77 Tasting Notes


How i got it: Got a bag in a trade with my sister, long time ago.

Experience: Last tea in the ‘Magic Fruits’ assorted pack. This one has an intense strawberry-candy aroma, with a hint of kiwi that appears from time to time. The tea is almost imperceptible in this respect. On the taste side, along with the sweetness of the strawberry scent, I can taste a fizzy sensation very similar to the one in the Mango & Pineapple tea I tried earlier, which is probably due to the kiwi. The scents are less dominant in the flavor side, so there’s a little more space for the tea to express itself. Mild intensity, relatively well balanced and good duration. I expected a bit more of this one, to be honest, but it retains the Basilur standard of quality anyway. Good.

Would i buy it?: There are some possibilities, but I’d give preference to other teas in the pack.

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How i got it: Got a bag in a trade with my sister, long time ago.

Experience: Well, let’s go back to Basilur now. This is the third of four teas in the “Magic Fruits” pack. To my surprise, its aroma turned out to be simply delightful. This is one of the best mixes of scents I’ve tried: very natural and well balanced, although it has very little presence of the tea. Its flavor is very enjoyable too, with a sip that begins with a soft mango taste that grows up to be mildly intense and ends with the pineapple, which leaves a curious fizzy sensation in the mouth. The tea is more present at the end of the sip too. An unusual blend, maybe the flavors are a bit overwhelming… but good nonetheless.

Would i buy it?: Actually, I’d have to think about this one with a couple cups more to give an answer.

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drank Thai Chai by Adagio Teas
77 tasting notes

How i got it: Tried it last night while having supper with my cousin’s family

Experience: Cool! We now have an Adagio shop in Santiago, so this opens a new world of possibilites about tea. Well, i have a well supplied cupboard, so i only joined the trip there to guide, hehe. Anyway, i got invited to try this one. Coconut, ginger and an unknown herbal/spiced scent are the main players in the aroma side, while this resonates in the taste, too. The coconut and ginger mix is enjoyable (spiciness included), and their flavors were very natural, but they were a bit overpowering, so the tea got the background and was almost imperceptible. Reminded me of Stash’s Cononut Mango, but this time serious ginger-y. Medium intensity, good duration, relaxing blend. Very good start in my experiences with Adagio, I’d say.

Would i buy it?: It could be a nice addition to mix things up a bit

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How i got it: A gift from my mother

Experience: This tea has a mild to intense aroma, with notes of orange, cinnamon, vanilla and almonds (at least, these are the scents I can recognize, because there are a few more in the blend). On the other hand, its taste reminds me to Milagritos’ Winter Carousel. The tea flavor is very hidden, due to the strength of the other scents present, mainly the orange (points for being very natural in this one) and the almond ones. To be honest, I didn’t like the resulting taste that much, but it doesn’t get to be bad either. I’ll say average.

Would i buy it?: I don’t think so. As always, better teas out there to try

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How i got it: Got a bag in a trade with my sister, long time ago.

Experience: Second tea of four of the “Magic Fruits” pack. This one has a smooth berries aroma, almost creamy, with the tea on the background. Never had rosehip before, so I couldn’t identify it in the mix; probably it blends very well with the raspberry. On the other side, its taste reminded me almost immediately of La Teteria’s Berries Silvestres; the berries taking the main role over the tea. Very well-defined flavor, mild to strong intensity and good duration. As usual, nice job from Basilur.

Would i buy it?: Good possibilities

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drank Lemon & Lime by Basilur
77 tasting notes

How i got it: Got a bag in a trade with my sister, long time ago.

Experience: Well, it’s my turn to try some teas of the “Magic Fruits” collection from Basilur. I got one bag of each type included in the pack, so i’m starting with L&L. As always, Basilur presents a well-balanced mix between the Ceylon tea’s and the scents’ aromas. In the flavor part, the lemon notes are more dominant, but not to the point to be overwhelming; the first sips seemed to me to carry some mint, slightly herbal notes (which makes sense now i see the ingredients, hehe), while at the end of each one there’s a hint of lemon caramel, very much to the style of Twinings’ Lady Grey, but a bit more natural, maybe following Basilur’s Kandy in that sense. Very good, overall.

Would i buy it?: Has good possibilites for a flavoured tea

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drank Brazil by Te Supremo
77 tasting notes

How i got it: Tried it first and got a bag from my wife’s parents’ house, some months ago.

Experience: Maybe latin-american teas have a characteristic aroma, because at this point I think I can distinguish well between a Ceylon tea and one from Te Supremo. I don’t know how to describe it, but it appears to be like a derivation from Ceylon, with less fruity notes and complexity. Same occurs with the taste, which in this case is very, very simple, almost without nuances, but still gets to be nice. Medium intensity, acceptable duration. Maybe the baseline for what could be a everyday black. Slightly above average.

Would i buy it?: I don’t think so, except in the case of hurry.

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drank Berry Nice by La Teteria
77 tasting notes

How i got it: Bought it (Current everyday green tea)

Experience: After I ran out of my loyal Te Supremo Green Tea, i chose this one to take its place for my evenings. Its aroma is very marked by the blueberry scent, with acidic notes similar to straw/raspberry and the vanilla scent in the background. Almost no presence of the tea aroma. On the taste side, this blend is very smooth; the sip begins with the green tea and vanilla flavors and ends with berries notes, along some astringency. It reminds me very much of Basilur’s Spring Tea, but having superior quality due to being a loose-leaf. Good duration and complexity, enjoyable and very relaxing. Quite good!

Would i buy it again?: It has good possibilities

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drank Lady Grey by Twinings
77 tasting notes

How i got it: Bought it (Twinings’ Classics Collection Pack)

Experience: LG is the last tea left to try in the Twinings’ pack. Its smell is very unusual, like orange pancakes, or orange jam, with some hints of ginger and cinnamon. On the flavor side, it follows the line of the aroma: i can taste mainly orange with some cinnamon in the background. Not a bit acidic, this blend results in a enjoyable mix, though the base tea is almost imperceptible and the orange scent lacks some naturality. Aside from that, I’m surprised… this tea turned out better than I thought.

Would i buy it again?: Has some possibilities.

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How i got it: Bought it (Twinings’ Classics Collection Pack)

Experience: Well, new experience here. I don’t remember to have tried something similar in the past, so this tea got my attention quickly. It smells quite like a Ceylon (somehow the OP variety comes to my mind) with acidic hints and some bits of almonds. In the flavor side, it begins smoothly, but gets stronger and a little bitter-y to the end of the sip. It also has some almond-nutty notes in the background, giving it a sweet side. Maybe one of the best descriptions I could give of this tea is something like a “Ceylon Breakfast”, as redundant as that term could be, hehe. New sensation, good experience.

Would i buy it again?: Maybe, it’s a nice variant to add to the cupboard. Why not?

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I’m from Chile, so that’s the reason of the weird english you’ll see in my comments from time to time hehehe…

I usually don’t include the details about brewing, but in case you wonder, i use the most common parameters (2g (~0.07oz) tea, 3 mins average, 100-80°C (212-176°F) depending of the type of tea).

Black teas are my favorite (pure and scented), but i also enjoy greens from time to time. My current project is trying all the basic types of pure black tea (loose leaf, i’m not counting my bagged tea here, hehe). My progress:

- Yunnan
- Assam
- Nepal
- Kenya

To Try:
- Ceylon
- Nilgiri
- Keemun
- Darjeeling
- Sikkim

Here in Santiago de Chile, i have access to tea by companies like Whittard, Zoe!, Lipton, Twinings, Dilmah and Basilur, in addition to national companies like Te Club, La Teteria or Te Supremo, so i’ll be writing mainly about these. In practice, however, i’ll register every new experience with the less known teas i’m finding from time to time, too.

Note: I just write one tealog by tea, so i try to keep them always updated as i drink to get a more accurate description.

Tea Rating Categories:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

91-100: Great to Exceptional tea. For some reason, it has impressed me. From now on, this tea will be very welcome in my cupboard.

81-90: Good tea. Maybe not outstanding, but it has something special. I would get some of this tea again.

71-80: Average. Not bad at all, but it could be better. Maybe i’ll think a bit before getting this tea again.

61-70: Under Average tea. Still tastes like tea, but doesn’t have much merit. Probably, i’m thinking from moving on from this to try other options.

31-60: Bad tea. This is when the road begins to go down. Not good, but not undrinkable. I have better options to buy than this.

0-30: Nearly undrinkable or undrinkable “tea”. I don’t know how i got to drink this, but clearly that was a mistake (or i am punishing myself for some reason). Any thought of buying this has vanished from my mind, forever.


Santiago, Chile



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