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Brewing Basket

Finum Brewing Basket Given the delicate tissue structure that makes up the filter, the product may be used for fine teas and coffee alike. The combination of high quality plastic and stainless steel allow the user to have an aromatic enjoyable experience while the tea lid maintains the tea warmer for a longer period of time. Once the brew is complete, the lid can simply be flipped over and used as a drip tray for the used tea filter.

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  • “I bought this for rooibos and herbals. It does an excellent job of keeping fine particles out of my cup. This is the medium sized Finum. It fits perfectly in my 12oz mug. Clean up is easy. When I...” Read full review
  • “Simply awesome. I had a Chatsford infuser for my teapot and a ForLife infuser for brewing in a mug. The ForLife has been difficult to clean and a little hard to balance in a bigger mug, but nice...” Read full review
  • “This is a very convenient way to brew. When I am not using my Yixing or Gaiwan or Tetsubin there is nothing better. An absolute pleasure to use.” Read full review
  • “Simple, cost-effective, easy to use and clean. The large internal volume provides much more room for the leaves to unfurl while brewing compared to a typical tea infuser. The medium size model...” Read full review

30 Reviews

4 tasting notes

I love this infuser basket with a rooibos-dust-free, caffeinated passion.

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9 tasting notes

Everything Finum makes is awesome. I like how rooibos can’t even get through this filter.

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2 tasting notes

This is by far my most favorite loose leaf tea filter. I have tried many shapes and sizes and materials. I find this filter keeps all teas inside instead of finding tea leaves or particles in my water. It fits perfectly on so many mugs. It is spacious and therefore allows the tea leaves to expand really easily. It is a little challenging to clean fully, but not impossible. I love that it has a little lid to help get the best steep. And it makes a wonderful little tray to set your wet tea filter on once you’re done steeping.

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74 tasting notes

Perfect product for lazy tea drinkers! After steeping you can set the basket on the basket lid and forget about it. No need to get up again to dump out the tea before enjoying your cuppa!

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484 tasting notes

I just bought this on Amazon and used it for the first time. I’ve been looking for a finer filter since I drink mostly herbal teas, and the stainless steel teaballs I have leave grit in the bottom of my cup if I’m drinking rooibos or honeybush and are really hard to clean if I make chamomile. I made a cup of Adagio’s Honeybush Hazelnut and there was a bit of very fine dust in the bottom of my cup, but no grittiness. It rinsed out easily with water, and I gave it a quick scrub with a bottle brush to make sure it was clean. I am a bit concerned about flavor contamination with the plastic, I have a couple of similar filters that I use for iced tea and they have taken on a bit of the scent and flavor of the teas I brew in them. With the iced tea I’ve taken to using one to brew black tea and one to brew hibiscus tea. I think I’ll do something similar with these filters since they come in four different colors. I’ll probably use the black one for rooibos/honeybush/roasted barley/brewing cocoa, the blue one for floral teas, the red one for fruity teas, and the green one for minty and herbaceous teas. It means I’ll need to buy three more filters, but I think it will be worth it. I’ll probably try this one with chamomile just to make sure it works before I buy another, though.


It’s interesting you’re using them like yixing pots. It does make sense. I have a ball infuser I’ve been using for a few years and it’s stained quite a bit from all sort of teas and herbs ad flowers.


If it were all metal I wouldn’t be as concerned, but I know plastic picks up flavors and smells a lot more easily.


I use these for Western style brewing and have several … One for black teas, one for chai, etc. As you noted, they do work better than a teaball at keeping grittiness out of the cup.

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2 tasting notes

I love this bit of kit!

Great for on the go I can take it to work or my parents should I fancy a brew and i also use it for Coffee as well as loose leaf tea!

I couldn’t live without it!

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894 tasting notes

I love almost everything about these filters. I have two mediums, and they fit perfectly into all of my cups, mostly 8oz, some 12. There’s lots of room inside for leaves to expand fully, and the superfine mesh is wonderful – only the very finest dust escapes. You will never find stray rooibos needles or fannings in your cup.

There are two things about these baskets that make me unable to rate them 100.

I find them aesthetically pretty blah. They’re very functional but not very beautiful.

And, the plastic frame traps smells more than all metal brew baskets. I find that with flavoured teas, it can be very difficult to get the fragrance out enough for it to not taint my next cup of tea, even with soap, bleach and soaking in hot water. The smell does fade fairly quickly if the basket dries completely, but it’s a pain.

Still, these are awesome brewing baskets and I haven’t found anything better.


Yup. The smell trapping thing. I still love my finum, but I hate that it does that sometimes… I’ve also noticed that if I use strong smelling dish soap, that soapy smell can get absorbed. Even with that, though, I do love the thing. lol

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

Are these better than the metal ones from Davidstea??


so weird. I’ve never had a problem with smell contamination. I own 5? of these. whatshesaid – imo yes.. but if you ever want to buy these and the cad $ stops sucking upton is generally the best pricing out there…but maybe not anymore with the exchange rate :(


I haven’t tried the infuser from DAVIDs, so I’m not sure how fine the mesh is on those. The Finum has mesh that’s as fine as woven fabric, so pretty much nothing escapes.

I bought mine from – a two pack for $19, and I have Prime, so no extra shipping. Upton definitely has the cheapest base price I’ve seen, but with the exchange rate and shipping maybe not the cheapest overall for Canadians.


The Finums are way finer than the metal filters from DavidsTea. :) I don’t have a Finum, but I have Takeya pitchers and they use this kind of mesh.


I just bought one of these off Amazon this week. Thanks for the heads up about strong smelling teas!

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

hmm. I haven’t really had too much issue with Davidstea’s metal steeper… I think i would rather have a few errant floaties once in a while than have to worry about a plastic steeper that absorbs all the smells of every tea I drink.

although – denture tablets probably would work!

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

well, i was on amazon checking them out and now I want one. I’m too easily influenced. PEER PRESSURE!!

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16 tasting notes

Found one of these today at a local coffee & tea shop’s ‘going out of business’ sale, feel like it was a smart investment. Very roomy, durable, and easy to clean, my only wish is that the lid fit tighter.

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1 tasting notes

I have had a Finum for years, buy mine has a gold basket. It works great, is ultra fine, but the leaves unfurl well in the space allowed. And, yes I frequently re-steep tea!

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31 tasting notes

I just got both the medium and large sized brew baskets. The large is narrow enough to fit a regular sized mug, so you don’t really need to have both (unless you need multiple brew baskets; I happen to need a spare at work.) The large worked great in my tea pot. And best part of all: in Deutschland hergestellt!

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