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This was the other fall collection tea I bought today. Dry it really smells like muffins!!!
This is really good. I sometimes have issues with orange teas – they come across more as citrus acidic than orange. This is tart cranberry sweet orange some pastry/nut notes with just a hint of cinnamon. Well balanced, warm and soothing. This really works for me as a fall dessert tea. ;)



This sounds super interesting. Of course, now I just want to get a whole bunch of fall stuff (though I’m still put out by the lack of hedgehog teapots)


hedgehog teapots?


They have a colour-changing Nordic mug with a hedgehog design, but I really want a similar design on one of their bubble teapots. It seems like they’re really de-emphasizing those pots lately, though; the new fall collection doesn’t have any bubble teapot designs.

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drank Peanut Butter Cup by DAVIDsTEA
903 tasting notes

Was talking about this earlier today with a tea friend and they thought it sounded weird and wanted someone to try it first. OK I’ll volunteer….
Dry it smell just like a peanut butter cup, steeped it smells really yummy – chocolate and peanut butter.
Hmmmmm a little strange, this seems more like chocolate, peanut, and caramel. Hot turtles chocolates more than peanut butter cup. Its lacking the creamy peanut buttery thing, this is just peanut. I’m also struggling with the fact that it’s a tisane, for my tastes this needs a dark base – black, pu’erh, something – to add some depth. It feels thin on the tongue and that’s translating to watery for me.
I’m surprised that I don’t hate it. Its a decent dessert tea, but I think it could be better and doesn’t live up to it’s name.

Liquid Proust

Being from Ohio and someone who makes tea… I’ve been told so many times to make a Buckeye blend.
Peanut butter and tea just sounds like a terrible idea. How much of the apple pieces do you end up tasting in this versus the chocolate and peanut butter?


It doesn’t taste like peanut butter, not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. Peanut butter tea seemed like an odd idea to me too. I didn’t taste the apple at all but it’s the first ingredient….? This us chocolate first then roasted peanut then caramel. At least that’s my impression. Good luck with your Buckeye blend.

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drank Spiced Pear by Shaktea
903 tasting notes

Ummmmm no thank you. Medicinal lemongrass….. :((

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drank Gingerbread Pu'erh by Shaktea
903 tasting notes

Continuing with my Shaktea tastings. This is going to fall into like, don’t love category. This is good, but the spices aren’t balanced to my tastes. It’s a little heavy on the star anise – I’ve already picked the rest out of the package. There are some really nice cookie, almond notes to it, and the pu’erh adds some interesting depth, darkness, and mouthfeel. Most teas like this one are really cinnamon heavy and I’m happy that’s not the case here. What I am missing is more ginger, can’t call it gingerbread without ginger. I’m thinking this is more chai shortbread cookie………


add some fresh ginger ;)


I loved this one when OMGsrsly gave me some to try in our swap a few months ago. I feel like I will get this soon, as the weather cools down. So cozy!

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drank Japanese Cherry by Shaktea
903 tasting notes

I picked this one up while in Vancouver, and then promptly ignored it. Why did I do that? Dunno, but I shouldn’t have. This is an amazing cherry green tea. It’s light and fruity but not hibiscus tart. It’s green without being overly. There are some rose petals in here but it’s not floral. It’s just a well balanced cherry green tea. Those are hard to find. Cherry in general quite often comes across as candy or medicinal…. not this one. I love this. It’s perfect hot, it’s perfect cold steeped. It’s my new favorite cherry tea (of any color).


Cherry that isn’t candy or medicinal…HEAVEN! :)))
So happy you have a new favourite cherry tea!!


I’m pretty excited over this one…. I just wish their website was more informative, but I’m sure I’ll order more anyway. :)

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drank Tang Yang Gong Fu by Tao Tea Leaf
903 tasting notes

I don’t think this is a complex – best black ever – type of tea. What it is is delish. Bitter cocoa, a little sweet stone fruit, some malt, and everything else a good China Black should be. It’s making me happy this morning.

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Drinking the last of this at work today. Way more smokey than I would have thought, not at all what I was expecting. This is a strange China black. It’s harsher than I’m used to, non of the usual notes. Tea and smoke that’s what I’m getting. Weird.
The Jin Jun Mei (Golden Eyebrow) that I got at the same time as this is right up there with my favorite Jun Jun Mei – if I were to order more from them, I would get that rather than this. I’m not saying this is bad, it’s just not for me.

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drank Choconut Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
903 tasting notes

I’m drinking the last of this tonight, and I know lots of you didn’t like it, but this makes me happy. It’s chocolatety, it’s nutty, it’s dark oolong – what’s not to love?
I certainly wouldn’t drink this every night, but on those days that I need a little dessert tea, this certainly hits the spot.

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drank Xiao Zhong by Camellia Sinensis
903 tasting notes

Drinking this at work today. That means it’s probably over leafed and over steeped – that would be my normal work parameters.
This is an interesting China black. I want to say chocolate, but it’s not – more like caramel. I think it’s a touch smoky, just a little coffee ish, and something resembling old library book. This is a big bold black tea. It does mellow a little as it cool, and then there are some stone fruit notes to it. It would probably be better if steeped properly, but for a work tea, this is making me happy today. I haven’t been drinking much tea lately and am really enjoying the caffeine (oh how I’ve missed you).


hope you feel better now


old library book. That’s an intriguing taste note.


Thank you boychick, I am getting there. Tea at work today really helped.


Lol Nicole, old library book might not be a “taste”, more of an impression. I’m horrible at the – what does it taste like game. I’m more into how it makes me feel, or what it reminds me of….shrug, old library books….


No, I understand completely. It’s not like I’ve licked horses to compare when writing some of my tasting notes. :)


I think it’s a smell. Smell and taste are so closely entwined.

Terri HarpLady

Sounds like an interesting tea.
I love all the comments in this feed, LOL.

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Boychik was kind enough to send me a sample of this.

This is better than a lot of the young sheng, but still not to my tastes. The earlier steeps are pretty sweet, a little hay ish, but it’s sharp. Nit really bitter, but lots of top notes. The more I steeped it the grassier and more bitter it got. I can understand why others like this, but it’s not for me.
Thanks boychik for the opportunityto try it.


Interesting, i dont find it harsh at all. glad you tried ;)

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C.S. Lewis – “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

I needed to update my profile. I joined Steepster 03Mar13. I am just amazed at how much my tastes have changed since then.
When I discovered loose leaf tea about a year and half ago, I didn’t know anything other than my local Davids and Teavana/Teaopia. Stumbling onto Steepster CHANGED EVERYTHING.
Hello, my name is Dex I’m a tea addict.
I’ve been through the “I need to try every single tea out there” phase. I really hope the worst of that has passed. I’ve learned enough to know that I only need to try HALF of all the teas out there. LOL
When I started this journey, I was all about the flavored rooibos and fruity tisanes. Don’t get me wrong there is still room for dessert (chocolate/caramel/nutty) Rooibos teas in my cupboard and I still do enjoy them, BUT I am quickly learning to appreciate the some of the straight teas of the world.
Big bold (but not icky)pu’erh is suddenly my favorite, followed by woody/roasted oolongs. I’m just starting to explore straight black teas, and have found some that I really like.
Generally speaking I’m not into greens at all, only like the occasional green oolong, and white teas are just too mild for my tastes (unless they are fruit flavored). I still enjoy really good fruit tisanes, but am now cold steeping them.
I don’t like floral/herbal blends, and mint anything is not on my preferred list.
I am still exploring new teas, adapting to my changing tastes, understanding more every day how little I really know about tea. Ultimately I would love to find approximately 50 teas that I just “can’t live without” and always have them in my cupboard. That might not be practical, but that what I’m searching for. It’s going to be a fun journey.

All in all, I love this site. I’ve met some wonderful people, and have gotten to try some amazing teas because of them. It really restores your faith in humanity when you get a note saying “oh by the way I sent you some tea”. Wonderful, generous, people here.


Manitoba Canada

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