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This one I’m drinking today. Thank you OMGsrsly for the sample.
I’m really thinking that my tastes are changing.
I really like this – I’m not usually a white tea fan, but this is really nice.
It’s more honey than grass. It’s light but has a really nice flavor to it. Might be just a hint floral. but that’s way in the back more as an accent than out right floral.
Yep – this is good.
Thank you for the opportunity to try it. :))

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I am so behind in my tea notes, updating my cupboard and spreadsheet. I was drinking this one a couple of days ago (?)
I was given this sample by the most wonderful OMGsrsly because I like the new Silver Buds.
This is really nice – I liked it, steeped it a bunch, spent an evening with it. I think the newer one is more “pu’erh” and this one is more “white” and therefore I feel the newer one is more interesting.
Thanks for the opportunity to try it. :))

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drank White Night by Mandala Tea
855 tasting notes

Mandala order arrived today!!! Yay!!!

So, I ordered this on a whim before “moonlight” teas really registered into my brain, so that worked out well. This doesn’t actually SAY moonlight, but it sure does look like one of them. The leaves are just BEAUTIFUL, and some are white/silver on one side and black on another. This also doesn’t say anything about aged. The couple that I’ve tried have been listed as pu’erh and have some age on them. So is this one or not?!? Dunno but I’m happy to be drinking it right now.
I’m not one to obey the “rules” when it comes to steep parameters but I did read the package and the recommended temp was 160-175F – that seems low to me, but what do I know….
So I used what looked like quite a bit of leaf (shrug) with 75C water for about 1 minute. Sweet, a little hay, a little mouth dry, but really nice and interesting. Where are the fruit notes that I’m looking for? Need to play with steep temp.
Second steep – 85C for two minutes – Honey, less hay, no astringent, a little juicy but no specific fruit.
Third steep – 90C 3 minutes – The hay is back, the honey is still there, and something tangy (sheng like) strange but I like it.
Fourth steep – 90C 4 minutes – totally changed – Honey and a little malty? Weird – I can’t even tell you what this is like….

I don’t really like white tea – I usually find it either grassy or it tastes like nothing. This is one I can get behind. It’s interesting, flavorful, but I think I need to play with the steep times and temp. I really happy with this one, but I don’t think it’s my MOONLIGHT tea.



i really like this one


Me too – it’s not really like the other moonlights that I tried but it’s also not boring like most white teas :)

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drank Moody Manitoba by Cornelia Bean
855 tasting notes

Three tsp generic green oolong, three tsp of this in my DavidsTea mason jar – cold steeps about 9 hours.
It’s really good – I’m not sure I can taste the oolong at all, but that’s probably a good thing – added more for the caffeine than for flavor. It’s a tart mixed berry iced tea that’s more like juice than tea. Ok I did add some sweetener, but I don’t think the hibiscus is over powering, just adds that bit of tart that keeps fruit flavors from being too candy like.
I really like this and will for sure buy more.


I really like this too. Another good berry one from there that I have had is called lake of the woods – I can’t recall which I preferred though as its been awhile.


I also really like Pear Garden “Black Currant” :)


That does sound good – nice ingredients! These types are my favorite to have cold in summer. :-)


Exactly – I’m moving away from flavored teas into the straight stuff, but still like to have fruit tisane around for cold steeping. The Dragonberry? Dragonfruitberry? (whatever it’s called) is amazing – favorite of all the fruit tisanes I’ve tried….

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I really really appreciate that OMGsrsly shared a sample of this with me. Thank you so much.
This is a huge miss for me. All I have to say is dirty swamp water. Sorry….

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This seems like a Taiwan black tea. Grapey, wine ish, light, sweet, a little astringent.

It’s not bad, just not my favorite style.

Thanks Sil for the opportunity to try it. :)

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This is the other yellow tea that Sil sent to me.

I think I like the other one better. This one is a little bit too green for me and little too bitter. It’s more grass than hay.
Oh well happy to try it. Thanks Sil

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I’m not sure how I feel about this one….
It’s savory, but not vegetal, or grassy – so it’s not green. It’s might be a little woody or hay ish. I’m actually thinking maybe like a medium oxidized oolong – not a really green one and not a dark roast one – but something edging towards green.
This is a little too dry mouth for me, but it’s not bitter, and yet it has a little juicy quality to it – that sounds contradictory but that’s how I’m feeling.
I’ve had yellow teas before and this one is totally different than those.
I don’t think this is a bad tea, I just think it’s not to my taste.

Thanks so much Sil for sharing. :)

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MMmmmmmm this is why I love Fujian black teas. It’s fun, it’s malty, it’s starching, and there’s just a hint of chocolate. Not my favorite – my a really nice example of a Fujian black tea.
Thank you Sil for sharing.

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This is interesting and MUCH better when you follow steeping instructions on the package. I used 95C water for the first cup – oooops look at the package FIRST Dex….
Second cup I used the recommended 85C and that was a totally different experience.

I’m not usually a fan of Ceylon – but the golden tips make this one interesting. It’s more like a light Yunnan black. A little malty, a little sweet, just a touch of astringency. Pretty good – I might need to rethink my feelings about Ceylon, or at least watch for ones with some golden.
Thanks Sil for sharing.


Glad you enjoyed it – Ceylon was also one of my least favourite tea regions but they do have a few good tea producers starting to create teas of note. I strongly recommend any tea produced by Amba.

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C.S. Lewis – “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

I needed to update my profile. I joined Steepster 03Mar13. I am just amazed at how much my tastes have changed since then.
When I discovered loose leaf tea about a year and half ago, I didn’t know anything other than my local Davids and Teavana/Teaopia. Stumbling onto Steepster CHANGED EVERYTHING.
Hello, my name is Dex I’m a tea addict.
I’ve been through the “I need to try every single tea out there” phase. I really hope the worst of that has passed. I’ve learned enough to know that I only need to try HALF of all the teas out there. LOL
When I started this journey, I was all about the flavored rooibos and fruity tisanes. Don’t get me wrong there is still room for dessert (chocolate/caramel/nutty) Rooibos teas in my cupboard and I still do enjoy them, BUT I am quickly learning to appreciate the some of the straight teas of the world.
Big bold (but not icky)pu’erh is suddenly my favorite, followed by woody/roasted oolongs. I’m just starting to explore straight black teas, and have found some that I really like.
Generally speaking I’m not into greens at all, only like the occasional green oolong, and white teas are just too mild for my tastes (unless they are fruit flavored). I still enjoy really good fruit tisanes, but am now cold steeping them.
I don’t like floral/herbal blends, and mint anything is not on my preferred list.
I am still exploring new teas, adapting to my changing tastes, understanding more every day how little I really know about tea. Ultimately I would love to find approximately 50 teas that I just “can’t live without” and always have them in my cupboard. That might not be practical, but that what I’m searching for. It’s going to be a fun journey.

All in all, I love this site. I’ve met some wonderful people, and have gotten to try some amazing teas because of them. It really restores your faith in humanity when you get a note saying “oh by the way I sent you some tea”. Wonderful, generous, people here.


Manitoba Canada

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