Shui Xian Lao Cong Wu Yi Oolong

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Oolong Tea
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Limestone, Plums, Roasted, Honey, Peach, Wood
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Boiling 2 min, 30 sec 6 g 39 oz / 1153 ml

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From Tao Tea Leaf

Another great rock oolong from Wu Yi Mountain, a Shui Xian Lao Cong made from old bushes that as old as 200 years. It have a burnt taste and are very popular with Chinese Restaurant.

Health Benefits:

We recommended drink Oolong tea since it is high in antioxidants and It may help you in the fight against cancer, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, and eczema, and also keep warm your body and stomach


Region WuYi Mountain, Fujian Province, China
Appearance Features of shape: tight and gathered, breen and bright.
Aroma Deep, roasted-sugar sweetness, along with some roasted raisin-like.
Taste The color of soup is orange and the most distinctive is the fragrance and orchid flavor which is strong and durable and obvious rock charm.
Ingredients Oolong Tea
We recommoneded Warm up the tea ware before steeping. Rinse the leaves: Pour some hot water in the Gaiwan/Yixing Teapot, swish the leaves around a bit, and pour the water off. It really brings out the roasted smell and flavor of the tea. Then begin your infusion using the recommended directions. Gaiwan/Yixing Teapot: Use about 7g (2-3 teaspoons) each time ; Steep at 95°c (203°F) to 100°c (212°F) water for 50 second to 30 second for the first three brewing; then the later is about 1 to 3 minutes. You can steep around 7 times. All the information is based on our tea sommelier’s testing. You can change the steep time according to your personal favor but any water temperature alternation is strongly not recommended.

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13 Tasting Notes

283 tasting notes

I was left to my own devices today regarding entertaining myself. So I went downtown and met a wonderful, knowledgeable woman who shared some tea with me. She brewed this in a gaiwan and I couldn’t believe how good this tea was. Amazing oolong.

Beautiful yellow liquor, so aromatic. I could have sat there the entire afternoon just drinking the tea. I do have to say I have never seen oolong leaves so big. Huge. Good luck measuring with a teaspoon. I can’t wait to have more. Tao Tea Leaf is the bomb. Good thing Dexter3657 talked about it so much or I would have never tried it. I guess I’m falling off the wagon. Where’s that hiatus thread?

If you’re not drinking Tao Tea Leaf you’re missing out. I was.


Sounds like agree afternoon!


Sounds amazing!


Agree = a great


I have never had someone make tea for me (mom doesn’t count). I found the offer surprising, since I had no such expectation, and the experience of sitting there sharing pretty warming. We managed to have a nice chat even though we had been strangers until moments before. It was pretty awesome.

Terri HarpLady

Sounds awesome!!

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8177 tasting notes

I had this earlier in the day and it was fairly unremarkable to me. I’m not a huge fan of wuyi oolongs, so that’s likely why. It was a nice enough tea but not the tea for me.

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998 tasting notes

This is another fabulous sample sent to me from the amazing scribbles. I’m really having a good time with the Tao Tea Leaf teas that she so generously sent me. I’ve already placed an order to get more of a couple of them and to try a couple more.
This is a really nice oolong. It’s more woody than most of the ones I’ve tried – in my world that’s a really good thing. It’s easy to drink and was forgiving with my strange steeping parameters re being at work. This is not as mineral tasting as some other oolongs are. I really like it. Thanks scribbles for introducing me to this tea company.


So happy that you are enjoying their teas! :D


LOVE that black tea that I was struggling with the name!!! I ordered more of that and a couple of others. I got free shipping and a personal email for Tao of Tao Tea Leaf thanking me for my order saying he had included some samples and included shipping tracking number. Good customer service, I thought the ones you sent were really good quality. Little pricey, but liking this company. Canada Post is estimating delivery tomorrow!!! Thank you for pointing them out to me.


I have visited his shop twice, and very impressed with his customer service on both occasions. He recommended that black tea that you and JustJames enjoyed…I was going to choose another one, but he said that one was better. He also threw in so many free samples on both occasions, it was ridiculous! I am fortunate it is a local shop, and will spend many dollars there!!

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658 tasting notes

My cat woke me up (for a second time) this morning, earlier than I was planning to get up. I wear an insulin pump with tubing that runs to an infusion set on my abdomen, a continuous glucose monitor sensor on my upper arm, and a medical alert bracelet for type 1 diabetes. These medical accoutrements have become targeted by him. This otherwise pretty sedentary 20-pound lug gnaws enthusiastically and mercilessly at one or all of them when he doesn’t feel he’s been fed quite recently enough. I preferred his chewing on hair phase, to be honest. Anyway, at a certain point it ruins the indulgence that was meant to be “sleeping in”.

So, I thought I would make the most of it and get up and enjoy the morning. I had my gaiwan and setup already out ready to go, so I went for the heap of Tao Tea Leaf samples I still have from a couple months ago, thinking any of them would be a sure thing.

Unfortunately, I’m having an odd experience with this one. I botched the first two infusions by not realizing I only had the Zojirushi set to 175. The leaves had a slight roasted, woody scent, and the liquor came out rich and orange-brown, but I wasn’t getting much from it. Only a slight mineral taste. I heated some water to 195 separately, for the next three infusions, but had only a slight improvement. It was a little more smokey-tasting, but still very underwhelming. Is it me? Is it the tea? Is it my water? I don’t know!


How are you steeping?


I started at about 30 seconds and worked up to 2 and then almost 3 minutes on the last steep. This sample is apparently 5 grams, which looked like plenty (a good 1/3rd of my gaiwan).


Hmm… ok. My one thought was that maybe this was a tea that was meant for gaiwan brewing, but since you’re doing that … I don’t know!


sounds like you just have a wimpy tea…


Yeah, I think so. I’m finished this sample but have some similar ones from them, I think, so I’ll have to see how those go.

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286 tasting notes

I drank too many dessert tea’s today (but too lazy to log all of them) and really needed something either salty or roasty to cut into all that sugar. This was the choice, and it was perfect – roasty with mineral notes.

I’ve been neglecting my oolongs since being on a black tea and dessert tea binge. I love oolong. I don’t know why I’m not drinking them up.

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1014 tasting notes

Found this in stash swap box (I had to make one, isn’t it an awesome idea?) and decided that a dark oolong sounded great at the time. I was right, it was great at the same and maybe at all times.
This brewed dark and had a nice brisk taste. My favorite part of it would be the after taste. Smooths out and taste semi sweet on the tongue which is odd for a darker oolong, my experience that is.
The only reason I rate this down is the infusion itself being compared to some of the 2015 oolongs that I have received fresh make it easy to spot out that this one isn’t as fresh as it once was.

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455 tasting notes

What a delicious brew! I love rock oolongs! I wish I had just a little more of this, so I could have brewed in my yixing. I guess my gaiwan will have to do.

These black embers carry the fragrance of a coal mine deep in China. They are a deep roast brew. I washed them once to release their aroma. Then, I brewed in an ever increasing 15 second increments. My tea room was filled with a roasted sugar scent. I took a sip of this amber liquor. The initial flavor was a grit granite and black plum. I heard rumors of a peach tone, but I didn’t encounter it during drinking. This sweet peach and sugar tone was left in the aftertaste. I could still taste this smooth fruit on the back of my tongue long after drinking. This brew was everything I wanted in a rock oolong. It carried the shale from the mountains and the smooth undertone of the orchids. I was able to steep this a great many of times, and I will definitely be stocking up on this! My yixing would love it :)

Flavors: Limestone, Plums, Roasted

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 100 OZ / 2957 ML

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364 tasting notes

Oh lord this tea…. Wuyi rock oolong, you do rock!

Beautiful leaves, they render a warm golden amber brew.

So fragrant!

It tastes like grilled honey peaches and almonds.

So sweet, juicy, nutty and toasty!!

A real treat tonight. I won’t be able to save this for special occasions, no I won’t.

I will have it again tomorrow.

Oolongs are just amazing!!

Pics of tonight’s session:


Lovely pictures! Rock oolong does indeed rock :)


Mikumofu, thank you :-)


Sounds devine! And love your pictures! Will have to add this one to the wishlist.


Thank you Ubacat! I don’t think you can possibly go wrong with this tea :-)


Not the tea but my brewing skills still need perfecting! :-)

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193 tasting notes

Sometimes I get so invested in my Chinese blacks I forget that there are other teas out there that deserve my attention. I’m trying to sip down all of the 1oz and under teas I have so I thought I’d kill two birds and get out a few oolongs. I randomly picked this one first and, feeling lazy, Western brewed it for 2 minutes using 2tsp leaves to 10oz boiling water.
First sip leaves me with some incredible honey sweetness. Roasted peaches (or apricots I cant tell the difference) come in and mix with a good bit of roasted wood. Very similar to the notes you’d find in a Hoji Kukicha. Strong roasty quality while still being somewhat mellow. Not one of those roasted oolongs that is entirely overwhelming. If you’ve eaten grilled peaches drizzled with honey you’ll have a good idea what this tea is like. And if you haven’t… get on it! You won’t regret giving it a try.

Flavors: Honey, Peach, Roasted, Wood

Boiling 2 min, 15 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

I love this one so much, and I don’t drink it often enough.


Yum. I should buy it next time they have 50% sale. I love Wuyi oolongs

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1959 tasting notes

If you poured this in an empty Sue Bee honey bottle, you’d be hard pressed to detect you’re not looking at rich molten honey. This oolong is lip-lickingly thick (say that five times fast!) and almost a little sticky.

The label mentions honey, roasted peaches, and raisins. I’m getting (a) and (b) minus ©, but there is nothing lacking here. It’s a treat. More so because it isn’t a finicky steeper—boiling water, 2-3 minutes, easy peasy. A treat from scribbles that is making me smile on a cool, sunny afternoon. (Thank you!)




Sitting in my happy spot in the sunshine daydreaming bee dreams :)


Tazo in your lap? Pretty sure sunshine, tea, and cat in lap is a guaranteed your own private Idaho vacation. In case private Idaho is too vague a reference, it is a B-52’s song.


My B-52 repertoire is a little spotty. I listened to The Specials instead. But private and vacation sound heavenly. My current dream retreat is 24 hours without ANYBODY NEEDING ANYTHING.


Tea in an empty honey bear bottle was one of the first recipes I wrote down on one of my mom’s recipe cards. It was my Tea Sucker recipe – put tea in honey bear, stick ice cube in top, lick ice cube till it falls in tea, drink tea. I used to love to drink tea out of empty honey bears. :)


Love it!

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