Mango Fruit Punch

Tea type
Fruit Herbal Blend
Artificial Flavouring, Mango, Marigold Flowers, Orange Peel, Pineapple, Safflower, Strawberry, Tangerine
Fruit Punch, Fruity, Mango, Pineapple, Orange, Strawberry, Sweet, Tropical, Artificial, Orange Zest, Peach, Tart, Tangy, Bitter Melon, Citrus
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Loose Leaf
Caffeine Free
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185 °F / 85 °C 6 min, 45 sec 24 g 23 oz / 687 ml

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It packs a punch

At every summer party, it’s the same. The punch bowl is where the action is. So you’ve got to serve a drink that’ll please kids and grownups alike. Something fun and fruity, yet rich and exotic. Something with big pieces of pineapple and mango, tangy slices of tangerine and orange, sweet strawberries, and pretty marigold blossoms. And we’ve got that something right here. It’s guaranteed to punch up any picnic, pool party or bar-be-cue.

Ingredients: Pineapple, mango, orange slices, tangerine, safflower, marigold, strawberry, artificial flavouring*.

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118 Tasting Notes

357 tasting notes

Aww… Why does this have to be so darn expensive? I bought 20 grams for $2.70 and I had to use the entire packet for my small teapot. I can get a couple of whole mangos for that price! I know that in the grand scheme of things I wouldn’t even bat an eye paying that price for a drink at a restaurant, but I expect a better deal for tea I make at home.

This tisane is seriously just a bit of dried fruit with a few minor floral additions and flavorings. Thinking about how inexpensively I could have bought many of the ingredients at my grocery bulk section is a little irksome, but I suppose I’ll make this is a rare treat? At least it tastes pretty good.

My blend tastes heavier on the orange with a complimentary mango flavor, but I’m sure this would vary greatly depending on what comes out in the scoop since the pieces are so huge. It was nice last night as a hot tea and it tastes just as good this morning cold. There is a slight tartness at the beginning and end of the sip akin to freshly squeezed orange juice, but not quite that intense. In all honesty, this could be described as a watered down orange, pineapple and mango fruit punch. To me that isn’t a bad thing – I typically prefer drinking juice watered down rather than full strength. It’s just the cost that really gets me. If it weren’t for the price I’d rate this higher, but I can get much nicer teas for less.


I thought the same thing when I made this tea. There was not a lot in the bag for 25g.


Oh yeah, that is a little pricey then. Thanks for the review! I’m curious about this but am disappointed to hear that you need to use so much.


I’m waiting on a delivery with a bag of their Pink Passionfruit from the summer collection, hope it’s stronger than this! I sometimes just want to get myself a dehydrator and start making my own tisanes since a lot of them are just dried fruit+flavor extract.

Sweet Canadian

I hate how heavy this one is. Pink passionfruit is much better value for the pricing.


I made a cup last night and was also pretty surprised by how little came in the bag. It tasted almost exactly like their Mango Madness, which is also a little pricey, but I think this one might be worse in terms of usage. It was tasty, but not THAT tasty.


It’s one of those tisanes I’m glad I tried, but I won’t be getting it again in a hurry.

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871 tasting notes

Made this as a cold brew. Brewed for about 12 hours. Cold brewed there is definitely more of a fruit punch taste, similar to the Hawaiian Tropics fruit punch drink. There is definitely a mango and pineapple flavour. It is moderately sweet without having to add any sweetener. It is definitely thick and juice-like.

My opinion is this tea is best as a cold brew. It is also good hot brewed, as iced it is not too bad but I found it was a bit watered down.

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767 tasting notes

i’m drinking herbal. cuz i need to get better sleep. cuz let me tell you, i went to bed early last night on the super rare occasion that i was actually tired AND could also fall asleep. and as a result…? I HAD THE BEST FREAKIN RUN THIS MORNING!
i was resenting the fact that i had agreed to get up early and start running at 6am when it’s still dark out and everything is annoying cuz it feels kinda wrong. but my pace was probably the fastest it’s ever been for 10 miles. and if not THE fastest, then damn close to it.
thus, HERBAL!

too bad i find most herbal boooooring.
though i’ll snap out of that eventually i hope.

i love the smell of this one! but but but the taste is kinda just fake. i’d rather eat a mango. or an orange. or maybe even an orange squeezed into hot water.

(TMI! reference to lady parts and stuff! bee doo bee doo!
today i am celebrating my 7 year anniversary of being sterilized. i’m gonna honor it with a craft beer and the watching of the Agents of SHIELD pilot episode. Happy Comic Book Day ya’ll!!)


Just so you know, no post is TMI for me, and I’m so glad you feel awesome about your decision! also, congrats on your decision to run—I can barely make it up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing myself LOL.


Happy anniversary! :D Also, congrats on the run.

Ali Bee's Bake Shop

hahaha! yay for no unexpected pregnancies!! ? I approve of your choice of celebration


Congrats! I’d be tempted to do the same. One kid was all I wanted.
And holy man, that’s pretty early to get up and run. I’m impressed!

Ali Bee's Bake Shop

You actually inspired me to get up before the sun and work out myself today. Well done.


YAY! i do like the quiet time before the day begins to really unfold. perfect time for tea drinking :)


in conclusion of my personal celebration, i purchased a craft beer and drank it while watching Agents of SHIELD. Phil Coulson believes in heroes, so i picked a beer i thought he’d like called Salvation.


dear Agent Phil, i’ve seen every episode of Supernanny. we should totally hang sometime. call me! xo

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1230 tasting notes

Well that sucks.

I got this tea as a sample with my last DT order. I understand this is a heavy tea, but dannnng at least put enough tea in the sample bag for me to make the suggested serving on the package!

photo evidence:

Flavor? Really iffy as I probably added too much water. I did under 6oz, but still hard with the little amount of tea I got. The flavor reminds me of Tropicalia without the coconut. I get a pineapple taste, maybe some mango, but it’s pretty light. Maybe I’m wrong? Either way, if you want to sample this tea, get like 30 to 50 grams so you can have a couple runs with it.

Boiling 8 min or more

Thanks for the laugh – we ran into the exact same thing, and I appreciated your “photo evidence”!


That is both hilarious and terrible!


I can’t believe they actually expect people to sample with that little!


Maybe they just wanted to wet your lips with it. Or use a 2 oz. cup.


I actually steeped this “hot” and then stuck it in the fridge for 24 hours to cold steep. It was pretty flavorable that way. But I agree, the 5gram sample packet is pitiful for this one!


I used the same method as jeweledthumb. I picked up several of the iced tea pitcher packs since they are marked down to $2 right now. The method that seems to work best for the non-hibiscus herbals is to brew them hot and then let them sit overnight. The results have been excellent.


Yikes, that is pretty bad. When I tried it I used an entire pitcher pack for the pot.

Alchemist's Fire

Wow, that sample pack is pretty sad, I’m sure glad I decided to get it as an iced tea in-store (you should’ve seen all the pulp in their steeper!!!) This one made an awesome tea-pop, I don’t remember whether I needed to sweeten it or not

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1220 tasting notes

This is freaking delicious but when on sale, a half gallon of Simply Orange with mango or pineapple is cheaper. As in, HALF the price. And that’s exactly what this tastes like, just with less body and a weird alcoholic drink aftertaste.

50g, $6.75, got me about 5 tbsp of tea. Nowhere near enough to do a double strength steep for a 2 qt pitcher of iced tea, and the big orange slices made me apprehensive about cold steeping because I didn’t want the peels to make this bitter. So I just dumped it all in a pyrex cup and let it sit for a long time and sort of cool before I diluted it with water.

I would probably prefer it stronger, but already at almost 85 cents a cup I wouldn’t ever get this again. What a rip off, I regret ever buying it. (Ugh and just think if I double strength steeped it for a liter pitcher it would be $1.70 a cup!!!! I could have a cup of tea 3x larger at that price at work!)


I had a sample of this with an order a while back. I think in the pack were 2 orange slices and 2 pieces of dried mango. That was it. Waste of tinfoil, man


Seriously; that would barely make a cup!


The peels will make it better! Blech!

Ruby Woo Scarlett

The price is outrageous, wow.

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3134 tasting notes

So…. picked some of this up to try, even though I have suspicions that it’s much like “Mango & Friends”, available from many other retailers. Anyhow, brewed up some of it to chill, and it actually wasn’t too bad! Didn’t taste quite the same as M&F that I’ve tried previously, although since the ingredients are so large, it could be a consequence of the proportions of ingredients in each cup.

Unfortunately, however, after trying a bit of it while warm, I decided to stick it in the fridge, fruit pieces and all. And the result? Absolutely terrible. There was a big slice of dried orange in my cup, and I think it may have made the tea disgustingly bitter after sitting for a day. I do not like citrus peel and how it does that. I may end up dumping the cup…. don’t feel like pouring honey into what’s already a sweet drink that’s just now contaminated with bitterness. Lesson learned – not only hibiscus has tea-ruining powers in herbals.

Iced 8 min or more

Ugh, I’ve experienced the bittering powers of citrus peel before in a cold brew. It’s quite amazing how bad it can get!


Yeah – I think that’s what may have happened to me in DT’s Pink Flamingo previously. I think it’s actually worse than hibiscus!


Ouch. There’s something about the description and contents of this one that’s telling me to stay away. Just sounds like a train wreck.


Actually, it tasted great when I first had a sip. My mistake was leaving the fruit, etc. in while I chilled it. It would be great brewed hot for, say, 3-4 minutes and then chilled. Very juice-like and sweet, though.


I haven’t really had any luck with their mango blends to begin with. I think that’s my problem. They’re always waaay too sweet.

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286 tasting notes

So busy lately and now have only a few moments to try to log this one.

I purchased this when it first came out at the beginning of summer and have finally got around to cold brewing and drinking it.

This is quite sweet, but not in a bad way. I am enjoy the fruity juicy mango sweetness of this one. It’s going down pretty quick ’cos it is sticky hot and humid. Again.

I am not a huge fan of fruit teas, but some, such as this one are really good.

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297 tasting notes

Received this as a sample with my order.

It’s definitely mango smelling. But man that 5g was barely anything. Had this iced & it was super delicious, mango, fruity & lightly sweet.
I would have to do a side by side with mango madness, but if I remember correctly they taste very similar. I may stock both & keep this one for a night time iced tea.

Iced 7 min, 0 sec

I need to go pick these new teas up soon, before they all sell out or something annoying like that. Hahaha.

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1158 tasting notes

First of all, this is a really heavy tea so it ends up being a but expensive. Second of all, this leaves a bit of “scum” in the infuser so I would maybe use a tea bag next time

On to the tea….this is really refreshing and fruity. I mostly get the mango notes but also just a slight general fruitiness note. It also tastes a little bit artificial. I would definitely get this again though.

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125 tasting notes


Another sample packet in my DT collection I say bye bye to. After the blah day I had today, I needed something new and fresh to try, something I haven’t had before…. and something fruity. This seemed like a perfect choice, mango, pineapple, strawberry, orange…

I have to say, there was really not much in the sample packet… I guess the pineapple and mango cubes and orange slices are quite heavy. Surprisingly though, I had enough for a cup and even a re-steep. I did add some darjeeling to it as I didn’t feel like drinking tisane, but not much, maybe half a serving.

Overall this was quite tasty. I found it fruity and refreshing with notes of mango, pineapple and even a bit of peach? Totally thought there was peach in it until I re-read the package and noticed no peach added. Maybe I mistook tangerines for peach? I swear my mind is playing tricks on me… o.O

Most importantly, it did hit the spot and made my day a little better.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

I think what you need is real sunshine :-)


LOL you might be right!

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