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Auggy said

Anybody have a Teaposy pot?

So, I just broke my teapot. cry Was putting up DH’s lunch cooler and the strap of it caught the teapot lid and CRASH! It went into tiny pieces. :(

I love having a glass teapot but they are easier to break than other types. But that’s the price I pay for the pretty, right?

Anyway, instead of rebuying my old teapot I thought I’d look around to see what else is out there and I found this:
Wondered if anyone else had it or knew the brand and had any words of wisdom. (Or just wanted to commiserate with me over my broken baby).


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Ricky admin said

I was actually tempted to buy that or an Bodum Assam Press, then I went with the IngenuiTea. It’s a shame your pot broke =(

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Rijje said

I have a Eva Solo teapot.
Very fond of it, it’s made of glass, but I havn’t been able to crashed it yet. And I usually crash glass all the time. It has a lid, teafilter and a neoprene cover. The filter is a little bit hard to clean, but after some time I got the hang of it.

I am sorry your teapot broke. That’s sad ;)

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Auggy said

My now dead glass pot lasted for a while… and would have lasted longer if I hadn’t basically thrown the darned thing off the counter. Oh well.

I looked at the Bodum Assam, too, but didn’t see any Eva Solo pots. There are such pretty glass pots out now! The first one I bought seemed like it caused so much trouble to find!

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Ricky admin said

The reviews about the Assam shifted me away from it. The fact that it was glass didn’t help either. I have a tendency to knock my glass cup onto the faucet when I’m rinsing it out =/

Auggy said

I can’t help it, I love brewing in glass. Just too pretty. So I’ve just accepted that I’ll have to buy a pot every so often. Or rather, I’m trying to accept. Breaking still makes me sad.

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Janex:) said

i have teaposy i can tell you its really amazing and nice :)
And The tea tastes great
Mine faovrite is Let it snow :) !!

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