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Guayusa Tea
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Sweet, Vegetal
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Typical Preparation
Use 12 oz / 355 ml of water
Set water temperature to Boiling
Steep for 4 min, 45 sec
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“Another less than exciting selection from this month’s Steepster Select box. I like guayusa just fine, and I have been very impressed with everything I’ve tried from Runa, but, really? ...” Read full tasting note
“Thought I would try this since I slept really well last night. I’m not really feeling groggy. I think Guayusa is supposed to be a bit more stimulating than my typical black breakfast blend. I’ve...” Read full tasting note
“Backlogging; This is another tea that I received in the Steepster Select ( box that I won. Thank you Steepster Select, again providing me with a totally new...” Read full tasting note
“I had this tea this morning, so I guess it’s a backlog? Maybe? I got this one in the Steepster Select package that I won (the April box) and I’ve had it once before this but for some reason I...” Read full tasting note


Guayusa (botanical name Ilex guayusa) is a caffeinated rainforest holly tree that grows almost exclusively in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Revered as a balanced stimulant and focal point of indigenous cultural traditions, guayusa has been consumed for thousands of years by the indigenous Kichwa, Shuar, and Achuar nationalities that inhabit the Ecuadorian Amazon.

A truly balanced stimulant with a naturally sweet taste, guayusa not only contains caffeine to awaken the mind, but also is rich in vitamins and amino acids to fortify the body. Its combined effect is one of sustained energy, mental clarity, and what the indigenous Kichwa people call “mental strength and courage.” Indigenous hunters drink guayusa to sharpen their instincts and call it the “Night Watchman” because it helps them stay alert and awake all night. With these unique properties, our Runa beverages offer the energy of coffee without the jitters or crash, and the clarity and simplicity of tea without the bitterness.

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