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Milk Oolong, the really heavy, smells like it’s going bad, milk oolong is one of my favorite teas. And this tea hits me right in my sweet spot.

There’s something about a good milk oolong that takes me right to my happy taste. The butter flavor rolling over my tongue, the almost salty-sweetness of the tea. YUM.

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This tea smells really, really strong. I drove home after buying some of this, and I swore there was fruit gum sitting on the heater vent. It was REALLY strong.

But like most fruit black teas, the flavor is not as strong as the smell. I can definitely taste the acai berry, and it’s a pleasant fruit tea. I really like the taste, but I find the smell overwhelming and almost nauseating.

I will definitely need to repackage the 2 oz I bought into something a bit more airtight than the ziploc baggie the store used.

Flavors: Berries

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The first time I tried this, I wasn’t very impressed. It dawned on me last night that I was probably using too hot water, so I steeped this tea tonight with not boiling water and it turned out so much better.

This is the first caramel tea I’ve found that actually tastes like caramel. It’s not strongly so, but pleasantly sweet. I can’t really get any apple from this at all.

The smell of the dried leaves was why I first bought this tea. It was so strong and delicious. The taste, once I figured out not to scald the tea, matched very nicely.

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drank Mykonos by Shab Row Tea Emporium
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I had a cup of this today. It was a bit nippy, and I needed some caffeine to wake me up. Earl Grey it was!

This is a STRONG tea. I steeped it for 3 minutes and it was much stronger than most other Earl Greys have had. The tea actually overpowered the other flavors and I could not get any currants or rose flavoring at all.

That said, I enjoyed the tea. I don’t mind tea a little on the bitter side, and the bergamot was definitely there, so it was like a very strong cup of Earl Grey. I do want to try steeping this for a shorter time to see if the other flavors come out more.

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just finding this now, but have you considered brewing it a second time?
It would probably be weaker, with some good flavors.

Their tea is very strong, I must say.

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