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drank Apricot Guayusa by Butiki Teas
1484 tasting notes

This is what happens when you go ‘home’ (where my stuff is kept in storage), and find tea that you’d completely forgotten about. I swear, this is five-year-old tea. Jeepers. Butiki! This stuff is pure gold, considering Stacey doesn’t (to my knowledge?) run Butiki anymore, and hasn’t for a while.

So, I grabbed the tea, and brought it with me on my travels.

I remember this being my first guayusa tea, and I can’t rememeber why. Perhaps it’s not that common (it’s not), and I’m not the biggest mate fan (which this reminds me of).

Drinking the tea, is fun, and surprisingly good considering how old it is. It still looks stunning – the leaves are flat and multicolored, almost like green, grey and brown confetti. The calendula leaves are still long, orangey-yellow and twisted like a good yoga pose. The smell is still strongly of apricot/peaches, and a hint of metallic earth.

The flavor is exactly how I remember it: a first hit of sweetness from a stone fruit, a middle layer of green… I can’t describe it any better than that… and final notes of a sort of cardboard sweetness. The last bit is likely from the age of the tea.

Do I love it? Nope. Do I like it? Definitely. I think I’ll finish this more because it’s bittersweet to drink this than because I really want the hit of energy, or the flavor.

Although, I could be convinced to send this along to someone else, if they really loved it and want some more. There’s maybe a mug-sized amount left.

Flavors: Green, Metallic, Stonefruits, Sweet

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

It’s good to see when Steepsterers are still enjoying Butiki teas AND that MissB is still on her travels. :D

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obviously tea is LIFE

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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This is realy delicious!

2 tsp 100 OZ / 2957 ML

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Just perfect, nothing more to say.

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So it’s tasting note 2,500 for me! Not a big a deal, as another Steepsterer hit 4,000 just the other day. But I keep truckin along with my tasting notes. :D But how about a special tea for #2,500? How about a new to me Butiki tea?! That gets a very high Steepster rating?! Thanks for including this in the awesome tea package, StarFevre! I somehow never tried this one in the Butiki days. And I love the melon teas. I wanted a white tea today so a decent amount of these sickle shaped leaves with cute pink flowers went into the infuser. The dry leaves still smell like melon! More cantaloupe than watermelon, but I certainly prefer that anyway. And both steeps still had a HUGE amount of melon flavor. Awesomely unexpected. I usually don’t think a sickle shaped white tea has enough flavor, but this one had quite the nice sweet mellow base for the melon flavor. Maybe I steeped the right amount of leaves. I can always appreciate when an aging tea is still delicious!
Steep #1 // 20 minutes after boiling // 70 second steep
Steep #2 // 12 minutes after boiling // 3 minute steep

Edited to add: Scratch that. The third steep is very melony too! At least when I used just boiled water. And now I will stop drinking this tonight and save it for tomorrow as it is 11:19 and I don’t need the caffeine! I wonder how the Butiki tea magician is doing these days? Not getting tea flavors to magically last forever, I suppose. :D

Flavors: Hay, Melon, Sweet

Roswell Strange

Hooray for 2500!!!


Thanks Roswell :D

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This is my favorite tea!!!
It’s veeery delisious!

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Flavors: Caramel

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec 5 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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drank Zhen Qu by Butiki Teas
6772 tasting notes

Midday cuppa yesterday.

I know this one was passed to me from a tea friend, but I can’t remember if it was Starfevre or Kittenna – but thank you to whichever of you sent it my way!

This was really nice; both dry aroma and steeped aroma are very sweet and fruity. I’d say that in taste, this mostly leans towards really rich, bright jammy red fruit or brandy notes but then has undertones a lot more like what’s in the company description; cocoa, malt, pecan/other generic nutty notes, and then a bit of sweet potato sweetness – without the starchiness. Just very sweet overall/in general. I greatly enjoyed it.


Me, I think.

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No notes yet. Add one?

Flavors: Baked Bread, Cinnamon

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I used 2 tsp of leaf in 500mL hot water and a splash of almond milk. Unfortunately overleafing it didn’t really help.

I’m not sure what potato pancakes were supposed to taste like, but I don’t get any pastry or potato flavours. I do taste some great apple and cinnamon notes, however. I actually think this is a nice apple cinnamon tea. I think the flavours have all faded quite a bit. After an hour of steeping it still isn’t very strong and the almond milk (which is already thin and non-intrusive) drowns out the tea quite a lot. I bet this blend would have been fantastic in its prime.

Flavors: Apple, Cinnamon

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drank Caramel Apple by Butiki Teas
725 tasting notes

Well this is definitely an oolong, which I generally don’t like, but I treaterd this one very gently and it is not too bad, all things considered. I really don’t love it though and it is a bit of a mystery why it didn’t go out during the great tea purge of 2017.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank With Open Eyes by Butiki Teas
2497 tasting notes

Thank you to CrowKettle for the share!

This sample is getting up there in age and has lost most of the green tea flavour. I do get dried fruit (strawberry and fig), prune, and something I can’t quite place. I think it could be either honey or ginger, but I’m not entirely sure. The ginger/strawberry/dragonwell combo sounds amazing in its prime, however I did not have a chance to taste this while Butiki was in business.

Flavors: Dried Fruit, Fig, Fruity, Strawberry

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I wasn’t really enjoying this and I wasn’t sure why but now that I see that it’s an oolong, it all makes sense. Oolongs are not something I’ve ever managed to develop a taste for. Also the cinnamon is kind of strong for me in this brew. Perhaps I should pass it along.

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I am definitely tasting espresso when I drink this. It took a long while for me to pin down the flavour other than ‘dark but not chocolate’. Coffee, that’s what it was. I’m not a fan of coffee, generally, that is why I drink tea instead, but this is…decent. Definitely not my favourite and it’s old besides so probably it’s good that I can never get it again. Still have a couple of pots worth in my sample so I’ll get to try again.

Flavors: Coffee


Oh man I miss this one! Try it with milk – I always went with rice milk and a touch of brown sugar.


I did try it with milk. It still gave me a blech face. Do you want me to send it to you?


I liked it less and less as I kept drinking it.

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drank Peppermint Patty by Butiki Teas
725 tasting notes

Well, I picked this tea out of the cupboard using the tried and true method of ‘closing my eyes and flailing my arm around’. I wish I had picked a black tea as I’m dragging a bit this morning and I’ve picked up a nasty cold somewhere, but I shall survive.

This is a good tea, chocolatey and minty. I sweetened it a bit since I just drank some chocolate almond milk so I didn’t want to get the shock of going from sweetened beverage to unsweetened one. Still this is tasty and I’ll look forward to drinking the rest of it.


awe…this one was so tasty…

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Backlogged note from last week. This was just okay. Possibly it’s the age but I wasn’t terribly impressed. Still good but just that.

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Gong Fu!

Another new to me Butiki blend that I’m trying courtesy of the wonderful Starfevre!

I couldn’t remember what teas made up this ‘breakfast blend’ like mix when I was steeping it, so I wasn’t sure if they were necessarily black teas that are usually Gong Fu brewed or more Western inclined. It was interesting trying it blind though, because it was kind of like a test for me. You know, can I decipher the common flavour notes associated with each kind of black tea in the mix?

All in all I got roughly ten infusions out of this one before the leaf had tapered off to a point where I wasn’t interested in infusing more. The predominant note I experienced throughout the entire session was that of raisins/muscatel grapes. I thought that was actually really weird because it’s not often that you see a Darjeeling tea in a breakfast blend, and given the name of the blend is seemed especially strange to me. I was really feeling that sort of second flush Darjeeling kind of profile, though. And you know what? Sure enough it turns out that there is Darjeeling in the mix!

Apart from that very strong part of the overall profile, there were also notes of malt, rye bread, lemon pith, and lilacs. The rye bread notes were more prominent in the first infusions which were stronger/more intense overall and then more of that lemon pith and subtle floral/lilac quality because noticeable near the end of the session where the flavours were a bit more tapped out and mild/less powerful.

It was very pleasant, and really quite interesting.

Photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/BiCksG9nyb-/?taken-by=ros_strange

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