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My husband had a cup of this tea last night and it smelled so good that I brought some with me to work today. The aroma is fresh baked bread, specifically the crisp, golden outer crust. The steeped leaves have opened some and are the color of cooked spinach. They smell sweeter even than the tea liquor.

Flavors: Baked Bread, Sweet

200 °F / 93 °C 1 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Drinking this tea now. I received this tea in this month’s Amoda box. This is a subscription that I can’t give up even though I’m doing the 52Teas thing now. I just love Amoda, what can I say? They do what they do better than anyone else.

Since Amoda is promoting this as an ideal iced tea blend, I decided to try this both hot and iced. So I brewed a pot and I poured myself a small cup to drink hot and I’m keeping the rest to the side to cool so that I can have it chilled.

Served hot, this is nice. While it does have a similar flavor profile to the typical holiday type blend (spiced orange) I like that this is blood orange and you can taste that little difference. The orange is a little sweeter and a little brighter here. The spices are not overwhelming the cup.

I look forward to trying it iced.

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Sipdown (114)!

Well, I said it’d be good with milk and so, of course, I took that as much to the extreme as I could and I made this up today as a latte! I must be calcium deficient or something because all I’ve been able to think of today is making things as lattes – at least I have some self restraint though.

It was phenomenal; I’ve been growing a little tired of straight black tea but this was different enough to keep me heavily pleased. It looked golden and it tasted golden; well, as much as a tea can taste like a colour. But seriously; very thick and creamy with really smooth honey and bread notes.

Very pleasant way to finish this one off, and I think it’ll be really memorable too.

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In a timolino.

This is the last Amoda subscription tea I have left – at this point I honestly can’t remember which month’s box it came out of. Definitely not January – I think March?

I don’t know why it took so long to get to trying it though; I guess partly because I kept getting straight black teas from different people in swaps and I wanted to try the swap teas first (still have straight black swap teas to get to). And I also kind of wanted to pace out all the straight black samples – after a while they sort of start to feel repetitive to me. Does anyone else feel that? It’s the reason I don’t think I could ever 100% drink only straight tea blends; I need variety of flavour to keep things interesting.

This was great though; it was super smooth and silky with a strong, but not brisk, astringent or bitter flavour. Top notes are fresh baked bread, honey, and raisin and the rest of the sip is comprised of malt and very light citrus notes. It reminds me a little bit of Easter bread, just a touch less fruity. I think this one would take milk very, very well. The flavours are strong enough that they wouldn’t get drowned out and the natural sweetness of this blend would compliment a thicker, creamier mouthfeel.

Also, dare I say it but raisin notes might be growing on me a little bit. Just a touch though; I’m still not ready for full blown, all out raisin tea but I am finding myself saying the phrase “The has strong raisin notes but I didn’t mind it” a lot more frequently as of late.

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I found this oil quite versatile. I used it for cooking, salad dressings, and when making my own nut butters. I ran out of it and miss it, so I’m going to order more. It has a very light taste when used on its own as a salad oil.

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