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  • “What a bizarre day yesterday. I was supposed to have lunch with a friend, but turns out flaky friends are flaky, and she never bothered getting back to me for days, when we were in the middle of...” Read full tasting note

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What a bizarre day yesterday. I was supposed to have lunch with a friend, but turns out flaky friends are flaky, and she never bothered getting back to me for days, when we were in the middle of deciding on where to even go/meet. So, of course, life story, I spent hours waiting around my apartment to see if she’d finally respond and confirm that we are indeed still having lunch. Messaged her at 2pm stating that I guess lunch is a no go since I haven’t heard from her. Over a day has passed and still no response, by the way. And she’s done this in the past, agreeing to hang out with me on a certain day but just dropping off the face of the earth when I’m trying to confirm a time and/or place. Actually, as a side note, most of my friends who still live in this city are like this: they’ll talk about wanting to hang on a certain day but refuse to solidify any further (like time or place), then tell me that they’ll let me know later. So of course, like a fool, I’ll wait all freaking day on that day, at their beck and call, not doing anything else with my day since they don’t even have the decency to give me a ball-park time like afternoon or evening, until they decide they’re done with doing whatever else they’re doing, finally get back to me and expect me to be ready to go. Well, if I’m lucky. Many times, they won’t get back to me at all so I spend a whole day waiting around for nothing. Like wow. I could never imagine doing that to someone. Does anyone else experience this?

Anyway, so after being annoyed that I had half my day wasted, I decided I needed to submit some job applications. Hey, how about getting out of the apartment and heading over to Remedy? So I did just that. It was pretty hot yesterday so I ordered an iced Coconut Chai half-sweet with soy milk, plus grabbed a delicious-looking, huge date square . All the places with plug-ins were taken so I ordered my chai to go and figured I could hang out somewhere on campus.

Totally supplementary information, but I ran around for a good fifteen minutes looking for a place to work on my applications and enjoy my Remedy goodies. Walked through a building where I used to spend time writing papers and whatnot in the evenings since those classrooms are pretty much always left unlocked, but thought I’d first try a seminar room in another building I used to have a lot of my classes in—out of nostalgia and comfy-ass seats—but it was locked. The neighbouring library is also getting renovated and closed earlier too, so I ended up in that initial building, making a huge loop. Why is this relevant? The ice in my iced chai was melting from the heat whilst I was running around like a moron trying to find that perfect spot.

So, by the time I hunkered down and took my first sip, this was rather watered down. They sprinkled some coconut shreds on top but that didn’t make a difference in the flavour. The coconut flavour was very weak, and even the spices were weaker in comparison to their other chai offerings. I’d say it had your standard cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, in that quantitative order, but it was nothing outstanding. I actually tried a hot Coconut Chai when they first introduced it—for a limited time— a couple years ago and recall that it was better then. Sweeter than the others, but had more depth than this time around. Again, could also be because it got watered down by the melted ice.

And because a lot of the ice watered it down, that prompted me to drink it faster, so I felt like I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. Oh well, but that date square was delicious so no regrets there!


Yay for yum date squares! :)


Seriously! I’m totally going to get another one in the future.

Evol Ving Ness

Yeah, so not doing the waiting around thing anymore. In this scenario, if I don’t hear from someone about same day lunch plans by 10 am, I continue on with my own agenda and no longer answer the phone.


Yes! That is exactly what I’m thinking of doing. I love that you even consider 10am in that case more than enough time. I think another problem, at least with me, is when I tell a person that I’m free anytime that day, they therefore think they don’t need to commit to a time/place, and seem to assume that I have nothing better to do than twiddle my thumbs and wait whilst they get to frolic around and do other things at their leisure. Like, um, don’t they realize that I actually have other things to do with my day, just like they do, just that I’m willing to accommodate them and plan the rest of my day, run errands, etc around the meet-up? So yeah, guess I need to scrap that too, no more giving them a large window of time to monopolize.

Evol (or anyone else interested in answering), have you ever had anyone get angry at you or accuse you of being the selfish one for trying to solidify plans? Or, in the above case, get angry at you for moving on with your day/not answering the phone because they’re über late?

I also ask because another so-called friend—who has made me wait literally all day in the past because she wanted to hang out with me on a certain day but refused to commit to even a ballpark time—recently, vaguely suggested we meet up for coffee over her three days off work, so I asked her in the nicest way possible to then please let me know a day in advance the time when she would like to meet up, and she hasn’t responded since. Mind blown.


Sorry for all them words, dear Steepsterites!


Usually, I either go with my wife or alone these days. I have a lot of friends who’re the same. Sorry for your mishap.

Evol Ving Ness

My approach is I am very very flexible, but don’t waste my time and energy. Because now my time and energy has been extremely costly/valuable to me since I became ill, so I had to do brutal reducing of people in my life who feel it is ok to waste both of mine. Ultimately, you are the one who chooses how to be and what to allow people.

If people think preserving yourself and your sanity is selfish, that’s on them Not your problem.

Either people can commit to a coffee or lunch date at a specific time, give or take 15-20 minutes or they are not really interested in spending time with you.

Harsh truth, but there it is. Of course, people do have extraordinary circumstances when they truly need to be flakey (illness, family/friend needs help, on call at work and such), but usually people have a choice. And you have a choice if you allow them to be flakey at your expense.


R.F. Hill, it seems like that is what one eventually has to do. Sorry you have people like this in your life, too.

Evol, I’ve tried that approach—flexible but don’t waste my time and energy—and unfortunately, it doesn’t work, mostly because they don’t respect the flexibility. But with that said, you’re 100% right in that if one truly wants to see you, they should be able to commit to a time, and effectively communicate, as well. If they can hold a job and follow through with doctor’s appointments, they can do this too. I’m so glad that you are putting yourself first though, since you especially cannot afford the time and energy to deal with this type of unnecessary stupidity. I truly hope you’ve been able to eliminate most of that grief in your life.

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