930 Tasting Notes

The dry leaf smells so delicious. Sparkly tart strawberry and apples. The liquor is a deep red. But the flavour is a little disappointing. Has the same undertone that David’s Goji Pop has (which I used to love so my tastes must have changed). I can’t describe it. Like a waxy berry? I mean, it’s good, but I get quite distracted by whatever that is.

More testing in the future.

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Thanks to Lala for this tea! I immediately thought of using this to cold brew, and one litre later, I’m sharing some with my mom. It makes without-a-doubt-lemon iced tea without all the scary sweetness in Nestea and the like. My mom even swears the base has a floral note? I see where she is coming from.

Thanks again, Lala!

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This is better as a cold brew, in my opinion. Still no true passion fruit note, but the fruity peachy notes are crisper. Got a bit bitter, so I’m sure this is especially the kind of iced tea people would prefer having with a bit of sugar, but I will never take that route with iced tea haha.

This glass Contigo of cold brew also means a sip down! Wow, btw, ATR is quite generous with their samples. At first $4 sounds like quite a bit for a sample but I actually managed to make three Nordic mugs and a two-cup amount of cold brew with it. Not too shabby.

And PS: Yay! After nearly two months of waiting, several emails, a phone call, and a Facebook conversation, Bare Minerals has finally sent out my parcel, with the correct information, and has thus successfully landed on my proverbial doorstep. :D


Yay, finally arrived! :)

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Noooo, sip down. This one didn’t last long, not only because it is so delicious but because it’s a heavy tea so you can’t make that many jugs of cold brew from it. Now I know to pick up more next time.

Am I crazy for waiting in my apartment’s lobby for Fedex? My Bare Minerals parcel is FINALLY on the Island and out for delivery and my buzzer doesn’t work, yet I’m bound and determined to get it without going to their depot. Crazy or not, I have a beautiful glass Contigo of this by my side as I wait. Could be minutes, could be hours.


Good luck!


Somehow I have managed to miss seeing this there. Sounds interesting. Are the rose hips milder than hibiscus?

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D-O-N-E! But I will most definitely get more in the future. West Coast hydration to the max.

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Every time I drink this tea, I abstain from writing about it because it’s just so unique. I’m a perfume/essential oil lover, and was always known as the Floral Queen when I worked at Lush, so I was pleasantly surprised when I blindly ordered this without knowing its backstory and discovered that such a perfumey tea even exists and tastes amazing.

It’s also slightly different every time I have it. I swear. I always get coconut and a hint of lemon, but it’s the floral notes that seem to subtly morph every time. Last cup was distinctly rosy, or even like lily of the valley. This time, it’s on the classic white floral side.

So nice to experience a well-thought-out floral tea that isn’t just rose or lavender.

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Ooh, this Assam is on the sweeter side, like dried fruits mixed in with the classic malty notes. Raisin bread perhaps? Oh weird, just as I was sipping the last of it with light cream, I swear I smelled a whiff of butter toffee.

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Morning cold brew. It isn’t bad but it isn’t great, but it may be my fault. I think I left the tea bag in for too long (for nearly 24 hours) and now it’s on the bitter side. The upshot is the strawberry is stronger than it was when I made it hot. Maybe next time cold brew it for only eight hours or something. Oolong isn’t as forgiving as fruit tisanes, after all.

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Time to tear open a sample packet. Passion fruit is a favourite fruit of mine. So tart and bursting with flavour. For me, the more sour the fruit, the better. This is my first passion fruit tea, and by the looks of it, I’m definitely going to have to continue my search for a good one.

The scent of the dry leaf is very subtle, and the very little fruity flavour that I do get does not resemble passion fruit at all. It’s more like peaches, with maybe a tiny hint of dates. Actually, it’s my mom who first picked up on the date-like smell, and once she mentioned it, I started to see where she was coming from. But that said, no passion fruit.

You know how I’m certain? Because I’m sitting next to a freaking sliced-open passion fruit right now. Not that I need to refresh my memory or anything but since I happened to find them on sale, I figured this would be the perfect time to compare the nuances of the tea with the actual fruit.

Sipping on the tea first, the base is quite robust. For the first five minutes or so, without any additives, it basically just tastes like a plain black tea, as the strong base overrides the delicate fruity notes. I went ahead and added some light cream to mine wondering if it would tone down the base and bring out the fruity notes. Nope, big mistake. Now it basically tastes like Tim Hortons. Hmm. But just now, I had a sip of my mom’s, who left hers as is, and sure enough, as the additive-free tea cooled down, the fruity flavours come out more. Again, I detect mostly peach more than passion fruit.

I’ll drink the rest of the sample black, and let it cool down slightly. I’m sure it wouldn’t be bad iced, but regardless, I’m definitely going to have to continue my hunt to find that perfect passion fruit tea. A teaspoon of pure passion fruit goodness reassures me that this needs to be done.


I’m just drinking Tealux’s Jasmine Passion Fruit and it tastes amazing. If you like jasmine too, you should check it out.


Awesome! Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of jasmine, especially if it’s prominent, but there are definitely others out there.

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Another one from the lovely Lala! Many many thanks. :) This doesn’t smell like much other than apples, and I see quite a bit of hibiscus in this too. I can smell some cinnamon in here but unfortunately, it gets lost once steeped. This tastes mostly of hibiscus and a hint of apple.

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