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I’m new to the world of Kombucha, but this one seems a bit weaker than the others that I’ve tried. It has a distinct berry flavor and slight fizziness, but only a gentle tang from the fermentation process. This is a locally made Kombucha (I live in the NYC area), so perhaps it is fresher than the others I’ve tasted, and not allowed to age as much. from what I’ve learned, the longer it ferments, the more acidity you taste. It Definitely has the beery smell that I’ve come to recognize with Kombucha. It is a pleasant bottle of fermented tea.

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drank Hampton Breakfast by Ahmad Tea
47 tasting notes

This is a blend of Indian, Kenyan and Ceylon teas. It was brought back for us by a friend that went to England. It’s a very basic breakfast tea. Not very flavorful, but very dark. I may have used too many leaves, as it is a bit bitter and acidic, and not much else comes through. It’s good for breakfast as it gives a nice little jolt of caffeine.

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I’ve been drinking this tea for a couple of weeks, and it hasn’t been doing much for me. It’s not as robust with the delicate muscatel notes of a 2nd flush, and not as subtle and gentle as a 1st flush. I guess it makes sense since it is an atumnal flush.

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I enjoyed this Ceylon one morning at a local cafe when i was really sleepy. it was brisk, and strong, and woke me up. probably not the best ceylon out there, especially for the price, but it worked for me on that sleepy day.

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This tea has a pleasant aroma and a smooth taste, along with a nice malty undertone. However, I wouldn’t consider it a great breakfast tea. Honey is the predominant flavor that unfortunately masks everything else. It is a nice afternoon tea, but it’s not quite bold enough to wake me up in the morning. It is actually too smooth and soft, if that makes any sense.

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Brewing for about 4 minutes yields a nice rich golden color and a malty scent. Nothing fancy about the taste, but it’s just what I look for in a quick breakfast (or early afternoon) tea- slightly bitter, malty, with a faint hint of fruit on top. This is of course a tea that would do well with a drop of milk and some sugar. I will sometimes fix it up this way when I’m in the mood, especially when I’m craving a coffee substitute. But I usually prefer it strong and dark. This tea does not have any of the delicate nuances of an Assam, but it definitely delivers the goods when you are sleepy, and just need a reviving cup. It is what I imagine the folks on the old-school British comedies are drinking when they are trying to get through all sorts of silly drama. When Hyacinth Bucket shrieks ‘tea Richard!’, this is what I imagine she’s reaching for. She drinks it in her Royal Doulton with the hand-painted periwinkles, of course.

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Not bad for a bagged tea, but not nearly as strong as it should be.

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busy, full time working mom, tea lover. partial to robust, strong black teas, nothing floral, or heavily flavored. I love discovering new teas, and tea shops in the NYC area. I blog about all things tea at http://www.tea-happiness.com/


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