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This one is from the ever-sneaky Dexter3657. Dexter hasn’t even logged this tea! I googled it, and came up with a thread here on steepster, and this link: http://www.teapot.ee/en/shop/puerh/ripe/pancake/haiwan-7598/ .

I really like this one. I hope it ages well. It’s one of those puerhs that I like with a sliver of cinnamon, but this doesn’t really need it. I rinsed for a while, then steeped for 1 minute. So delicious. The wee chunk of leaves hasn’t fallen apart yet, so this will be a fun tea to drink all evening (Waiter, could I get more water in my tea pot?). I might end up adding a little Ceylon cinnamon later.

Thanks so much, Dexter! I approve of your sneaky plan to get someone else to add tea to steepster. :D

Edit: Apparently Dexter has logged it, but as a Random Steepings or something similar. Unfortunately my google-fu has failed me and I can’t find it.

200 °F / 93 °C

Shrug – ok I’m not perfect… that also means it’s not in my cupboard (213 +1).
I bought it at a local Chinese Market, I know nothing else about it. I’ve drank it a couple of times – pretty sure I would have written something under Random Steeping – but I couldn’t find it either – so maybe not. I like it. Decent everyday pu’erh.
LOL see what surprises can happen during swaps :))


It’s exciting! I’ve had about a litre of this tea from one of the three chips you sent me. It’s still going, and I still like it. It’s not too complex or fancy for my uneducated tastebuds. :)

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