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From Czar Nikolas II

Russian Tea

Ingredients: Black Tea, Natural Fruit Flavor, Rose Petals, Safflower

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24 Tasting Notes

3262 tasting notes

…and here is the 2nd bubble bath cuppa.
I wanted something that would contrast the other cup, and here it is.
This is a potent black tea with highly fragrant Rose flavor. The last time I drank it was when we were reading “Anna Karenina”, as it was my pick for that book. And now, on to the hard work of taking a bubble bath…


You and I are romantics! I have several of the Czar Nikolas II
tea’s and my granddaughter Megan (the composer) loves it too!

Terri HarpLady

You are the one who introduced me to St. Valentine! Thanks!


Ugh..hum…duh…who me?! I have old’timers..can’t remember anything further back than breakfast!

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335 tasting notes

Not the greatest night’s sleep last night, and just woke up feeling a little off. You know, when you wake up stressed out for no good reason. It’s all the little things getting to me, I guess. This wasn’t quite the flavor I was hoping for this morning, but I like it and I have a lot of it left so I don’t have to ration. At least the roses are nice and perky.

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615 tasting notes

Tea #29 from HHTTB2

I’ve noticed there were a lot of rose teas in this box. At least three, anyway. That’s three more than I’ve seen in previous boxes at least.

This one has a slightly stronger base than the H&S, and the safflower imparts a little bit of savoriness to the cup. There’s also very naturally sweet, and a little candy-like. It’s pretty heavily flavored, and the aftertaste is quite perfumey. But if you like rose, it’s a very good cup.

Ahhh. Rose teas are so romantic tasting~

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I always feel a bit more dreamy when I drink rose teas. What is the acronym for in your count down? Sorry if you’ve stated it elsewhere.


Here’s Hoping Traveling Tea Box (Round 2). I think I only used it on the first tea, because I realized it would be a pain to do each time. :)


Sweeet! I’ve seen a couple threads about that for Canada and thinking about joining it! Seems like a lot of fun.

But back to rose teas: swoon oh how romantic!


Definitely a good time! And a good chance to try a lot of teas you wouldn’t otherwise think to.

But yeah, rose is pretty much the only floral type that will put me in instant candlelit bubble bath and chocolate mood.


I love rose teas!!! I can’t seem to review this tea without remarking about how it takes me to a different time.


OKOKOK. I’ve written this many times, but the way I was served this at St. Nicolas Russian Orthodox Church by the Priest was with sour cherry jam. A big whollop of jam and a spoon. You sip the tea and nibble the jam. It’s delicious.


Yummm that sounds so good Bonnie!


@Bonnie that sounds so amazing!

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358 tasting notes

Another Anna Karenina tea for the book club discussion. Big thank you to Terri HarpLady for sending out samples of this one!

I knew that I would love this tea the moment that I smelled it. It has a deliciously sweet aroma, florally and a little fruity. The blend itself is very pretty with its pink and yellow rose petals and vibrant orange safflower, I think Anna herself would’ve approved of this tea based on looks alone! The flavor is nice and strong, with a sweet, jam-like flavor and a finish that reminds me of a rose perfume. It leaves a taste in your mouth almost like you’ve been drinking rose perfume, but it is so very good! This is a perfect tea if you enjoy rose flavors. Although this tea is naturally sweet on its own, I experimented with adding milk and sweetener and found that it’s best with both. The milk and sweetener somehow enhance the fruit and rose flavors together very nicely without taking anything away. I adore this tea and will certainly be purchasing some from Amazon in the near future ($8.99 for 8.8 ounces – perfect!).

-Dry blend has medium size black tea leaves, pink and yellow rose petals and orange safflower. Safflower petals unfurl and float to the top during steeping.
-Dry leaves smells sweet, florally and slightly fruity. Tea liquor aroma is malty, floral and sweet.
-Tea liquor is a clear medium brown color.
-Sweet fruity jam flavor with a rose perfume finish.
-Best with milk and sweetener.
-Excellent tea. A perfect cup of sweet rose tea!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

read my review for another Russian Style way of drinking this tea. My granddaughters like this one too and the Blue Label Czar Nikolas is very good too.


I didn’t realize you guys were doing this! I need to pay attention to the discussions board :)

Josie Jade

Bonnie, thanks, reading it now!

Jacqueline, we are going to take suggestions and votes for another book club/tea pairing next week, hope you can join us!


I’ll keep my eyes peeled! :) Thank you!

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1220 tasting notes

Another tea that has seemingly gotten lost in all the other tea. Thank you for the sample, Bonnie! I know I still have a couple more from you I haven’t tried yet so I will get to them soon too!

In the bag this smells like French candy. I love the violet ones but they are pretty expensive every time I see them.

It really tastes like them too. It’s very floral, but so sweet. It’s not in your face with the floral notes, and it seems like some sweetness comes from some kind of fruit also. But I seriously cannot get over how much it tastes like that candy.

It’s pretty heavily flavored stuff, definitely not for anyone who doesn’t like rose especially. As for me, I will take it and hope I don’t buy a package of it off Amazon with next semester’s books. I got a C- in the class I thought I completely failed. While I should be pretty mad I got a C- I am not, because when you’re convinced you didn’t even pass, a C- is like an A+.

And thankfully that means I will not have to do that again in the summer ever.


For some reason, my granddaughter Megan gobbles this one up like tea candy. Her mom raised the girls on lots of tea parties so the roses and flowers are nice memories. My daughter made chocolates and hand decorated sugar cubes with candied violets and such for fancy tea shops in the S.F. Bay area (I imagine her 3 daughters under the table grabbing the broken bits gleefully).
Glad you got the C- (A+) which I have jumped at over math grades myself in high school (avoided in College)!


Congrats on passing!!! I understand completely – I came out of a final one time positive I failed, and to find out that I got a mark in the mid-70s was shocking. :)

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676 tasting notes

First Review. VERY DIFFERENT! This is the PERFECT tea to drink when watching an old movie like Murder on the Orient Express or an English Murder Mystery! I need to redecorate my condo in chintz and add a proper tea table and Lomonosov Teapot. Why? This is an Old World floral tea…one that takes you somewhere else…to a place in time where you first thought tea belonged before you were educated to know better. Not tea bags…not there…but in old movies where there was tea service and refinement. I’m getting carried away again being a visual thinker in my right mind (Lefty). Rose petals in tea are rarely this sweet and floral. I am reminded more of very fragrant trailing roses on an arbor in the heat of the day…so concentrated. There is safflower and a citrus finish that keeps the tea bright. I have no idea what the fruit is. Possibly sour cherry? This is a popular Russian fruit flavor in tea. I went to taste my jam and think this is it since I use it in my other Czar Nikolas ll for guests (see other notes). Very nice sweetened. Adding milk is not necessary but I tried it and it’s just ok. I steeped 5 minutes. Good dessert tea. I would serve this with chocolate (dark) or a salty cheese (opposites work well together). Oh yes this is inexpensive…8.8 oz cost me $7.99 plus shipping (amazon) same with the other Czar Nikolas ll Renaissance (exporter is in Sacramento,CA with no online ordering).

Feeling nostalgic today…remembering a time most of you were not alive as yet. San Francisco in the 1950’s. You HAD to dress up to go into town. Hat and gloves even as a little girl. Grandmother wore her mink coat or stole. She had money…we didn’t but we always were clean and pressed. Anyway, there were flower vendor stalls all along Powell Street (where the Cable Cars run) and around Union Square. The favorite flowers of mine were nosegay’s of violets and baby roses or just violets. Rows and rows of nosegays. Pick one beautiful bunch out for a small price and carry it around in your gloved hand. This tea is like that sweet smelling nosegay. My grandfather (Charlie Cameron) took me dancing at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco on my 13th Birthday which was grand indeed! He looked like Clark Gable! OK lock me up. Getting too syrupy!


nice walking down memory lane w you :)

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107 tasting notes

Terri, thank you for this tea :)

It is nice to sip to this while listening to Ana Karenina (again).
After sipping, I breathe in and out and nuances i did not notice before were there! A little xylitol brings together the pleasant blend’s flavors and pushes it up to the surface.
Before the bit of sweetener, I thought this is a tea a man will like :) it is robust with a slight floweryness.
But for being robust, it does not have the strength that makes me back off from breakfast teas. This is a good tea to transition my taste buds into those and I imagine I will be liking those bolder teas in the future :)

And thanks for the sugar tip, yall! It is an interesting tea upon second glance. Im glad to have enough for more encounters with this Czar <3

oops, almost forgot the AK connection! i was just thinking, if Ana had had this tea, she mightve had more courage to survive thru her trials ^^’

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2246 tasting notes

Another from the HH teabox. I recently had another tea from this company. This one features rose petals. The instructions on the bag say a steep for 5-7 minutes. That seems long to me – so I went for four. The flavor is a BIT rose petaly soapy, but I don’t mind. The black base is nice and there is actually a subtle sweet fruit flavor… maybe strawberries (which makes sense seeing as how it is called “Valentine’s”… that really improves upon the rose. The cup color is very dark but the tea didn’t seem to keep me awake! I might keep a few teaspoons of this and send the rest on its way…

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1779 tasting notes

I had this earlier but want to make a note of it before I forget: this is really good! I didn’t know if I’d be crazy about the rose, bu it was really enjoyable. I wouldn’t to drink it all the time, but it will make for a nice treat.

Thanks Terri HarpLady

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8 tasting notes

Recieved a sample of this from Terri the Harp Lady about 2 weeks or so ago, I’ve made it about 3 times now and I’m loving this, not an everyday type of tea, it tastes like rose perfume and medium to light black tea with a hint of some kind of fruit that reminded me of a sour berry. Today being Valentines day I made a tea bag with the loose leaves and a coffee filter before leaving the house and brewed a cup of this in my travel mug before starting my shift at work [I work retail and I find no matter what I’m doing I always get really thirsty at work so I carry my travel mug with me.
Delicious and it didn’t get nasty when it got cold like some teas.

Anyway, it’s too ‘perfumey’ when you drink it straight I find, though it might help if I was a bit more particular on steep times and temperature, of course if I do feel like I’ve ‘burnt’ or oversteeped a tea I do adjust. I take mine with two spoonfuls of sugar to even out the perfume taste and it works well.
steeped for 4 minutes in boiling water. anyway a delicious blend of loose tea and flowers.
Drink with love,
Audrie Rose

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec
Terri HarpLady

Glad you liked it! Ironically, I had planned on drinking this on Valentines day, which I totally forgot was today! LOL!


I decided it spur of the moment

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