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Oy, what a week. Teeth-clenching, nonstop work week followed in the evenings by in-law visit (actually that part wasn’t so bad, other than the inability to come home and sit in my Spot and drool).

Our little shabby house doesn’t accommodate company well, so they camped more comfortably at a Hampton Inn, where we lobby-lounged and visited yesterday; this was the available food-service bagged tea. Considering the setting and hot-pot water of indeterminate temperature, it wasn’t bad. Plenty of mint over “something” in the background; there’s supposedly hibiscus, but it wasn’t noticeable. Don’t be scared if this is your only available option.

On the fun side, hubby’s 89-year-old Mema (you need to meet her; she’s so cool) brought me a bagful of vintage jewelry and scarves straight out of Mary Tyler Moore. Remember those shaped polyester neck scarves with a ruffly edge? (Maybe not; I think I have underwear that’s older than some of you :) At any rate, I’m looking forward to playing dress-up to figure out how to wear them.


LOL! I still wear the shirt I was wearing when I met hubby 28 years ago…if your unders are older than that, I want to know what brand they are! And I bet a lot of people on here are younger than my shirt.


I think D is still in possession of a black Rush t-shirt circa 1980 that was safe in a storage tub and worn so thin you can see through it. Don’t think it’d even fit one arm…but it’s not going anywhere!

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Not the best English Breakfast I’ve had, but it was good enough while I was at a diner for brunch this morning. Would it be too pretentious or snobby to start carrying around my own tea bags? I haven’t gotten to that point yet, but I’m seriously starting to think about it, haha.

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Had this tea the last two mornings at the hotel and for a basic restaurant tea it wasn’t too bad. I brewed it a bit too long the second day so it was a bit bitter, but all in all it’s pretty decent.

Boiling 8 min or more

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drank Green Tea by Farmer Brothers
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Backlogging for the conference I attended last week. This was the other Farmer Brothers tea I tried at my hotel’s breakfast bar, and it was truly the worst green tea I’ve ever had. Yuck. :P

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Not great. Unfortunately, this is the only brand of tea they have at the breakfast bar at the hotel I’m staying at.


I know what you’re going through. I was really disgusted by the tea that the hotels that I’ve stayed at offer. I have finally realized that I have to bring my own tea when I travel. I still opt to bring tea bags rather than loose leaf (loose leaf is just too messy for traveling!) but at least I am familiar with the tea and I know I’ll enjoy it, and makes traveling so much more enjoyable.

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Kind of bitter. It’s not one I would buy on my own but it’s OK for eating out.

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