Auggy said

Anybody have a Teaposy pot?

So, I just broke my teapot. cry Was putting up DH’s lunch cooler and the strap of it caught the teapot lid and CRASH! It went into tiny pieces. :(

I love having a glass teapot but they are easier to break than other types. But that’s the price I pay for the pretty, right?

Anyway, instead of rebuying my old teapot I thought I’d look around to see what else is out there and I found this:
Wondered if anyone else had it or knew the brand and had any words of wisdom. (Or just wanted to commiserate with me over my broken baby).


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Ricky admin said

I was actually tempted to buy that or an Bodum Assam Press, then I went with the IngenuiTea. It’s a shame your pot broke =(

Rijje said

I have a Eva Solo teapot.
Very fond of it, it’s made of glass, but I havn’t been able to crashed it yet. And I usually crash glass all the time. It has a lid, teafilter and a neoprene cover. The filter is a little bit hard to clean, but after some time I got the hang of it.

I am sorry your teapot broke. That’s sad ;)

Auggy said

My now dead glass pot lasted for a while… and would have lasted longer if I hadn’t basically thrown the darned thing off the counter. Oh well.

I looked at the Bodum Assam, too, but didn’t see any Eva Solo pots. There are such pretty glass pots out now! The first one I bought seemed like it caused so much trouble to find!

Ricky admin said

The reviews about the Assam shifted me away from it. The fact that it was glass didn’t help either. I have a tendency to knock my glass cup onto the faucet when I’m rinsing it out =/

Auggy said

I can’t help it, I love brewing in glass. Just too pretty. So I’ve just accepted that I’ll have to buy a pot every so often. Or rather, I’m trying to accept. Breaking still makes me sad.

Janex:) said

i have teaposy i can tell you its really amazing and nice :)
And The tea tastes great
Mine faovrite is Let it snow :) !!

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