Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea

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Fruity, Green, Peach, Stonefruits, Sweet, Vegetal, Corn Husk, Nutty, Sugarcane, Sweet, warm grass, Roasted nuts, Spices, Umami, Butter, Chestnut, Spinach, Nuts, Artichoke, Creamy, Flowers, Grass, Almond, Floral, Walnut, Mint, Squash Blossom, Peas, Popcorn
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180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec 5 g 10 oz / 298 ml

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  • “Time for my green tea after dinner tea plan! Since my white Silver Needle Jasmine tasted better with more leaf, I decided to put in about a teaspoon more leaf than I normally do. Whoah! It smells...” Read full tasting note
  • “So I steeped this up and set it on my desk while listening to Emmylou Harris. She is the voice of the angels, or at least I think so. Strange I would think this seeing how most of my music is ’70’s...” Read full tasting note
  • “Thanks once again to Angel & Teavivre for this sample. I put the entire sample into my testtube steeper, & steeped 15/30/oops! I got distracted & let this one go way too long/back to...” Read full tasting note
  • “This is an exceptional Dragon Well. I enjoy Dragon Well anyway, but, this one kicks it up a notch. The flavor is so crisp and clean. Vibrant. You can really taste the quality it this. Sweet and...” Read full tasting note

From Teavivre

Origin: Tianmu Mountain(天目山), Lin’an County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, China

Ingredients: One bud with one or two leaves

Taste: Fresh aroma with chestnut flavor

Brew: 1-2 teaspoons for 8oz of water. Brew at 176ºF (80 ºC) for 1 to 2 minutes (exact time depends on your taste – a longer time will give the tea a stronger taste and color)

Health Benefits: Dragon well long jing tea can refresh minds, brace spirit, help you think, remove fatigue, improve your work efficiency. It also has fluorine, which helps protect your teeth from acid corrosion and decay by bonding with calcium in teeth.

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151 Tasting Notes

250 tasting notes

All right, first sample from the new batch from Teavivre. Thanks again, Angel!

This is also my first Dragonwell, so I’m a bit excited to finally get to try it out. I put about four grams of tea in my tea ball. The instructions said to use more, but that was also to make 8 oz. of tea, whereas my mug only holds 6. Anyway, I steeped the leaves for one minute in 175 degree water, and the results were great. It has a very smooth texture, like the aftertaste of a Wuyi Oolong, which seems to coat the tongue and hard palate. The tea also has a delightfully nutty flavor which reminds me a bit of Hojicha, but it’s not as strong and taste more refined. Definitely a great way to start off the weekend.

Alright, second infusion, same preparation as before. The only real difference is that it has lost a bit of the mineral smoothness, which, while disappointing, does not really affect the taste too much. It is, however, a bit unfortunate, because it seems that I won’t get all that many infusions out of this tea.

175 °F / 79 °C
Jim Marks

dragon well is roasted very early during processing and that is what brings the oolong or hojicha type flavor along. I find that really excellent dragon well leaf is the closest chinese style green to the japanese style green — which is odd because the processing is so radically different, but the flavors end up a log more the same.

Joshua Smith

I agree completely. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s closer to Sencha than other Chinese greens, especially how it looks. It is certainly a very interesting experience.


That is exactly what I thought of this dragonwell too! Interesting how that happens.

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2272 tasting notes

I received a wonderful box of samples of the 2013 harvest today from Teavivre. Thank you!

Hubby and I have not had our bedtime green tea lately. We’ve been a little out of sync schedule-wise, so tonight we set that straight.

He really has been enjoying green tea though he is still rather new to it and says he really can’t describe flavors yet, but tonight he said “vegetal, I definitely get that this is vegetal.” He agreed that there is also a hint of butter and a nice toasted flavor. And this was just bursting with flavor! We had five steeps of it, and I have saved the leaves because I think I can get a few more tomorrow.

This is an excellent Dragon Well. I liked the first one I ever had. It was purchased from a tea shop not far away. For some reason I never finished that bag of tea, but when I tried Teavivre’s Dragon Well last year I had to order. This one is every bit as good as last year.

Hubby drank right along with me and kept refilling. He said he found this green tea particularly smooth and drinkable. I, too, found it smooth and easy to drink, and on one steep that went a little long there was a hint of root vegetable flavor (not strong enough to be unpleasantly astringent) that blossomed into sweetness after the swallow. Nice!

Thank you, Teavivre, for the samples! I look forward to trying all of them!


Can’t wait to try them all!

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5553 tasting notes

Teavivre Sample #2:

Green tea…

This one is supposed to smell/taste like chestnuts, I guess. Being totally honest, I know very little about Dragon Well teas. The leaves themselves look very similar to DAVIDsTEA’s green tea base used in Hot Lips, which is a flavoured green tea that I actually like a fair bit. However, I think Hot Lips has a sencha bae like most of their flavoured green teas – anyone know for sure? Maybe that’s a stupid question – I don’t know.

I don’t smell chestnuts in the dry leaf. I do smell grass. Still, this is less vegetal smelling than most straight green teas I’ve smelled.

I steeped 1 tsp. in about 80 degree water for a minute. There isn’t really a strong smell coming from the liquor of this one, that’s good because it’s not too seaweedy or grassy and bad because I have no idea what I’m going to taste.

Actually, I really like this one! With the exception of the Butiki Teas that Lala sent me, this is probably tied as my favourite alongside the Jasmine Pearls – so far anyway. It tastes light and buttery, with almost some nuttiness to it. In a lot of ways it’s reminding me of the Genmaicha I bought at McQuarries.

I think I could drink this on a regular basis – and I’d be open to trying different varieties of Dragon Well too.

I think I need to retreat to my room though, and come back to the rest of the samples in an hour or so – Tre’s watching Vines or Youtube videos or something like that, and every ten seconds or so he breaks out into really obnoxious laughter. It’s kinda disrupting my “restful Sunday” and the calm tea drinking atmosphere I’ve got going on…

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec

HOORAY! Glad you found one that you like!

Roswell Strange

As am I! My job interview is on Tuesday, and it’ll put me in the same mall as one of the two DAVIDsTEA’s in Saskatoon so I might go pick up 10g of DT’s Dragonwell as a comparison. If I can find a Dragon Well tea more conveniently located that I like to drink then I’ll be a happy person.

Roswell Strange

Geez, if I get hired so close to a DT that could be a dangerous thing…

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60 tasting notes

This sample was generously provided to me by Teavivre. Thank you Angel and the whole Teavivre Team.
Dry Leaf:Has a sweet,fresh and vegetal aroma.
Wet Leaf:Has a slight vegetal aroma with a nutty aroma.
Liquor: Has a pale yellow color.
Taste:This tea has a nutty flavor with a slight sweetness along with a touch of a vegetal flavor. This tea is smooth and refreshing and has a clean feel in the mouth.
Overall Opinion: I give this a 90. This tea is a little more smoother and refined compared to the premium quality Long Jing. I can appreciate this tea specially since Long Jing is my favorite green tea.
Vessel: SAMA DOYO Gongfu/Kungfu teapot. 7grams of leaf to 220ml or 7oz.of water in the inner cup of pot.

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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217 tasting notes

Even though I really need about six cups of strong black tea (taken intravenously) to get my motor running this morning, I couldn’t resist opening the sample of another tea from Teavivre. This time it is the Organic Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea.

I steeped this tea for two minutes at 175 degrees as instructed on the sample packet. The brew that appeared was an extremely light golden green color.

I was worried that the light color, low temperature, and short steeping time would all add up to a wimpy tasting tea. But, as always, Teavivre surprised me again!

This tea does not have a strong flavor but the flavor that it does have is full and complete. The taste is sweet and nutty. There is no grassy attribute to the flavor as I’ve found with a lot of green teas. Instead, it is quite smooth, light, and easy to sip. You also won’t find any bitterness.

Although this would not be my normal morning tea of choice, I will definitely be offering it to guests in the afternoon and evening.

The best word to describe this tea is 亡命徒;喝彩;喝彩声;暴徒 (which I HOPE is Chinese for BRAVO)! This tea deserves that exclamation and much more.

In summary, this is just another wonderful tea from Teavivre. If Teavivre were a baseball team, to me they would still be batting 1,000!

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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90 tasting notes

After a weekend of overindulgence in Easter goodies, a straight green just seemed like the right thing to do. I like green tea, but still haven’t found my “go-to.” I’ve tried a few different Dragonwells and although everyone seems to love it, it hasn’t grown on me. So I really wanted to give it another chance and brewed this top-of-the-line sample.

And it tastes…salty? I’m getting a chicken broth-like flavor that makes me feel like I’m drinking soup. As it cools the vegetal flavor comes through, but it’s still quite savory. I can tell this is a quality tea, but sadly I have to face the fact that I must be the exception and Dragonwell is just not for me. Ah well…no use mourning when there are so many teas out there waiting to be discovered. The search continues!

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

Thank goodness there is tea to make tummies feel better :-)


Yes, I love that there is a tea for almost everything!

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541 tasting notes

Thank to Teavivre for this very generous sample!
I feel crummy today and I still have almost 2hrs. before I have to start my homework so I thought I’d relax with some nice, pure tea. I’ve been in quite the flavored tea stint so all this plain tea tasting has brought me back to what I really love to enjoy.
Dry, this tea smells almost similar to a Bai Mu Dan; especially the light hay notes. There is also an almost nutty smell coming through. I’m not sure how much to add to my tiny cup, so I’m just eyeballing it as covering the bottom. I’ve only had one other Dragon Well and to be honest, I hated it. It smelled and tasted swampy.
Wow! Even though I only steeped this for 2min. the smell is very strong. There are lots of pea notes in the front of this brew. It is very crisp and I’m really loving the nutty notes. This particular steep is reminding me a lot of sencha. There is almost a milky-ness to this tea, as I saw other reviews state. Compared to my last run in with Dragon Well this is amazing! This is easily one of my favorite greens and I would really recommend it for anyone new to green teas.

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525 tasting notes

Very tasty Dragon Well! Fresh, crisp and sweet. Savory and vegetal. This is the ideal Chinese green. Well, to me anyway. :) And I’m getting in some greens again. I’ve missed my green teas. Blacks were starting to take over my life! Next, I must rekindle my love for white teas.

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326 tasting notes

Tea provided by Teavivre for review

First steep, very smooth, velvety, light liquor, with the familiar Dragon Well flavour.

Second and third steeps, bolder in taste, there is also this almost fuzzy texture on my tongue.

Fourth and fifth steeps, the flavour has weakened a bit but is still enjoyable, and a bit of astringency if present (but not overdone).

Overall I really liked this Dragon Well tea. Teavivre always provides really nice green tea samples, and it’s given me a new appreciation for that type of tea.
Next time I brew this sample, I will use my competition cups to compare the Premium Dragon Well (which I purchased) with this one. After that, I’ll try it western style in a teapot.

100ml gaiwan, 4g-ish (sometimes my digital scale fudges it), 5 steeps (rinse, 20s, 40s, 1m10s, 2m, 2m30s)

185 °F / 85 °C

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117 tasting notes

Testing out a new way of reviewing!

Water: I boiled 8oz water on the stove,then let cool for 4-5 minutes.

Leaves: A beautiful shade of light shade green.

Steep: 2 minutes the first steep. Even when steeping for 3 the flavor is great!

Aroma: I smiled when the scent hit my nose very pleasant,reminded me of Sencha.

Color: Pale yellow

Taste: I decided to make this tea because it was one I haven’t tried from my Teavivre samples. I was preparing to watch one of the Ted Talks. I took a sip this tea is light & very refreshing! It made watching the video that much more relaxing experience.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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