1009 Tasting Notes


Ooh, coffee tea. My kind of thing. The idea of a coffee-flavoured tea has always been amusing to me. Why not just drink coffee? Because a coffee-flavoured tea can taste so damn good too!

The dry leaf is coffee with heavy cream, kind of like a double-double (which reminds me that I need to get in on Tim Hortons Roll up the Rim before it’s gone again).

I’ve actually had this twice already. The first time I added less leaf and it turned out the best. Delicious iced cappuccino (Tim Hortons-style again, that is!). Then a whisper of cinnamon comes in. With 2% milk, this is smooth and creamy with some hard-to-describe dessert-like note in the background too, kind of like cake. My mind would like to think that it is appropriately coffee cake.

The second round wasn’t as good just because I had a weird amount left that was too little for two more cups, so I dumped the rest into my Nordic mug filter. The liquor was murkier, the coffee stronger, but those other flavours got kind of weird, slightly chemical. So the key is to keep the leaf ratio to a moderate level.

I’m actually tempted to get more sometime. Just maybe 20g or so, like I was thinking with Chocolate Macaroon. But I wouldn’t load up on it and drink it religiously.

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Protein shake is happening right now:

40g BSN Syntha-6 in Chocolate Peanut Butter
175ml 2% milk
~1 tsp. French Vanilla matcha
60g frozen raspberries
1-2 oz. Amaretto (whoops!)

Not surprised that I can’t even taste the matcha. Mostly raspberries and Amaretto with the protein powder in the background.


sounds yummy ;)

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drank Chocolate Macaroon by DAVIDsTEA
1009 tasting notes

ZOMG, I just posted an ad in my building trying to sell my reclining sofa since I need to get rid of it. I put the price as less than half of what I paid even though I only used it for seven months, and it’s like new, so I hope someone will be interested. Don’t want to have to resort to skeezy Craigslist. Fingers crossed.

About this tea. It sure surprised me. Pleasantly so. When I smelled it in the store earlier this year, I wasn’t so impressed. I also thought the chocolate flavouring would go waxy which sometimes happens in DAVIDs blends (like in Love Tea #7 or Red Velvet Cake) but it does not do that at all here.

Added some 2% milk and there is a macaroon resemblance. The coconut is toasty and not soapy nor rancid. The chocolate, on the other hand, is subtle but not waxy or plasticky. Then there is this general cookie-like vibe going on in between. Maybe it’s one that is 20g-worthy every once in a while but I can see getting sick of it if I had it too often.


I’m going to try this one once I run out of my Della Terra one that is like this.

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drank Mocha Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
1009 tasting notes

I nearly bought all three flavoured matchas the other day but they all smelled kind of weird in that top compartment of the tin that you can smell in the store. I could hardly detect any scent from the flavours in any of them, but I went with a bit of this one anyway since the sales associate said she liked it the best. Bringing it home now, I can smell a touch of sweetness in the pouch. Not an obvious mocha but maybe something vaguely desserty and cakey.

It’s pleasant with a bit of organic granulated sugar and 2% milk. I can’t taste any coffee note but only a touch of creaminess. Chocolate? Hmm, I’m trying to search for it but it’s not really there either. It kind of reminds me of some RLT flavours in the way that some of those also have a vague sweet dessert-like fragrance and taste. From memory, however, RLT’s Mocha matcha has a much more obvious mocha flavour. You can taste the coffee and chocolate in it.

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drank Key Lime by DAVIDsTEA
1009 tasting notes

First of all, LLAP, Leonard Nimoy. :(

Secondly, the dry leaf smells fantabulous. Bursting with citrus, especially lime. But I’m always skeptical when it comes to these kinds of fruit blends from DAVIDs because they tend to be overwhelmingly sweet.

Cold brewed overnight, this is pretty good, but doesn’t taste nearly as good as the dry leaf smells. A little sweet for my liking but it’s not overkill. The cold brew itself smells and tastes like pink lemonade, particularly Minute Maid’s frozen variety that I’d sometimes have as a kid.

EDIT: I stupidly posted this under Sunny Citrus because I thought I dumped that one in my jug. Apologies!

Roswell Strange

It broke my heart coming home from work and that being the first thing I saw when logging into my computer… I just wanna go back to putting up sales tags, when I was blissfully unaware.


Aww, yeah. :(


Captains log stardate 2-27-2015 we have lost a valued member of our crew. Leonard Nimoy you will be missed. LLAP .

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drank Yogi Berry by DAVIDsTEA
1009 tasting notes

All of those crazy rumours about this tea are true. Don’t let the aroma of juicy berries from the dry leaf entice you. Once steeped, this turns into sugar-free fruity bubblegum with OVER 9000 tons of artificial sweetener gumming up the works. The leaves barely even resembled oolong either. How can you even call this tea?

Maddy Barone

I have sample of that in the cupboard. I haven’t read too many high rated tea notes on it. I should try it just so I can say I did.:)


Thank goodness someone else tastes bubblegum cuz I thought I was going crazy


DAVIDs TEA has so many horrible creations!




Set the bar ridiculously low, Maddy!

And now I’m relieved that I’m not the only one to get bubblegum from this too. Horrible creation, indeed.


Oh I totally tasted bubblegum. It got weird really quickly though, once it cooled.


I agree, it got really weird when it cooled down. It’s like all the artificialness increased to a horrible ratio. I really wanted to like this one.

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Yesterday was point redeeming day, and I’m glad that I waited that long because the store I visited happened to just get Ceremonial Matcha in a few days earlier, so I instantly grabbed it as one of my free ones, plus a bunch of 10-20g amounts of others such as this.

Zen’s Chocolate Mint rooibos is my absolute favourite, but due to their semi-sketchy ridiculous sale combined with USD the other month, I didn’t bother ordering and am now looking for a potential replacement. Will this hit the mark?

I can already tell by the smell in the pouch that it won’t be as flavourful. The mint isn’t as in-your-face. With some 2% milk it’s pretty decent. The base is more prevalent in this one, and although I’m normally not a fan of the taste of rooibos, it really isn’t too bad here. The chocolate, on the other hand, is akin to the note in Read My Lips, unsurprisingly, as this appears to contain the same chocolate chips used in that blend.

Overall, I’m not wild over it and am still eyeing Zen’s if I knew exactly what was going on with that company. I have a couple cups worth left so I should try mixing it with Tisano’s Mint Cacao next time to see if that can amp up the chocolate or mint.


They posted some blah blah blah in the forums after we all noticed and were posting about the USD fiasco.

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Remind me not to hoard this and enjoy it without it getting old. Because it’s whimsical and truly like a macaron. Oh, that creamy lemon note. Swoon. And the base is so beautifully delicate. I can drink this any day of the year.


One of my all-time favorites. Not hoarding is hard…


Hell yeah! When the tea gets old, then what’s the point?

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Finally back home on the West Coast and this was the first tea that I grabbed this morning since I was craving it back in Alberta but left it here. Doesn’t need any additives as it’s delicious on its very own. I haven’t even gone grocery shopping yet, and was planning to do so as well as run a few other errands, so I got all ready to go. Then I put an emergency frozen pizza in the oven for lunch before heading out and it’s made me sick. So now I’m afraid to go anywhere. Ugh! Maybe I’ll wait for an hour or two and see if I should leave the apartment.

This smells and tastes raisiny to me but I love that despite not caring too much for them, especially in baked goods. It’s like a wholesome baked dessert, if you can even call a dessert that!


Hope you feel better!


I am, thanks!

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It’s been a busy past few days, and here I am sipping on the last ATR sample in my arsenal. I am sadly going to only enjoy one steep this first time because the leaves have already been dumped since we’ll be flying the coop to the other place soon. Collect garbage, clean now!

The dry leaf is dangerously creamy. Velvety coconut, which goes with the creamy coconut conditioner my curly hair just soaked up. Coconut heaven! I don’t see any coconut shreds in the mix, so perhaps it’s only infused with the flavour?

This first steep is an absolute dream. Very heavy on the creaminess and the room is saturated in its lovely coconut aroma. The coconut doesn’t taste rancid or off at all. Lightly toasty but not too much. My mom, who is also enjoying a cup, comments that she especially picks up on the floral notes. Orchid-like more than anything else. It’s just so damn rich in flavour. I’ll have to see what the second steep will be like next time.

As lovely as it is, I’m not sure if I could justify the price. At one steep, these two cups we are both drinking cost $2 per cup. :/ I’d have to resteep the pants off of it in order to justify it, and I’ll admit that I rarely steep oolongs more than twice, even. Let’s not even talk about using this for cold brews. Maybe I’d consider getting more if/when our dollar reaches parity with USD again, because even the 20% off sales barely cover that difference/makes it worthwhile.


congrats on 1000!!!


Congrats on milestone!!! :)


Congrats! Sounds like the perfect milestone commemoration tea, or maybe that’s the coconut oolong bias showing :)


Yay 1000!!

leaf in hot water

CAD is depressing me too, i can’t satisfy my online retail urges…argh


leaf in hot water, there’s a thread in the forums about Canadian tea companies! (I’m here to enable…)

leaf in hot water

oops also wanted to say, congrats!! thats a lotta tea – 1000 cups!

leaf in hot water

haha thanks OMGsrsly :) i will check it out!

Roswell Strange

Congrats on 1000! May

Roswell Strange

**May the rest of the year bring 1000 more!


Whoo! 1000!!


Muchos congrats!

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