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First review in…uh…well it says “about a year” on my last tasting note so I guess about a year. I will start by saying salutations to all of my adoring fans. Scratch that. I have no fans. I copped this sample from my old pal Pureleaf and boy am I glad.

I’ve been drinking on this all day but I elected to start some fresh leaves to write this note (twist my arm already).I prepared this in a 120ml gaiwan. I rinsed the leaves, allowed them to cool and ‘rest’, and then steeped for roughly 10 seconds. Initial liquor was a light yellow with a hint of orange. At first sip I was met with a pleasant mix of light smokiness with an appropriate sweetness to accompany it. There was a slight drying effect, though not too much. I didn’t really encounter any bitterness so all in all the astringency factor was low and left a crispness in my mouth.
The after taste is worthy of boasting. I love it when a sheng leaves it’s mark on my palate as this one did. I was especially intrigued by how much this tea was present in the nasal portion of my palate as well. Though I don’t actually do it, I bet this would even be good iced. A great aged sheng in my most humble of opinions. Thank you all of my adoring fa…we covered that already didn’t we?

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec

Welcome back! We have missed you. You should join our puerh of the day discussion. We are all “learning” with it. Your notes would be great there.


Hey buddy, thanks for the kind words. I really need to spend a quick minute here and there and at least get a few lines in.


Good to see you back!


Hey, you’ve got another fan here, miss your tunes and teas :-)


Thanks for Invite


Hey spicyshade. Glad to see ya around. Even though I’m not active on steepster as Ishould be you should plug in at least for awhile. Lots of GREAT people that will educate you on this heavenly drink we all love.

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silken body, with good balance of roasted and citrus flavor

205 °F / 96 °C

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