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The lovely Miss Roswell Strange sent me an awesome surprise Halloween card that included a sample of this tea.

I like this one. It’s a nice pumpkin spice tea. Mild pumpkin, mild spice but this seems well balanced to me. It’s a nice fall tea that I’m enjoying today.
Thanks so much Roswell for the surprise.

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I received a sample of this from yyz. Thank you so much.
This is awesome. Fantastic snail type black tea. Sweet, malty, hint of chocolate, smooth, just plain YUMMY!


Good choice!! :))


couple ppl have reviewed this recently. going to need to try it out. I wasn’t a fan of WP’s snaily tea…


Sil – I think this is a lot like WP snaily tea…. I happen to really like the WP version, but the price of this one is a lot more reasonable…


Yay for reasonable pricing! I liked the snails tea from tribute, I think it was that Terri shared…unless it was YS….uh. Yeah… Lol tooo many new teas recently

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This is another “out of my comfort zone” teal courtesy of yyz. Thank you!!! Always interested in learning about new teas.
This is unlike any Darjeeling I’ve tried before. Zero astringency, nothing offensive here…
This has quite a bit of the “up your nose white wine” notes. It’s not floral, quite fruity, really smooth. This is a tea that could interest me in looking at more Darjeeling……


So glad you liked this tea. This is the tea that I have probably gone through the most of.

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Sorry all, I haven’t been around much lately. Missing everyone!!! Between the turmoil in my life and the issues with steepster – I haven’t been posting much.

I’m a huge black tea fan, but I’m a bit snobbish about it. I like China blacks, but in truth I’ve only tried a few of the others and haven’t really explored them. I was quite excited when yyz sent me a care package with teas outside my comfort zone. Thank you so much.
In that package was this one. What do I know about Ceylon? Not much so I don’t really have a point of reference.
This tea brews up a beautiful copper red color. It seems light, with lots of high notes, and a bit fruity. This will not lure me away from my beloved China blacks, but it wasn’t offensive either. Really happy to have tried it.


Glad to hear from you. Hope you’re doing well!


Hi Dexter:-)


Hope things are getting better. Ifind ceylons can be pretty diverse from really bitter malt, dark fruit, to sweet potato and citrus. Glad to give you the opportunity to try one.

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drank Spiced Chai by Lipton
734 tasting notes

It’s a very sad day. Freezing cold, both outside and in my office – and I forgot to toss tea into my purse. I’m at work tea-less. Uggggg
This was my lesser of other evil choices…. :(((


How about you put a secret stash in your desk for emergencies?



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drank Hazlenut by The TeaCupany
734 tasting notes

I haven’t logged teas in DAYS. Steepster has just been too difficult to deal with.
Was drinking this one a couple of days ago.
I think it’s good, it’s hazelnut, it’s about the same as Adagios. If you like hazelnut, this is worth a try.


Yeah, I’ve been put off on trying for a bit bc of it.

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Was drinking this last night.
I didn’t get much chocolate, and as for the chili – just lots of peppercorns, so it was spicy, but not really chili.
It was nice to try buy not a favorite.
Sample from SSTTB

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Drinking this cold steeped tonight. It’s ok, it’s good. The peach flavor is nice, not fake and candy – I just wish there was a little more of it. The white base is fine, present but not in the way. This is a decent peach white tea. I have a LOT of peach teas in my house and this one is good but not my favorite.

On that note, drinking the last of this puts my cupboard officially at 299. Goodbye 300s, nice to know you, but don’t ever want this much tea in my house again. Operation cupboard reduction continues…..


Yay! Keep it up :-)


Woohooo! Now, because I’m nice…I won’t send you your box now that you’re under 300 lol

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Last night I hot steeped 3tsp in 16 oz of water. Let it cool and put it in the fridge overnight.

Today, 1 cup cold tea + 1/4 cup skim milk + 1/2 tsp Torani pumpkin syrup = iced pumpkin chai latte which makes Dex happy.



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drank Golden Fleece by Verdant Tea
734 tasting notes

It’s been hot here for the last couple of weeks and I haven’t been drinking much hot tea. It was significantly cooler today, and I drank a BUNCH of hot teas.
I feel like I’ve been writing negative or just ok tasting notes all day. Wanted to end the day with something GOOD.
This is beyond good – this is a great tea. It’s beautiful to look at and it’s beautiful to drink. There are tons of tasting notes about it, so I’m not going to go into long boring details. It’s just a great sweet potato, grainy style black tea.
This makes me happy tonight. :))


You inspired me Dexter. I’m on my second pot of this. Thanks!

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C.S. Lewis – “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

I needed to update my profile. I joined Steepster 03Mar13. I am just amazed at how much my tastes have changed since then.
When I discovered loose leaf tea about a year and half ago, I didn’t know anything other than my local Davids and Teavana/Teaopia. Stumbling onto Steepster CHANGED EVERYTHING.
Hello, my name is Dex I’m a tea addict.
I’ve been through the “I need to try every single tea out there” phase. I really hope the worst of that has passed. I’ve learned enough to know that I only need to try HALF of all the teas out there. LOL
When I started this journey, I was all about the flavored rooibos and fruity tisanes. Don’t get me wrong there is still room for dessert (chocolate/caramel/nutty) Rooibos teas in my cupboard and I still do enjoy them, BUT I am quickly learning to appreciate the some of the straight teas of the world.
Big bold (but not icky)pu’erh is suddenly my favorite, followed by woody/roasted oolongs. I’m just starting to explore straight black teas, and have found some that I really like.
Generally speaking I’m not into greens at all, only like the occasional green oolong, and white teas are just too mild for my tastes (unless they are fruit flavored). I still enjoy really good fruit tisanes, but am now cold steeping them.
I don’t like floral/herbal blends, and mint anything is not on my preferred list.
I am still exploring new teas, adapting to my changing tastes, understanding more every day how little I really know about tea. Ultimately I would love to find approximately 50 teas that I just “can’t live without” and always have them in my cupboard. That might not be practical, but that what I’m searching for. It’s going to be a fun journey.

All in all, I love this site. I’ve met some wonderful people, and have gotten to try some amazing teas because of them. It really restores your faith in humanity when you get a note saying “oh by the way I sent you some tea”. Wonderful, generous, people here.


Manitoba Canada

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