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I’m actually sipping on a matcha frappé from here rather than the hot version. My mom is moving to a nearby apartment and I’ve been going like crazy over the past day moving stuff with a tiny flatbed, so now it’s time for a break. Remedy is packed with people so I opted for Second Cup instead. I was also tempted to go to DAVIDs for something but this place has better seating.

This is tasty. Creamy, icy cold, with that refreshing matcha bite. A good choice after all!

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drank Ginger Chai by Remedy Cafe
1162 tasting notes

I’m sitting here on a cold, autumn-like day feasting on a Palak Paneer wrap with their scrumptious tamarind cinnamon sauce along with a cup of this chai. I ordered this half-sweet with soy milk and boy, does this one have bite. Definitely the spiciest, in terms of heat, than any of their other ones. I haven’t had this one in many years but I do recall it to not be all spicy when ordering it with the regular amount of sweetness. Methinks this is why this particular cup packs a punch. Plus it’s ginger, yo. Of course it’ll be spicier than their half-sweet Kashmire chai, where Zee (the fabulously genius owner) goes heavier on the sweeter star anise.

Wow, ground ginger is in the foreground, rather than fresh ginger root. I think there is cinnamon and nutmeg in this, as well. I’m wondering if he also adds a pinch of black pepper? As I’m getting towards the bottom on the mug, it’s getting spicier and spicier. There’s even a layer of spicy sludge on the bottom. Awesome.

Last sip and my throat is burning. I love it.


Sounds sooo good. Such a great day to have this one too!

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I like this one more than their mango one that I tried a few weeks ago. It’s on the sweeter side, sure, but the blueberry is refreshing. Not too strong, not too weak. Also, the base is smooth. Worth trying them especially when they were on sale.

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drank Main Squeeze by DAVIDsTEA
1162 tasting notes

I had no idea this was maté-based! I met up with my mom at the mall today and just before we found each other, she said the sales associate caught her attention as she was walking past the store to let her know about how they’re giving away “a special gift” to all Frequent Steepers. She excitedly told me this when we found each other and encouraged me to come with her to find out what it is (it was a free sample of Peanut Butter Cup with any purchase, by the way).

When we got there, they had a huge icy jug of this so we sipped on this whilst looking at the sale items. Perhaps it was because I was slightly distracted by the shiny objects around me, but not once did it occur to me that this has maté in this. At the time, I also thought I tried this many moons ago but merely forgotten, but realized that it was Alley Kat’s Main Squeeze grapefruit ale that I had a few months ago. No grapefruit here, but rather lemon and lime.

No purchase for me but it was delightfully refreshing iced and I’m impessed that I didn’t taste the base, which normally rubs my taste buds the wrong way.


This sounds tasty! I always associated mate’ with heavy flavors like chocolate, then tasted a mate/green tea blend that was out of this world. I’ve been mixing mate with some anonymous (very light, good quality Chinese) green tea for a really nice summer wake-up steep.


Oh, that sounds like a great idea! I too usually associate it with chocolate, especially the roasted variety, but the green maté pairs so well with citrus. It’s kind of what I wanted Butiki’s Tangerine Creamsicle to be.

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drank Peanut Butter Cup by DAVIDsTEA
1162 tasting notes

Oh, this is a fruit infusion blend, with apples, cacao stuff galore, and almonds. Ripping open the packet, I get a waft of peanut butter cups! My mom concurs. Sweet chocolatey peanut butter cups. I was kind of hoping it would have had a black base since I prefer that when making lattes, and generally don’t care for fruit infusion blends hot. Plus, cold brewing would be weird. Iced peanut butter cups? Eh, I don’t know about that.

But hot, it works itself out. There is a ton of peanut flavour in here. This reminds me more of a DQ Peanut Buster Parfait (hot fudge + peanuts) than a Reese creation. The cocoa flavour is mild but palpable. I was expecting Ambessa’s Choco Nut to taste like this, which really fell flat in the peanut department.

It’s weird but I like it? I think I’d buy more once this actually hits store shelves. I’m a sucker for chocolate peanut butter so I’m hoping this will make a great (nearly) calorie-free substitute to have lying around for when the will power is on low.

The more I drink this, the more I think of Halloween, especially those little fun-sized chocolate bars. I used to get a lot of peanuts in a shell when I’d go trick-or-treating too, so my bag o’ loot would usually smell like a vat of chocolate and peanuts.

Whoa. I’m sure if you mix this with Salted Caramel it’ll taste like a Snickers bar. I’M SO GETTING SOME OF BOTH AND TRYING THIS.

Maddy Barone

That actually sounds good. Might put it on my fall list.


I’m sure opinions on this tea will be mega polarized, and I have a feeling it won’t be too popular or something. But maybe I’ll be wrong!

Maddy Barone

I saw another steepsterite give it a 55. So yeah, I can see that it will be a sort of “niche” tea that some will enjoy for the peanut flavor and some will…not.

Roswell Strange

I stopped at DT after work today to pick up a sample, but my store had given all of theirs away so I guess I’m gonna have to buy it in a week when the collection comes out :P I agree people will likely be mixed on this one; but I think it’s cool DT is offering a “peanut” tea that doesn’t actually have peanuts in it and I’m excited to try it. It also seems perfect for the fall.


Hmm…I picked up some salted caramel yesterday; maybe I’ll try them mixed.


I agree with you, Fjellrev. I was surprised that it had a fruity base. I was expecting a black base. But I really enjoyed my free sample as a hot latte regardless. I am definitely picking some up on the release day!

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drank Kashmire Chai by Remedy Cafe
1162 tasting notes

I didn’t even know that you can get order this “half sweet” until my friend told me a few weeks ago, so I’ve had it that way the past few times with my usual soy milk and it’s just as tasty. There’s more of a spicy bite with every single sip, especially regarding the star anise. As usual, the ground pistachios and roses petals on top seals the deal. I’m going to have to submit reviews for a couple of their other kinds of chais one of these days but I always want to make sure I have an adequate photo taken.

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It’s been so saddening to be away from my tea stash for nearly six weeks, and by the looks of that, that may be extended another two weeks. Had I known we’d be gone for this long, I would have brought more with me.

However, at least I can skip down to Acquired Taste now, especially with the sunny weather. It’s encouraged me to basically walk everywhere around the city. This smelled like creamy pear candy in the tin so of course, I had to grab some.

As a cold brew, it’s seriously tasty. Very true to that pear candy flavour, it doesn’t go wonky or super artificial, and no gross added sweeteners. The only thing you have to watch for is to make sure it doesn’t cold brew for too long (I did this the first time, leaving it in the fridge for over two days), because the Sencha base goes a little bitter. But do it right and watch out, your jug will be gone in a flash!




We need to get tea to you STAT!

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I woke up feeling gross this morning, like on the verge of getting sick. And you know how sometimes you get that hollow feeling in your stomach and you’re getting continual mixed signals throughout the day regarding hunger? Like you’re hungry but you’re not? I’m so getting that today, and ended up eating more than usual today and feel horrible for it. Have been so good at restricting lately. Ugh.

DAVIDsTEA’s email advertising their 40% summer sale, including this tea (online only, though, I guess) prompted me to get off my behind and walk over to pick up more of this before it’s gone, plus some others.

With light cream, it’s like Mexican hot chocolate with a shot of espresso. I do enjoy it. Not a favourite, but it’s good.


Oh god, I get that stomach thing a lot. Or at least, it feels like my stomach is both sending signals of hunger and bloat at the same time, accompanied by this slight burning sensation. Had a gastroenterologist check things out, but everything looked normal. (Shrug)


I get it once a month without fail, no burning, just the hungry/maybe sick feeling. I then eat everything in the house for about 3 days. Started happening after I hit 40. That’s when your warranty expires, apparently. :)


Yes, I have tried to make people understand that when I get hungry I don’t just feel hungry, but my stomach HURTS and I feel almost a panic to get food to make it stop. And it doesn’t take much – a cracker or two will ease the hurting. But I was told after an upper endoscopy years ago that I show gastritis and at the time had h. pylori, which was treated. I still feel this, though.


Christina, how often do you experience that? I wonder what that’s all about if they’ve done tests and haven’t found anything. :/

Nicole, I’m sure your warranty is far from expiring! But that does remind me of how my TOM has been acting these past couple months once (temporarily) going off BCP’s.

Ashmanra: While I was reading your comment, I automatically thought your case sounded like an ulcer or something, for it to hurt like that, and for food to help the pain subside. But wow, h. pylori. That’s rough. :( I’m sure that might have caused some long-term damage. Do you take medication for it now?

Seems like with me, I only get this hunger/sick-yet-empty-full when I’m about to get a cold/flu or when I’m severely lacking sleep.


The hunger/bloat/pain thing is really unpredictable. I’ve found it flares up somewhat if I have really greasy or acidic food, but it’s not a guarantee. I’ve also found that it strikes me much more often in the winter than in the summer. Oddly enough, when I consulted a naturopath about this, she thought I might have low stomach acid instead of acid reflux, and she recommended that I take some pills that contain HCl and pepsin — and those do seem to help.

When the situation first presented itself I had an abdominal ultrasound done and things looked clear – no problems with liver, kidneys, intestine, etc. Then I had an endoscope to check out my stomach, and there was no sign of ulcers or anything.


I get that hungry but sick feeling when I’m severely lacking sleep as well. I find the best way to get rid of it is eat a smallish quantity of bread (like a bagel or some crackers) and then have a bit of water (if I have the water first it seems to make it worse). It sucks though.


Christina, I never heard of it possibly being a symptom of low stomach acid. That’s nuts! But glad they’re helping.

You’re right, Fay, that tends to help, but it still seems like it doesn’t go away unless you have a bigger meal. Maybe it’s your body’s way of trying to get energy from food when you don’t get an adequate sleep? I also once read that ghrelin levels rise when you’re sleep deprived, and they in turn increases your appetite.

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Ohhh, yummy. This is the only Butiki blend my mom has in her city apartment. It’s such a delight to have since I haven’t been touching my Butiki blends for months. At least it hasn’t gotten old or stale! Still that creamy lemon perfection laced with almond.

I also just put rosewater into my vanilla bean yogurt so I’m surrounded by fancy flavours.


Always wanted to try this one! Alas! :(

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drank Banana Split by DAVIDsTEA
1162 tasting notes

I’m going to have to get more since it’s really easy to rip through since you have to use quite a bit of leaf to achieve that banana split awesomeness. It’s really good with light cream (which is my pseudo-latte technique). Seriously like banana fudge ice cream. Yes please!

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