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The dry leaf for this smells lovely, with an almost chocolate like richness to it. Very smooth and pleasant.
It looses some of its depth when brewed, but it was actually a really nice, almost creamy cup of tea. I’m glad I’ve got this to play around with a bit more.

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Whoops, I did not mean to drop off the face of the earth like that, its just been busy!
I didn’t expect to be working this week, but got called in last minute, and have spent the whole week running around the area, subbing for people. That’s great, I need the hours, but it does rather cut into the free time. I havn’t even had time to add the teas got in a swpa from Super Starling! yet. Blah!
So, a quick and easy cup of this in the morning was what the doctor ordered. Its not the most potent Current tea I’ve ever had, but its flavors are pretty nice. I won’t argue when I find a cup of it in front of me.

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A few weeks ago I found myself at a pirate festival. No, really. People dressed up and swashbuckling and even a sea battle! I love that sort of Ren Faire stuff, and the pirate twist was fun.
My significant other had to laugh, because as soon as I saw the booth with the tea jolly rodger (a teacup over crossbones), I was lost to the group, and spent a good quarter of an hour pouring over blends and having earnest tea conversations with my fellow piratical tea enthusiasts.
This is a local company, apparently, and I am always delighted to find new tea merchants. After discussing a great deal with both the staff and the people who had drunk these blends before, I made my selection, and rejoined the scurvy masses, tea in hand.
This was one of those blends. I love black tea and fruit blends, I could drink them in every season (and, honestly, do), so I thought their black currant would be a good test of the waters.
And, well, its fine. It does not have the full bloom of the currant flavors that I would hope for, but its still a decent cup of tea. I’ll sip it down no problem.
I can’t wait to try the other blends I picked up!


Pirates! I feel so culturally deprived!


It was so much fun!

Super Starling!

I hope your tea has enough fruit to prevent scurvy, matey.

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Wonderful smell! The scent is full of the aroma of berries. Watching the tea bag infuse in my glass teapot was also exciting as you could actually see the dark tea steeping out into the water.
The taste left something to be desired. It tasted much more like leaves (and not tea leaves either). The berry taste simply was not as prominent as I was expecting.

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I’m pretty sure this is the tea I’m drinking. I got it from Lariel and there’s no company name so I’ll just assume.

This is another of those tastes like watered down juice concoctions that I sometimes like and sometimes don’t. This one is too tart for me, which I think is a combination of the cranberry and the hibiscus. I usually don’t like cranberries unless they are highly sweetened, and just a tsp of sugar into my 14oz mug doesn’t cut it but I don’t want to add any more sugar than that. So now I drink down the rest as fast as possible because I hate wasting tea. Glad I got to try it though, I’ve never had a tea from this company before.

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drank Raspberry by Spice Traders and Teas
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The aroma isn’t much, but it’s got it where it counts: flavour. The flavour is not overwhelming, but at the same time, it is bold enough that you can definitely taste the awesome raspberry flavour!

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An excellent tea that just seems to drip with flavour.

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