My last cup of (decaf) tea to wind down my stay-at-home-sick-as-a-dog day. Tastebuds are fortunately working top notch though, so I’m not deathly bored all day. One reason I was so excited to get these Dragon Age blends, are because I’m such an avid fan of the game. This particular set of fandom teas from Adagio includes both the flagship game, and the expansion. (Dragon Age III coming out this year! Wooot!)

This particular blend? Comes from a cute dialog the characters have as you’re wandering around the world. Alistair is a charming jock-looking virgin ex-templar. Wynne is an elderly kind white-magic mage.

“Alistair: Wynne?

Wynne: Yes, Alistair?

Alistair: My shirt has a hole in it.

Wynne: I see. And?

Alistair: Can you mend it? When we get back to camp?

Wynne: Can’t you mend your own clothes? Why do I have to do it?

Alistair: Sometimes I pick up too much fabric and it ends up all puckered and the entire garment hangs wrong afterward. And you’re… you know, grandmotherly. Grandmothers do that sort of thing, don’t they? Darning socks and whatnot. You don’t want me to have to fight darkspawn in a shirt with a hole, do you? It might get bigger. I might catch cold."

The two characters are the most… innocent, wholesome, and freakishly adorable characters in the first Dragon Age game. I think this scent is befitting of not just Wynne (her scent alone would be something in the white-tea range, imo) but how she treats all the characters. From mending socks, to lecturing you on the dangers of falling in love during such a critical time.

This is classic, bordering on old-fashioned. Decaffeinated to keep you calm and steady. There’s a touch of outdoorsy comforting warm sun on the fields vibe. Unfortunately my sample tin literally only had ONE orange peel and ONE apple piece, and this cup didn’t get those. I think the Apricot Tea is still infusing it with a slight fruity aftertaste – I just know having chunks of apple in this would round it out absolutely perfectly.

I really enjoy this. It’s a nice bed-time tea. I’m not sure if it will outlast other varieties I might come across, but for now I’ll be using it up.

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I discovered a love for tea when I started trying to eat healthier. I try to follow a Ketogenic diet (that a very low carb diet, more info here: http://www.reddit.com/r/keto). It has solved so many issues for me. Ranging from Weight to Acne to PSOCs to my mood. Keto has saved my soul.

Downside? No carbs! The pleasure foods of our society are so damaging and so abundant. I needed to find something I loved and adored in order to remain on keto. One place that lacked for me was drinks. I used to be a diligent Mountain Dew drinker so converting to water was a horribly boring task. Tea fills that void and so much more.

I began with Adagio and their Fandom teas. My dorky English-major, video game, anime-loving heart was stolen. Then the collection-bug was struck and here I am. Estatic there’s a website that’s the equivalent of Scent base. (Did I mention my BPAL addition?)

I either drink my tea plain, or make it into Butter Tea. I’m seeking teas that are wonderful plain (without sugar/cream/etc needed). Right now I’m still VERY new to the tea-world, so am not positive what teas I prefer. We’ll find out!

My rating system, roughly:

100 = I will Marry You.
90-99 = Adore. Stockpile time!
70-89 = Good. Wishlisting this stuff!
50-69 = Decent, will finish my stock but not likely to buy again.
40-49 = Not a fan. Will try to sell/trade/give away my stock
00-39 = Crap. Maybe I’ll give it away. Maybe I’ll use it as fertilizer.

I’m also interested into getting into the trading scene! So feel free to contact me if there’s anything in my cupboard you’d be interested in swapping. I have an endless wishlist!


Sioux Falls, South Dakota



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