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Singing Dog Vanilla

Recent Tasting Notes


No 15 from Another Travelling Tea Box.

This is a fairly subtle flavored tea. I was expecting a fairly strong vanilla flavor, based on the company name, but for both the aroma and taste the various flavors were somewhat less obvious than the tea. They added complexity to the natural tea flavor without being dominant. This really worked for me: very harmonious.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it re-steeped very well, not just once but twice. Not only did the third steep still have good strength, but the balance of the different flavors was consistent.

There’s only about 6 grams left, but I took it out of the box. Sorry.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 15 sec

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My cupboard currently lists 104 teas, 3 of which are actually teaware and don’t count. But it’s still more than I want so I am in sipdown mode! I’d like to get closer to 80.

I’d like to get closer to having 15-20 staple teas that I always “need” to have on hand, and maybe another 20-30 little sample sizes to play around with. That’s probably not ever going to heppen but…



I… that’s so many… :O

My mom would kill me if I filled her house with tea!


Haha. To be fair, most of it is 20g or less. It could all squish onto one shelf of the cupboard but I organize it on the counter for easy access (and bc its my house – #shakesfist)


Heck yeah! If it was my house, I’d clear out a whole cabinet and go to town. But I have to make room for old-person food and twenty kinds of oatmeal.


A whole cabinet would be amaaaaazing. :D


Just thinking about it makes me want to get a million cute little tins for storage and a collection of teacups. Meanwhile, two rooms away, my husband has started to twitch and has no idea why.


I would love that! If I actually owned my own place, instead of renting, I would have a whole tea nook set up, and all my tins would be color coded. <3 I think I can understand the whole husband twitching in the other room thing. :P


OT but saaage sounds so intriguing?!


It was weird! The first cup, I didn’t mind it so much, but with the second cup I was far more aware if it and it made me think of turkey. And turkey and vanilla don’t go well in my head so I couldn’t enjoy my cup. :p Silly brain.


HA! No, that makes sense to me. Lemon-sage sounds interesting though.

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I tried brewing this again today, using a slightly lower temperature (195°F) and it has made all the difference in the world in the taste! The sage is not bitter now, only savory and distinctly sage, and this is a much tastier cup.

While measuring out this tea, I was surprised to see big pieces of the actual vanilla pod in the tea! Singing Dog Vanilla is a vanilla company that offers several vanilla products including a few teas, and it’s clear that they want the vanilla EXPERIENCED in this tea.

The vanilla is strong, sweet and absolutely creamy. I love how creamy it tastes and the texture of it too, it’s almost like I made a latte but with no milk! The black tea is also quite strong, and while the website does not indicate what type of tea it is – it only says “organic black tea” … as does the packaging … I suspect that this is an Assam because it is a sturdy, bold black tea with a hint of malt, and there is a fair amount of astringency to the cup as well, so I’m going with Assam … although I could be wrong. My taste buds tell me it’s an Assam, though.

The sage and blackberry are more of accent notes rather than strong flavors of the cup … although if the water is too hot, the sage becomes much more dominating, as I mentioned in my first tasting note of this tea. The blackberry becomes more obvious as I continue to sip, and now that I’m nearly finished with this cup, the blackberry is quite THERE … especially in the aftertaste. I have a delicious blackberry taste lingering on my palate and it’s quite lovely.

A very enjoyable tea. I think I may have to seek out more of the Singing Dog Vanilla products.

Rebecca Lynn

Sounds amazing!

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I found this tea while shopping at my local Whole Foods recently. I was intrigued because it was a company I’ve not heard of before, they were local, and organic.

This is really pretty good. I think I’m going to try it again tomorrow or the next day, though, before I get too in-depth with it (as in numeric rating and full-length review on SororiTea Sisters), because I brewed it with boiling water, and I generally have better luck brewing teas with herbs (and herbal teas) with a slightly lower temperature – just below boiling. I find that the sage tastes just a little bitter to me, and I think this could be remedied with a slightly lower temp. Otherwise, though, it’s pretty tasty.

A really good, strong vanilla presence, sage is the next flavor I notice, followed by hints of blackberry. The black tea is a strong, slightly astringent tea that provides a nice background. Good enough this time that I look forward to trying it the second time with the lower temp to see how it fairs.

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