I’ve been on and off the road the last several days and am out of sorts today – thinking about all of the things I should be doing, all of the things I have been forgetting to do since last week, and not wanting to do any of them because I am feeling rather lazy. Anyhow…yesterday I had an all-day shopping day/all-day sister day and I swear we were in like 57 stores…one of them being Target. Don’t laugh…I have only actually been in Target like 3 times now. We don’t have one close by and when we travel to a nearby city Hubby don’t like that store so we don’t shop there. So…I got this tea at Target. I chose it because I have never had anything from Archer Farms and this sounded interesting.

The aroma is subtle in every way. I can pick up a little chocolate and a little berry but neither is too intense. It brews pretty dark but it took a while to get there.

The taste is different. It wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s not overly ANYTHING, really. First I can taste a little cocoa like flavor – very subtle and then it fades away. Then I can taste a very little EG and it fades away. In follow-up sips I can taste a very slight cocoa-raspberry flavor at the beginning of the sip but then it morphs into the oh-so-subtle EG. None of the flavors are strong and none of them stay around for very long. It is creamy, tho, which is pretty nice. I can taste the black tea over the rooibos that is for sure and I am totally ok with that. The more I drink this the black tea taste pops out more and as it cools the flavors mix with the creaminess a bit better.

I don’t think I would buy this again because of the crazy amount of tea that I do have in my stash but I am glad I did buy it once to try it. The flavors aren’t very intense but the over all taste on the tongue is interesting, yet, different. It’s a bit mellower than I thought it would be but with the creamy aspect of it and the sweeter aftertaste I would consider it a lounge-tea one to laze-out to or while reading a book or something for the early evening, even. It’s not bad at all – overall…but quite different from what I thought it would be.

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