had this yesterday while at work, but then went out drinking with work people, and well, then all hell broke loose. So now that I’m awake, I’m logging.
I love this one, helps my stomach and just tastes good. Such a bite to it, puts some fire in your belly, and warms the rest of you too.

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I was hoping for it to live up to it’s name this morning for work, but it didn’t. To me it tastes like regular black tea.
Yes, almost done with my Tazo sampler pack…only a few more and then it’s to the nice loose teas I bought at Lupicia.

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drank China Green Tips by Tazo
126 tasting notes

So after my caffeine and sugar wake up this morning (courtesy of PG Special Blend and Domino Sugar), I pulled this out of my bag at work and made a cup. It’s green, it’s kinda toasty flavored, and grassy flavored at the same time. Nothing special, but not bad still. Kept me going at work through two steepings.
Can you tell I’m working through the Tazo Sampler pack that I’ve had forever? I really only bought it because I couldn’t find the Lotus flavor and the Sampler has two Lotus bags, but about two months later, I found it at Whole Foods.

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