How i got it: Bought it (Dilmah’s Variety Pack)

Experience: Not a very complex tea, but a nice one though. Its characteristic aroma is what defines this blend the most. Medium intensity, clear and crisp taste, with a slight touch of acidic and astringency at the end. Very good

Would i buy it again?: Depending on my mood, yes. This is one candidate to be a permanent guest of my cupboard.

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I’m from Chile, so that’s the reason of the weird english you’ll see in my comments from time to time hehehe…

Also, i don’t include details because of the unorthodox method of brewing in my country -almost always boiling water + random steeping time. I’m trying to change that, so now i use the most common parameters (2g (~0.07oz) tea, 3 mins average, 100-80°C (212-176°F) depending of the type of tea).

Black teas are my favorite, but i also enjoy greens (flavoured too, the more natural, the better). Currently, that’s my area of trying, but i’m on my way to try other varieties, especially Oolong =)

(PS: I run away from most tisanes, especially those containing berries/lemon, can’t stand that acid taste… In short, I’m just fine with tea hehe)

I just write one tealog by tea, so i try to keep them always updated as i drink to get a more accurate description.

I’m regularly sipping teas by Whittard, Zoe!, Lipton, Twinings, Dilmah, and La Teteria, but in practice, i’ll register every new experience with the less known teas i’m finding from time to time, too.

Tea Rating Categories:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

91-100: Exceptional tea. For some reason, it has impressed me. From now on, a must have in my cupboard.

81-90: Good tea. Maybe not outstanding, but it has something special. I would get some of this tea again.

71-80: Above average. Not bad at all, but it could be better. Maybe i’ll think a bit before getting this tea again.

61-70: Average tea (for me). Probably, i’m thinking from moving on from this to try other options.

31-60: This is when the road begins to go down. Not good, but not undrinkable. I have better options to buy than this.

0-30: Nearly undrinkable or undrinkable. I don’t know how i got to drink this, but clearly that was a mistake (or i am punishing myself for some reason). Any thought of buying this has vanished from my mind, forever.


Santiago, Chile



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