Organic Spring Twist

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Green Tea
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Floral, Vegetal, Asparagus, Grass
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175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec 7 g 8 oz / 251 ml

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From Butiki Teas

Our Organic Spring Twist originates from an all organic estate located in Dexing City which is found in the northeast area of the Jiangxi Province in Southern China. This green tea is processed by withering, firing, rolling and then baking the leaves. Organic Spring Twist is a flavorful and mellow tea that is intoxicatingly sweet with a vegetal aroma. This tea has notes of fresh peas and the juiciness of a summer peach with a full smooth body. Please note that we have a very limited supply of this tea.

Ingredients: Organic Chinese Green Tea

Recommended Brew Time: 2 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 1/2 teaspoons of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 175 F

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46 Tasting Notes

3134 tasting notes

Time to give this one a fair shot! I followed the exact parameters this time (2 level tsp in 6 oz. water) so am expecting something good!

Although it brews up quite light, this tea has tons of flavour! Both aroma and flavour are reminiscent of Laoshan green (cooked green beans), however there’s much less sweetness here, and much more of a vegetal boiled veggie flavour. If I taste carefully, I can get a fruity, peachy flavour, although one that’s lacking in a bit of sweetness, which makes it a bit more difficult to pick out.

Definitely a tasty green, and clearly fits my preferences as I love the stronger, vegetal teas, however lately I’ve been tending more towards teas with a stronger rock sugar sort of sweetness, so will save this for those days when I want a more savoury-less sweet tea.

ETA: Second infusion accidentally left for 4 minutes… therefore rather bitter. My bad! I think this would produce a nice second infusion if steeped properly.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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676 tasting notes

Thanks Stacy for this fantastic Sample!

This is a new tea! Stacy is coming out with a whole slew of tea’s soon and I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for all of us who know just how good her tea’s are!

At first, I was expecting an organic, naturally flavored tea…a nice afternoon pick-ME-up before heading off to pick up the 3 granddaughters who are treking from their ranch into town (about 5 miles). I’ll do a run to get them and we’ll have tea at my place, then I take them home.

To my surprise, this tea wasn’t flavored (the name Spring Twist tricked me).
My steep time was 2 minutes at 175F.
I was greated with the most fragrant salty spinach scented vapor raising from vibrant green leaves in my brew basket. Yum!

I’ve learned that all things spinachy in a basket don’t necessarily taste like spinach when poured… any more than wet Pu-erh leaves smelling like kerosene and leather taste that way as well.

The first sip… oh my, was like baby white corn on the cob. Sweet, young corn as juicy as if you had just picked it off the stalk. The kind of kernals that ‘pop’ with juice when you bite into them…and buttery.
This tea was thick with creaminess. There was no astringency or hint of tannin…no daggers of bitterness. Just a little salt, some fresh butter sweet cream.

I thought a bit before pouring another cup.

What if the corn was even a little sweeter? Not really sweet, but like the best of the Summer sweet white corn?
So I did it!
I added about a half teaspoon sweetening to just see if I could replicate that much loved flavor…and it was perfect.
(The saltiness of the tea is usually how I judge if sweetening will enhance a tea or not.)
I couldn’t taste any sugary addition but I could taste more sweet corn.

Since this tea has not been listed on the Butiki Website as yet, I’ll transfer my review or update the information when it becomes available… but I couldn’t wait.
I wanted to let Stacy know how much I enjoyed this tea. It is really good!

Thanks Stacy! Looking forward to all the new tea’s!!!


Sounds wonderful. I am looking forward to her new selection of teas as well.

Invader Zim

This sounds so good I am now hungry for sweet summer white corn!


mmm sounds so good!


I have also received a sample of this, unexpectedly :)


OOOOOOO Good! Stacy must be ready to post some of the new tea’s!

Butiki Teas

Bonnie, Yes, the Organic Spring Twist & Dragon Tip should be going up on Monday along with a surprise tea and some new sales and a customer appreciation offer. We just got finished lowering our shipping costs, so a whole lot is going on. Plus 27ish other teas still set to come in. The next few months should be pretty busy.




This does not look like a good situation for my wallet :/

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1230 tasting notes

What, I thought this was a sip down, but I still have another run with this tea!

I enjoy this tea steeped via gaiwan – Spring Twist has a nice vegetal green bean flavor with smooth butteryness. I got 4 gaiwain runs, and once I finish this last run, I will make frozen perogies, which I haven’t had since I left Canada. Not sure why, but they were a pain to find here – whereas back home in Canada they are in every grocery store. That and when I’d ask other americans here they have no clue what I’m talking about! PFFF.

175 °F / 79 °C

Perogies are in all the grocery stores around here, but until I moved to NJ I’d never heard of them.

Hesper June

I love Perogies! I have made my own, but I know Schwans carries frozen ones.

Oolong Owl

I think I’m going to make my own and freeze them. The ones tonight weren’t that great and that’s the only brand I can find in my area. Perogies are awesome, not sure why they aren’t popular where I live.

Butiki Teas

Love pierogies! My grandmother would make them from scratch when I was very young. I found some fantastic ones at Whole Foods. I think they are from a local-ish company that makes them homemade with no preservatives. So good and they are vegan.


Perogies!! I love them. They are a pain to make though. So my cousins and I get together and make a huge batch occasionally.


Lol – thanks to you and all the comments, I am having perogies for supper tonight! They are definitely quite popular in Canada, you’re right!

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6770 tasting notes

Liberteas Thanks!

Dry – this one sorts of smells LIME-E to me :)
I do enjoy the aroma. A gentle green with a touch of lime.

After infusing…it’s more vegetal – like Spinach. Again, I do enjoy this aroma.

The color is a pretty lemon-lime!

The taste is…well…SPRING! It’s a little floral, a tad grassy, a bit sweet, and touch citrusy…like lemon and lime. As I continue to sip and as it continues to cool – naturally – at room temp – I can pick up specs of peach hints. Then…Celery. Then…raw fresh sweet white corn. The after taste is more like peas. This is light and crisp and I like it very much!


This is a yummy tea!

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172 tasting notes

Sipping on a cold brewed glass of this, because although it’s a bit chilly outside, the heat is cranked up a little too high for my liking in here. Absolutely delicious. It’s vegetal and sweet, a little nutty, and incredibly buttery when cold brewed.

But I must admit, the real reason I am posting is because I just found out that I’m getting a Zojirushi water heater for my birthday on the thirteenth (I’m turning 18). I am SO excited. I’ve been slacking big time on tea drinking lately just because I’ve been tired from work and school and didn’t feel like making tea, and this is gonna change everything. Hooray! :)


18 you 18 NOOOO you were just a kid! When did you grow up???
And a Zojirushi?!

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1725 tasting notes

I’ve been resteeping this one today, and I think I understand it a little better than I did. Not everything is there on the first steep, and I think that’s where I was missing some of the complexity. When I have a moment to savour this, I really enjoy the asparagus notes that come out prominently in the first steep. I find the second grassier, and the third more vaguely vegetal. I’ve been brewing this quite lightly, as it can get quite bitter and astringent if overdone. All in all, though, a pretty awesome green.

170 °F / 76 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp

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60 tasting notes

I just realized that it is almost time for our second annual custom blend contest! Last year’s was so fun and is how our Ruby Pie tea came about! This year I would like to start in September since October is the start of our busy period (October-December). It was so great to read all of the amazing ideas everyone came up with. I know we will get some amazing ideas this year. Everyone gets to submit up to 3 ideas, a panel of judges will choose the top 10 teas and then we will have a poll to decide the winning tea. Here’s a link to last year’s contest rules which will be essentially the same:

This morning I received a small quantity of this year’s harvest and a very lovely card from one of the estate owners. I love everything about this estate and can’t wait to place a large order next year. Mmmm, there are lovely soft, sweet green bean and corn notes with a gentle jasmine notes. I love steamed vegetable notes in green teas. There are also wonderful juicy peach notes. I believe the jasmine notes are new this year or maybe I didn’t notice them last year. I certainly don’t remember any floral notes. It’s a very smooth tea with a heavy mouth feel. This is one of those teas that you just start drinking and before you know it the cup is gone. We will be offering this back on our website tomorrow.


Want that tea so bad! And oooooooooh contest!

Butiki Teas

It’s pretty delicious. The teas from that estate are just fantastic! The contest is so much fun! We received so many awesome ideas, I’m really excited for this year.


So much fun for us to brainstorm, too :D
Going to be hard to pick just 3 ideas

Butiki Teas

Stephanie-Hmmmm, maybe I should allow up to 5 this year. Though that would make the judges decision tougher. I was so sad when a few blends got nixed last year but I can’t be a judge because its too hard to choose!


wait, i know, how about a coconut cream pie blend? you know, on with a discernible pie crust, and cream, and coconut…. maybe with an awesome puerh base! =0P


I think we should be forced to narrow it down to 3. I already have 3 I’m really excited about! But I doubt the one with the guayusa base will win…

Butiki Teas

JustJames-Hahaaha! :)

Stephanie-Interesting, very curious about your 3 blends. :)

Butiki Teas

Organic Spring Twist is now available on our website! :)




If my alternator didn’t die Wednesday night, I would be all over this tea! But I can still be excited for the contest! I think I have my three already :)


Aaaaaah! Almost time to try and make it two years in a row lol maybe this year ill find more inspiration

Butiki Teas

moraiwe-sorry to hear about your alternator. Can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Sil-Ruby Pie was a great idea! Good luck for year #2.


I have some interesting ideas from some rather interesting inspiration.

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4847 tasting notes

This is really delicious. The flavor is so fresh and vibrant, and I think that the “spring” in the name is very appropriate, because it tastes very much like spring: very light and fresh and crisp.

There are pleasant notes of fruit, the description suggests “juicy peach” and I get that. It is sweet and the fruit tones are peach like. The vegetative notes are also a bit like freshly steamed peas. I’m not one to eat peas (my least favorite vegetable) but, if they’re sweetened with peach juice, I might be persuaded… and this tastes like peas that have been sweetened with the essence of peach!

Very yummy, spring-like and invigorating.

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174 tasting notes

Got my package in from Butiki today! This is the first one I tried. The leaves are dark green with some lighter ones and are slightly curled and twisted with a nice grassy-beany scent to them.

I brewed this in a smaller cup (about 5oz) but not actually gaiwan style. The wet leaves were a brighter green in color and the aroma was the same but with a creaminess to them. The infusion was creamy greeny goodness and pale in color.

The taste was at first a hint of something floral and juicy, it was creamy/buttery yet it remained crisp. Reminded me of buttered peas and beans. It had wonderful vegetal notes of green beans and asparagus. Perhaps a hint of spinach, but that could have been from my lunch earlier.

At the tail end of the sip I did get sweet corn on the cob that Bonnie got, but it wasn’t as prominent for me, it certainly didn’t make any less better. Definitely a good green tea and a good intro to Stacy’s teas.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec

Sometimes you taste what you do depending on length of brewing, method, temperature and so on. Another day…who knows. Part of the fun of it. I really did think this was lovely.


I had my eye on this one.

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1113 tasting notes

Sip down :(

I will miss its sweet vegetal goodness. At least I got a bunch of sencha in the mail yesterday so I’ve got some greens around! Nothing quite like this one, though. It is similar to Laoshan Green but brighter and sweeter and with more of an asparagus/sweet corn flavor.

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